Kim Kardashian birth chart reading

In this post, I’m focusing on Kim Kardashian birth chart reading. According to, we have an accurate birth time for her.

We can straight away see that the majority of the planets are in the fourth quarter of the birth chart. This means that she is a highly ambitious and self-motivated person, focused on achievement. Childhood experiences prepared her for what’s to come.

Though she claims that her childhood was normal, it was likely to have been made quite difficult by the mother. But because Kim has an afflicted Moon in Pisces, she might not see the childhood situation as it really was.

Kim Kardashian birth chart: her parents

Kim’s mother and father. They got divorced because of the unfaithfulness of the mother.

Kim’s Moon is conjunct Scheat star, the star which Harvey Weinstein’s Sun conjuncts. This is one of the most evil stars in astrology, signifying drowning, catastrophic death, imprisonment, and being your own worst enemy.

Since the Moon represents the mother and family too (especially the mother), some of these descriptions will apply not only to Kim but to her mother too. The mother may not be a positive character.

Kim’s father was a lawyer, and this is signified by the Libra Sun. Since Lilith is conjoined with it, he may have also had a dark side. Since Libra is very heavy in Kim’s chart, she is likely to understand the law well, and also another good occupation for her is in the medical field.

Kim Kardashian birth chart: Born to be a star

Like Shahrukh Khan, Marilyn Monroe, Kylie Jenner, and many more stars, she has Neptune in the first house. This makes her photogenic, able to appear however the public expects her to be.

This placement also causes people to project their own beliefs, strengths, or insecurities onto these natives. So it’s really hard to see who they really are.

Afflicted Neptune here means that Kim can be fickle, hard to understand, and not sure of her own identity. She certainly loves traveling and changes, and she may thrive in living close to the sea. She is highly idealistic, and may sometimes find it difficult to tell reality from fiction.

Kim Kardashian birth chart: blind in love

Kim Kardashian birth chart

Kim has a tight square between Venus and Neptune, which indicates that she really cannot see the people she’s in love with for who they are. She tends to see only the best qualities in those whom she loves.

Also, because her Venus is in her fall in Virgo, she wants someone who is tidy, organized, and who cares for her, but she may get the very opposite.

Also, she has very heavy Libra, with the Sun in conjunction with Lilith there too. This means that she may get a partner who is not fair in relationships, and it may feel that she is the one holding the relationship together.

Since Libra’s nature is very strong in her, it will be natural for her to want to please a partner even when he’s not worth it.

Kim Kardashian birth chart: highly sensitive and spiritual

Kim Kardashian in a church.

There are many spiritual placements in her chart: Neptune in the first house, Moon in Pisces, Mars in the twelfth house, Mercury conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, Venus in the ninth house, and Jupiter conjunct Midheaven.

It’s sometimes difficult to tell if famous people are religious or they just act so in public to appeal to religious groups. But Kim is indeed religious.

She feels at home in spiritual surroundings. She may have some conventional spiritual views, as well as she may be interested in mystical spirituality, and astrology. She also has some mediumistic qualities, shown by Neptune being in the first house, the Moon in Pisces, and these two being connected.

However, the connection is negative (a square), which shows that she may even get under spirit control despite her wishes. So she needs to be careful if she gets involved in practical spirituality.

Kim’s Health

Her body, mind and spirit are so sensitive and receptive, that she needs to make sure she finds herself in good surroundings and with well-meaning people. Otherwise, eventually health will deteriorate.

Kim is likely to have problems with digestion, liver, urinary tract. She also may have fears and negative visions sometimes. She needs to keep a firm hold over her mind and always prevent any health problems. Otherwise, her health can be bad in old age, and she may even need to spend her old age in some institution.

She currently suffers from psoriatic arthritis. Saturn in Libra can cause this, especially because it’s afflicted, and it targets her Moon.

Contracts and burdens

Because of the tenth house situation, she is likely to be bound by contracts that are burdensome, and difficult to get out of. She may have partners equally proficient in law, ready to take legal action against her if necessary. This applies to any person she has some kind of contract with.

She probably has made many secret agreements that the public knows nothing about. Her career is a lot to do with making agreements, signing contracts, and forming partnerships.

In general, she takes a lot of action that the public knows nothing about, which especially can be something about religion, travel, education, writing, and legal matters.

Kim Kardashian birth chart: her intelligence

Kim is highly intelligent and a trend-setter. This we can see because of her Mercury in conjunction with Uranus, both planets well aspected in Scorpio.

Her intuition is next-level too. Though she has much passivity in her nature, her intelligence, intuition, and career-mindedness help her to maintain success.

Career and fears

Kim Kardashian astrology

Her career is the most important thing to her because it gives her attention. Attention is everything to her. This is signified by heavy Libra with Lilith there.

This means that she would do all it takes to stay in the public eye. Attention is like water to her. She may even choose a partner who either pays much attention to her, or the marriage with whom gives more public attention.

Her fear is to be alone. She will, therefore, be as agreeable as possible, to maintain harmonious friendships. Her other big fear is that people will stop paying attention to her.

Kim Kardashian birth chart: money

Kim Kardashian birth chart

Benefics near the Midheaven certainly help with finances, but her house of finances is ruled by Saturn. However, Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter in the Midheaven.

This shows that money is not easy to earn, yet with determination, large sums could be made. Also, money comes easier through the right partnerships, by investing in appearance, and by staying in the public eye.

It’s easy for her to overspend, and she may especially spend money for emotional comfort (for example, when she feels down). She is likely to invest a lot of money back into the business, and in her case that’s also about maintaining her beauty.