Salman Khan's birth chart
Watch the video of Salman Khan’s birth chart reading here.

I was hesitant to do Salman Khan’s birth chart interpretation because I didn’t see the first house situation as reflected in his appearance. But I’m glad that I proceeded nevertheless because it turns out the fixed star conjunction to his Ascendant is responsible for more beauty than the first house combination would give.

So let’s start with his first house.

Here we don’t find good influences. Afflicted Saturn in Pisces in the first house shows someone who is the cause of their own downfall. It shows a person who may use negative tactics to achieve career success, someone who is not spiritually developed and who has but little compassion.

This placement shows that the person may be chronically ill or confined for life. He likes staying alone and is not into small talk. He is generally gloomy, with a negative outlook of himself and his career. He is pessimistic and has probably many insecurities. Through his actions he creates his own restrictions.

Often such a placement shows that the person has a bad reputation and that people lower than him in career achievements or salaries can turn into his enemies.

The saving grace here is two positive star conjunctions to his Ascendant.

Deneb Adige gives an idealistic nature and good looks. Without this star, Afflicted Saturn in the first house could have even given birth defects. This just-mentioned star also gives him a neat and refined appearance, making him lovable.

This conjunction also symbolizes a person using scientific or artistic talents for monetary gain.

Another star conjunction to his Ascendant – of Fomalhaut, gives similar effects, with the addition of a possibility of leaving an immortal name. It’s the star that can indicate someone very bad or good, depending on the overall chart energy. His overall chart energy is negative, so it shows a big potential for much malevolence.

The opposition of Saturn to the UranusPluto conjunction shows that in personal relationships he seeks to gain control. Power, dominance, unexpected events, quick beginnings end endings, and much intensity are the themes in his personal relationships. Venus in the twelfth house, well-aspected, indicates secret love affairs where they are not found out.

Venus and Mars in the twelfth house, in the sign of Aquarius, indicate strange tastes and kinkiness. I’m not ruling out group sex and similar practices. Because Venus is well-aspected, those things may never be found out. Mars in Aquarius shows the love of music and artistic talent.

Saturn’s opposition to the mentioned conjunction and its square to the Midheaven shows someone who didn’t receive emotional nourishment when growing up and who was exposed to the dark side of life in his young years. This formed him as a person. The father was most likely harsh and cruel.

Looking at his fourth house, we find somewhat afflicted Jupiter there, in its detriment, conjunct a negative star Al Hecka. This shows that his family may have been involved in underground activities, and because of the mutual reception of planets in his fourth-tenth houses, it’s likely that he inherited family business whatever that was, or that he’s doing very similar things business-wise to his parents.

Because of his Pisces Ascendant and a heavy twelfth house, we will never fully know what those business activities are. But they are likely to do with groups, women, and it could be something about filming or taking pictures.

Jupiter in this situation also shows that he will fight with legal problems all his life yet he will be lucky still, getting away with quite a lot. Venus in the twelfth house also protects him from a lot of evil. Without its presence there, and the beneficent ray of Jupiter to his Moon in the twelfth, he may have been locked up by now.

Jupiter in this position also indicates that his family may have been living above their means, and maybe demanding his money also. Yet there is also a benefit either from the family or the mother shown, so it’s not that the family only takes – it gives too, most likely in some secret way that the public knows nothing of.

Finding three personal planets in the twelfth house in Aquarius, it is clear that his emotional side is in need of development. He deals with friends and groups in a detached way, finding it uncomfortable to form close ties. Also, he avoids marriage most likely because of personal relationships as such causing losses and pain. It is shown that relationships transform him, but through traumatic events. So no wonder he chooses to not marry.

In fact, it is better for him this way. Marriage could certainly be unhealthy based on violence and control because of the formidable conjunction in his seventh house and the opposition to it by his Saturn.

When it comes to friendships, as I said, he keeps his distance. He prefers time alone, but he does mingle in exclusive clubs and groups that the public knows nothing about. Judging from the seventh house situation, he prefers either older people as friends, or to mentor young people.

He chooses his friends based on their usefulness. If they are useful to his career, he will spend time with them. He has few such friends. Others are the many acquaintances. Because of his Aquarius Moon, he knows how to talk to different kinds of people. Friends actively help him to achieve his dreams (Mars in Aquarius) but some friends turn against him and become enemies (Aquarius on the twelfth house cusp).

Looking at his ninth house, we find Neptune there, making him not care much about higher education, and causing unplanned and chaotic long-distance travels. Looking at his Jupiter and Mercury situation, neither long nor short-distance travel is recommended! Even driving is not much advised.

Sagittarius Midheaven with Mercury there gives a wide range of business interests. Salman Khan would really dislike being tied to one profession. He is likely to love starting different businesses and working on various projects. The Sun in the tenth, yet close to the eleventh house, shows that he is likely to keep a high position in the industry, yet behind the scenes.

I’ve already discussed the twelfth house influences. I can also add that due to other star conjunctions (Moon conjunct Sadalsuud, MC conjunct Alwaid, Mars conjunct Dabih and Neptune conjunct Unukalhai), he has come to this life with criminal and lying tendencies.

There’s a lot in him that is in need of transcending, such as immorality, cruelty, pride and lying. It is excellent that he has a Being Human non-profit organization. Since Saturn in Pisces indicates the lack of compassion and spirituality, he must continue developing this side of him whether he now does it for real or just for public appeasement.

Ellen Degeneres also has her kindness campaign, which is God-given. She is not likely to be doing it genuinely, but it is there, at least this word, always in front of her. So I find the same to be the case with Salman – whether he takes it seriously or not, this is his next step in evolution.

If he really immerses himself in non-profit activities, truly helping others, his compassion will grow, and with it – the deepening of emotions, and no longer seeing people as someone useful or not, but as humans.

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