Deepika Padukone's Life Assessment

Deepika’s exact birth time is not known though in it is told that according to a family’s friend, it took place at around 10 am.

It seems to be the correct birth time because this would put her ascendant in Aquarius. Often Aquarius rising people have a fine facial bone structure and sometimes – large eyes, which she has.

Jupiter is placed in her first house which can increase height. Aquarius itself can give tallness too. She is a tall woman of 1.74m (5.7 ft).

This placement of Jupiter, however, can give weight problems. She could indeed be a big eater but because of strong Mars she could burn the fat, and also she has heavy Capricorn which can keep her slim. Let’s see what happens a few years later – as she is indicated to be a big eater.

Two sides of Deepika Padukone

Jupiter is her chart ruler, and it being placed in Aquarius makes her open-minded, of modern views and tolerant of societal differences and unique lifestyles. It makes her a natural philanthropist.

But that’s only one part of her character.

This kind of placement also indicates that she will be helped by friends when she’s in trouble, that she feels great in a company as well as alone, and that luck will also come to her in unexpected ways and through charitable activities.

Now about the other side of her, which is very different.

Because of heavy Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius in the ninth, this makes her opinions very strong and she’s not likely to change them. She is set in her ways and conservative about some matters of life. So she has both sides – modern, as well as traditional.

Extremely goal-oriented

Deepika Padukone with her mother and sister, after getting an award.

The placement of her planets around the chart shows that her focus is mainly on her public life and career. Her life is largely about goal achievement. She has such big goals to achieve that for some people she may even seem delusional. We are talking about world domination and similar goals.

Goal achievement is everything to her. If she doesn’t achieve them, she can plunge into depression. Depression that she talked about in her interviews is reflected by her Moon being in the eighth house. But, as I said, it’s a lot to do with her achievements.

She is an extremely hard worker and she can regain her strength very fast. She can work herself to death if that’s necessary to achieve her large goals. And if she’s unable to achieve some dreams, she can resort to manipulation, under-hand tactics, or even violence.

Because of her Venus and Neptune placement, she is shown as a very creative person, but this creativity will always be married to business in her life.

Love and sex

Deepika Padukone with her husband Ranvir Singh. She has Leo on the cusp of the seventh, which can indicate marriage to a show person, someone creative and flamboyant.

Two malefics with the Moon in its fall in the eighth house in Scorpio gives her an obsessive and zealous streak. It applies to her love life as well. If she really loves someone, she can love until her death and she will be suspicious, jealous and possessive.

She can lose relationships because of this obsessive streak. She hides it well in the public because the house of secrets is involved. This kind of placement also shows undesirable secrets traits and habits, and a revengeful personality.

When it comes to love, she will not simply be led by emotions only but will choose someone of high social standing, because of her Venus in Capricorn. She will need someone equally as ambitious and she chooses partners who make her look good. She would not be content with someone who is lazy and tends to stay at home.

She will never forget the wrong done and she may work towards that person’s destruction. She is jealous not only in love but she compares herself with others and is jealous if someone is more successful than her.

She has an extremely high sex drive and her sexual nature is of a dark kind. Such people sometimes enjoy violent sex. Her eighth house situation shows possible connections to criminality, prostitution, rape and violence. She may have experienced sexual abuse in childhood.


Deepika Padukone with her parents and sister.

Her mom is a very intense person who has dark secrets. She may have been manipulative and strongly psychic. Deepika has inherited that psychic and secretive side of her, and also she may distrust people because her mom may have broken her trust in some major way.

The father is shown as an active businessman who was mainly absent from her life (maybe because of his work or frequent travels).

Intuition and energy

Deepika is an extremely intuitive person who makes decisions mainly by what her gut tells, and those decisions mostly turn out to be right. She is an excellent reader of people’s emotions which gives her an edge.

There’s a possibility of her being a psychic vampire though, feeling alive when experiencing intense emotions from other people. That’s because of the eighth house situation.

She feeds on those emotions especially during intimacy. She can really drain people this way and relationships may end as a result of this reason, though she herself may or may not be aware that she has that kind of effect.


Deepika Padukone’s Mumbai apartment.

Some aspects of her finances will remain unknown to others because her finances house ruler is in the house of secrets. She may, therefore, avoid paying some of the tax, and she may have income that is obtained in some illegal or dark ways.

No matter how much she earns, it will never be enough (because of Mars in the eighth where Pluto is found too). She is capable of being very thrifty if circumstances need it though, because of her Capricorn Venus.

She is able to easily use the resources of others and she easily gets in charge of other people’s finances. This will apply to her husband too – she is likely to manage his income. And it is also shown in the eighth house that her husband’s finances may be of a fluctuating nature and he may get in debt.

Organized, suspicious and lonely

She is a very organized person in every aspect of her life. She is highly observative because of her heavy Capricorn, Neptune being there as well, Moon-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio, and Aquarius ascendant. She easily notices weaknesses in people and she may sometimes make sharp remarks about the imperfections she notices in others.

Her Moon is in its fall in Scorpio in the eighth, which shows that her mind is very suspicious. She will not easily allow people into her inner circle. And even when she does, she will find reasons to suspect them.

She will also suspect her partner of cheating or of other things, and she’s capable of even stalking to find things out. She’s good at uncovering secrets and discovering hidden things.

She feels quite alone in this life (because of the situation with her Moon). This kind of placement can give various phobias, paranoid behavior and dark thoughts. It can give sexual promiscuity and in her case this can be really magnified and of a dark note.

Her Uranus is found in the house of career in a mutable sign. This adds volatility to her career. It can indicate a career change and sudden shifts in her public image. One day she may be loved, another – hated. But because Uranus shares a sextile with Jupiter, this should not result in too much of a negative change.

In general, her chart shows an easy life. She tends to overdo things (Mars square Jupiter) and she is obsessed with goal achievement. Yet even if she didn’t put so much energy, good things would still come her way, and maybe even without the downsides she’s experiencing now.

Deepika Padukone’s Palms

Now let’s briefly deal with her palms. I couldn’t find really clear images of her dominant right palm, so I’m going to just quickly describe what the palms show. You can click on these images to see them large.

Her palms have the most development at their bases which shows the focus on the material things in life. Pleasurable and other sensory experiences, money, and comfortable life are of most importance.

Her fingers are long though, which shows that the mental world is not neglected either, and that she pays much attention to detail and is capable of doing a very detailed work.

She has a deflated Venus mount which can indicate promiscuity; as it indicates the wastage of vital fluid. Promiscuity is also indicated by her natal chart, so it would take much strength to resist this.

Her Lower Mars mount is significantly raised which indicates a fighting spirit. As the chart indicates, she can sometimes resort to violence, especially if things don’t go her way. Also, she may suddenly lash out at her loved ones if she’s upset.

Her hand shape is psychic, therefore, like the chart indicates, she heavily relies on intuition.

The thumb is very long, which shows extremely strong willpower and determination to get what she wants.

Her Career line (on the right hand) seems to go all the way into the Saturn finger and is of a deep color, as it seems from the picture of her right hand.

If this is indeed the case, it’s an over-development of the line, showing that she’s overdoing things in her career which causes her to experience more obstacles than she should.

She seems to have a single Success line above the heart line which can give great success in old age. She’s also shown as a big risk taker and she has become independent of her parents very early in life, due to the head line not being connected to her life line.

Her heart line starts (or ends, according to some palm readers) on the Jupiter mount which shows that in love she is lead by her ideals. So this balances her materialistic Venus in Capricorn.

These are some of the main character traits that Deepika Padukone’s birth chart and palms show. If you have any comments to make about the Life Assessment of this actress, please share it below.