Queen Elizabeth's astrology

This article is about Queen Elizabeth’s astrology – her birth chart reading.

According to Astro.com, the birth time of Queen Elizabeth II is accurate. But we can never really know as this concerns royal families.

Let me explain.

There were some interesting comments made when Prince William and Kate Middleton emerged with their new-born baby.

Though just having given birth, Kate looked totally fresh. The baby bump was there. The child she was holding looked more grown than normal. (I never had children so I can’t comment on this – this is what I read.)

She also wore a dress that was worn by an actress in Rosemary’s Baby. That character’s baby was groomed to become the victim of satanic ritual abuse.

So we can never really know what’s happening in royal families.

Yet, the chart does fit her, so I’m going to interpret it.

Queen Elizabeth’s astrology: her outer persona

Firstly, we can see that she is a third decanate Capricorn Ascendant. This shows that the public sees her as reserved. She is seen as unemotional, and traditional.

This decanate shows that she considers herself to be of more worth than most people. It also indicates an intelligent and sophisticated nature.

Yet, would you get to know her a little better, a totally different personality would emerge from hiding.

Because of the afflicted MarsJupiter conjunction in Aquarius, she is willful. She loves freedom, yet she can be fickle and unreliable. She is impulsive (Mars-Moon opposition) and may enjoy arguments.

Yet, she is highly intelligent and considers the past and the future when making plans.

Resourceful and intelligent

Queen Elizabeth's astrology

All her intelligence planets connect positively. Uranus, which is the higher octave of Mercury, is conjunct Mercury. Even when negatively connected, these planets would give more intelligence.

This conjunction means that she can tap into her intuition. Her strong intuition naturally influences her choices in life. This helps her to materially gain.

She is a highly resourceful person. Elizabeth is sensitive about her financial situation. She cares about her material condition a lot. This is judging from the second house, and also considering the fact that she is a Taurus Sun.

She’s emotionally intelligent as well, her mind is very bright. This makes it very difficult to deceive or take advantage of her. Yet, because of the First House Mars’ opposition to Neptune, she can be led by false beliefs and ideals.

She can be very sensitive to mind-altering substances and there could be an addictive streak in her.

Queen Elizabeth’s astrology: a dark character

Queen Elizabeth

Because of the afflicted ruling planets of her first house which are of a violent nature (Saturn and Mars), this makes her a dark character. When I see a chart like this, I know I am dealing with a negative person. That doesn’t mean the person cannot change, but such a person came into this life with dark, sometimes criminal, tendencies.

Just look at her Midheaven. It has afflicted Saturn, the co-ruler of her first house, sitting there in Scorpio. This gives involvement with the underworld, dealing in her work with sex or death. It can indicate involvement with dark mysticism. She may control the money and resources of other people. She might be involved with secret plans and projects.

Her Mars situation indicates a self-willed, energetic, violent, and unreliable character. She has control issues, which Pluto’s opposition to the Ascendant shows.

The chart is very strong. She is a powerful person, and her intelligence is great. She can inflict great damage to mankind unless she transforms herself.

Potential for unconditional love

Queen Elizabeth's astrology

There is a saving grace, though. She has exalted Venus in Pisces, without afflictions. This means that a self-sacrificing and humanity-loving side is there. I hope she will tap into this more and more.

This kind of Venus placement, Mars in Aquarius and Moon in the seventh house gives the tendency to be in love with many people at the same time. There’s much secrecy and a lack of clarity in her intimate and business relationships. That’s because Neptune is also in the seventh, and Venus is in the secretive and illusory Pisces sign.

This kind of placement of Venus also gives promiscuity, and so can Mars placed in the sign of groups – Aquarius. People with Mars in Aquarius have weird desires, which applies to the bedroom as well.

Queen Elizabeth’s astrology: what she bases her self-worth on

Queen Elizabeth

She uses her intelligence to acquire resources and income. She bases her worth on how much she owns and the brightness of her mind. Taurus Sun also shows materialistic tendencies. People with such a placement get attached to what they own and find it difficult to let go. Greed could be difficult to transcend.

This kind of placement also gives stubbornness, and so does afflicted Mars in Aquarius. Capricorn Ascendant has such quality too.

The other half could have royal blood because of Leo in the seventh house. He may have feminine qualities (an emotional person, attracted to cooking, or another feminine manifestation). He can be deceptive for evil purposes due to the Lilith-Neptune conjunction.

She had a happy childhood. This is shown by strong Venus in the first house. Venus is the ruler of her family house. But even without it being the ruler, this placement would still indicate the same.

Family life may have involved many secrets. The father was a dark character, the mother – likely of royal blood. She must have been more like a friend than a mother. The father influenced her more. They may have felt like kindred souls.

This placement, as well as Mars in Aquarius, shows that she may have musical ability. She must love music. Also, the Sun in Taurus can give a pleasant voice and an ability to sing.

Extraordinary energy and endurance

Queen Elizabeth's astrology

Strong Venus in the first house gives good health. It’s positively connected with Pluto, in the house of health. This further strengthens the constitution and giving her recuperative powers. Daily work and routines can actually energize her.

Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the first house, though afflicted, still gives much energy. And so does Sun placed in Taurus. Capricorn Ascendant can give long life and physical endurance. So here we have a person that is highly energetic.

Her sixth house situation reflects her duties perfectly, as we find Pluto (the sign of power) placed in Cancer (the sign of family and country). Being the ruler of the country, therefore, is one of the interpretations of this placement. Also, since this house deals with health too, this kind of situation can indicate daily routines that benefit her health.