James Charles' Astrology and Palm Reading

In this post, I’m going to analyze the birth chart and palmistry of James Charles, a famous YouTube personality.

I’ve come across his videos I guess a year ago, and what attracted me to the videos was his interesting appearance. He’s a guy but he wears make-up. He does look like a transgender but he is not – he’s a man attracted to guys.

Unfortunately, we don’t have his birth time. So at the top of the article, I’ve included a possible chart for him. I tried to make him a double Gemini by putting his Ascendant there, but then it places three of his planets (Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter) in the twelfth house and with such a combination it would be difficult to succeed early on.

Whilst if I place Libra as an Ascendant with Mars conjuncting it, this would then place his Sun in the eighth house and the family background would be very strange, and I don’t see this applying to him. He would also then be interested mainly in foreign men, but this is not the case, and he would be more codependent than he is.

So it seems that the Aries Ascendant with Jupiter placed in the first house suits him the most, though this is only a speculation. His appearance does look Aries though, and Jupiter conjuncting the Ascendant would give height (he is tall). But usually, Aries Ascendants have muscular bodies but he doesn’t (maybe because of the presence of Jupiter).

Anyway, it’s still possible to analyze this chart even if the Ascendant is different, because this places Aries in the first house. When the birth time is not known, we can place the first degree of the Sun sign to check the inner qualities and internal developments of the person, or we can place the first degrees of Aries to see what the general life will be like. So I’m leaving Aries in the first house, though not in the first degree.

Appearance and behavior

One of the first things people notice about James, besides his appearance, is his energy. He is highly ambitious and always on the go. An energetic Aries Ascendant, therefore, would suit him. Since Jupiter is there, energy and ambition will be magnified.

Sometimes Aries overpowers Jupiter and instead of Jupiter making Aries more spiritually-minded, what remains is pure ambition. I think this applies to James well. Also, he always smiles and he has positive energy around him, which Aries-Jupiter can surely give.

We also find that Jupiter opposes Mars, which gives even more ambition, as well as the need to achieve goals fast. The goals of such people are great, they aim high in life. Yet he’s willing to work for what he wants, because of Saturn in Taurus in the first house, and the Moon in Virgo in the sixth.

Because of the trine between the Sun and Neptune, and since his energy is channeled through Libra, what we get is a highly artistic person who has a natural feel for harmony and beauty. This reflects in his makeup.

Saturn’s location shows that he is a very stubborn person, that he finishes what he starts, and that he is likely to own his own land or inherit the land from his father.


James Charles’ LA house.

He may have been helped by his parents to start in life, or, alternatively, the values and skills taught by parents are helping him to make money.

Money also comes through employing intelligence and communication, as well as manual skills, because of Gemini being in the house of finances too, with Mercury there as well. Of course, that’s what he does – he communicates in his videos whilst applying his makeup or doing the makeup for other people.

Since this chart places the Sun in his house of finances and personal skills, he will base his self-esteem on his capabilities and wealth. This kind of placement would make his father well-to-do, and good at communication or manual work, but practical, stubborn, and hard-working qualities are the greatest of all (which we understand by looking at Saturn’s placement).

Gaining wealth is very important to James because if he doesn’t have money, he thinks himself a less valuable human being. He would also feel awful if his work skills are criticized, and he would take this very personally.

He would spend most of his money on technology, friends, free time, and work. Though owning a home would be very important to him too, looking at his fourth house.

Communication, siblings and neighborhood

James Charles’ brother Ian Jeffery.

Moving to the third house, we find that the cusp of it is in Gemini. No surprise here, as he talks a lot on a daily basis. This also shows that his siblings can be communicative and that his day will not be sedentary but active, with many short trips involved around the neighborhood.

This placement shows that he’s a multitasker and he may be thinking about many things at the same time. He may have little patience and he wants things to happen fast. Interestingly, though he may not have the patience for simple everyday things, because of his Saturn placement he has patience for things that really matter, such as long-term success.

James Charles’ family

James Charles with his parents.

He comes from a good family background where he was well cared for and even spoiled. This will probably draw him later in life to create a family of his own, and he is likely to maintain similar values that he was raised with.

He was allowed to express himself the way he wanted, and it’s not likely that even his sexual preferences were opposed, because of the trine between Venus in his house of family and Lilith in the house of relationships.

Also, Venus in Cancer in the fourth shows that he values not only his family, but his country too. He may be attached to the traditions and the history of his country of birth (USA), and he may be a patriot.

I’ve already discussed his father’s qualities in the Finances section, whilst the mother is shown as focused on work, very definite in her likes and dislikes, and a very good influence on James.

Life purpose

His life purpose is about creatively expressing himself and making this into his career, which he already did. Whilst the past life was about friendships and achieving goals.

It is shown that his friendships can put a block to fully achieving his purpose in life because they may drag him into addictions and other self-destructive activities.

So no matter how many friends he has, he needs to always maintain his own individuality and to say no to the harmful offers from friends. Also, his stubbornness, sexual manipulation, and sudden and weird preferences can put a block to realizing his life purpose.


At work, he is exacting and a perfectionist. So it could be quite difficult to work with him. He will also criticize a lot, thinking that he’s giving useful advice. Though his criticisms are likely to be accurate, he should try to soften them as much as possible (as I don’t think he would be capable of not giving any suggestions, with his strong Virgo Moon).

In fact, his Moon is the strongest planet in the chart, with the next strongest planet is Jupiter. Venus and Mars are quite strong too, but only owing to their angular placements.

He would get along at work with women more than men, and the Moon being placed in the house of work indeed shows some sort of feminine occupation (he’s a beauty YouTuber). Also, Libra is in the sixth house too, making the work about harmony and beauty.

Sexuality and relationships

James with his ex-boyfriend Grayson Dolan.

Since his Moon is so strong, it shows he’s very much in touch with his feminine nature. Yet he has a very loose square between the Sun and Moon, showing the lack of integration of the masculine and feminine sides.

What’s more, Mars is placed in his seventh house, so he’s not in touch with his masculine energies but in order to compensate for that, he is going to be attracted to beautiful masculine men (Mars in Libra in the seventh).

He is likely to also attract men who are violent and who hurt him, because of this projection of his masculine side (Mars opposition to his chart ruler). What’s more, relationships will be marked by fights and legal battles, unless he integrates his masculine side and becomes okay with it.

He puts energy into the pursuit of a love interest, but in relationships he’s very submissive. However, he has powerful sexual desires. There are likely to be extremes in sexual desires, such as perversions. That’s because of Lilith being placed in Scorpio. He is likely to keep his intimate life private.

James Charles’ Lilith

His Lilith is very strong. This kind of placement of Lilith gives intuition about possibly dangerous situations. It gives, as I said, sexual extremes and perversions unless he is self-aware and works to transform these sexual desires into true love and care for another person.

This kind of placement reveals that he is likely to have been abused as a child, bullied or even sexually assaulted. He is not likely to reveal these kinds of things to the public, yet he would then be very fearful of any kind of loss of power.

His Sun has a loose Pluto opposition which again shows that he is power-driven. So for him, being in control is everything, and being out of control is very fearful. He will try to control other people and situations for him to feel at peace.

Also, this kind of placement makes him very revengeful. He may wait years for the right moment to strike, if a person betrayed him or really hurt him. He is not likely to simply forgive. So this makes him a very dangerous opponent.

Finally, Lilith in Scorpio can give a very manipulative sexual nature. So he may sexually bond with someone to use that person, or, if a partner is no longer interested in him, he may use their sexual details against him in some way. So much awareness is required to transform this placement into the one that functions well.

Plus, we find Pluto in the eighth house, which strengthens his sexual nature even more, making him extremely passionate. This kind of placement of Pluto can also indicate sexual abuse, especially for the fact that Pluto targets his Sun and Moon.

(The square between the Moon and Pluto also gives his mother an obsessive side, so she may be very focused on James.)


Capricorn rules his house of Career, whilst its ruler is placed in the first house. So this means by his own persistent efforts he can achieve success, but it will require hard work. There’s a very strong trine between Saturn and Midheaven though, which makes the road much easier.

If he regularly provides good value and doesn’t allow his sexual nature to get him into trouble, he’s likely to have a very long and successful career.

These two connected placements are all about the earth element, showing that the career is a lot about organization, structures, money and serious business, so to speak.

James’ palmistry

I couldn’t find a better image for his right palm but I will make the best out of this one.

We can see that the head line seems to start from the Jupiter mount, which indicates high ambition and early success. Instead of finishing close to the Venus’ mount, it’s attracted to the Moon mount, showing that he is likely to have a long life.

The Sun line seems to be long, indicating, again, early success. The mounts are puffy, showing strong planetary energies operating in this life, thus giving him more power to achieve what he wants, and more magnetism.

There is also a clear M sign on the palm, which shows that the person can become wealthy. Finally, the heart line seems to finish (or start, according to some palm readers) between the Saturn and Jupiter mounts.

In the video above, I told that the heart line finished on the Saturn mount but upon closer examination, it seems to finish between the mounts. This would show that his idealism and practicality are balanced in intimate relationships.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this natal chart and palm reading. Again, this is a speculative chart only, but because of Aries ascendant, it provides accurate information about James Charles’ life even if his Ascendant is different.

If you have any comments to make about James Charles or his chart, please do so in the comments below.