Blaire white's astrology

Blaire White is yet another popular YouTube beauty guru who also does exposé videos on child molesters and other criminal individuals. She also posts updates about her personal life.

These few years she started getting increasing criticism for the kind of information that she posts. Some of her claims are not based on facts, and she sometimes gets facts wrong. People say that she adjusts the information according to what effect she wants to get, rather than presenting it truthfully.

We don’t have the correct chart of Blaire White because we don’t know her birth time. So I put 0 degrees Aries as her Ascendant to see what this generic placement will show about the major trends of her life and character.

Blaire White strongly values independence

Blaire White values independence.

The heavenly object Lilith is in her first house, according to this chart. It’s in Aries. This is an important placement in the generic chart, so we are going to focus a lot on it.

Lilith in Aries represents individuals to whom the freedom of self-expression is everything. They want to be leaders, the first, the ones who are leading the crowd. These individuals hate working for other people, and if they have to submit to the authority of others in the work environment, they will create disharmonious situations and will end up being disliked by the coworkers.

She’s now working for herself, so one of the worst things that could happen to Blaire is if she has to go back to working for others. Another thing that this placement indicates is that she is self-centered and wants everything her way.

Unless people work to transcend the negative traits indicated by this placement, the natives with Lilith in Aries will think that the universe revolves around them and will even think that situations that have nothing to do with them are in fact about them.

Blaire White’s combative nature

Blaire has a combative nature.

Such a placement can indicate the nature that likes debates and fights. She may cause disharmonious situations, and this need to start fights and arguments is the result of a sense of unworthiness and the lack of acceptance of who she is.

So as long as she doesn’t make peace with her own self, she will try to create such confrontational situations. She may also try to prove her worth through confronting others, to show her power, skill, talent, or intelligence.

This placement often indicates that the natives don’t feel respected no matter how much they achieve.

This need to dominate or even humiliate will gain her many enemies with years, and legal troubles too, since Lilith opposes Mercury in Libra. Mercury is connected with her life purpose (as it has a North Node connection), which shows that were she to continue using her communication for manipulative and selfish purposes, it’s going to put blocks towards the achievement of her life’s purpose.

Blaire’s strong sexuality

She has strong sexuality.

This Lilith placement also indicates that she has strong sexuality and that she would actively pursue people she’s interested in (an active pursuit of a love interest is also indicated by her Libra Mars). She is self-centered in intimate relationships, and she may control others to get herself satisfied. She is dominant in the sexual side of the relationship, wanting it to be her way.

This placement also produces impulsive actions whose devastating results the native wants to detach from, and then intelligence is used to appear not guilty. Crimes of passion are often indicated by such a combination.

It shows that she is possessive of what she owns, and if something is taken from her, she will do all she can to get it back, her boyfriend included. Getting even is very important.

Easy to be popular

It's easy for Blaire to be popular.
Blaire White with her long-time friend Jaclyn Glenn.

Her Venus in Leo indicates that she is a charming and sexually magnetic person. Looking at Venus’ aspects, it’s safe to judge that she finds it easy to form relationships, but no matter how much attention and intimacy she gets, it never feels enough. She also has self-esteem issues. Some older male person could be the cause of them.

Venus in Leo easily gives popularity. All the natives with such a placement need to do is to be placed before the public, and their charming personality does all the rest.

This is also the placement of loyalty, though Aries Lilith gives loyalty as long as sexual interest is there. To know which placement is going to be more powerful, I would need to see her exact chart.

Venus in Leo natives demand loyalty and they are the dominant ones in the relationship. They prefer good-looking partners. You will see her fiancé’s picture down below in this post.

Habit-based and organized

Blaire is habit-based.

Blaire White’s Moon and Sun are placed in the work sign of Virgo. This shows that she is a habit-driven person who has set routines she dutifully follows. Organization and neatness are very important to her, and she likes things to be tidy.

She probably cares a lot about her health and she may have some specific meal plan she always sticks to. Daily exercise is a big possibility.

Such placements give a critical attitude, however, so it could be difficult to live with such people. Blaire may think that she’s simply giving constructive advice, whilst those on the receiving end don’t see it that way. But as big a critic as she is, she’s a greater critic of her own self.

Even a small thing wrong with her appearance could be a big deal with such astrological placements.

The Moon’s location also indicates that her mother may have been a workaholic, of weak health, or was a healthcare worker. Alternatively, if she spent a lot of time at home, the home is likely to have been tidy and organized. She could have been a control freak to one degree or another.

Frequent legal dealings of Blaire White

Blaire with her boyfriend.
Blaire White with her fiancé

Blaire White has three planets in Libra. The placements show that she will have to deal with the legal side of life a lot. She may have to experience the negative side of the law if she continues using her communication to manipulate or in some other immoral way. Yet if she speaks truthfully, the law is going to greatly benefit her.

This situation also indicates that she will have many relationships and that she may marry more than once. Divorces are likely to be in her favor. She will also benefit from collaborations of any sort, as long as her intentions are pure.

Like all the other beauty bloggers whose natal charts I’ve read (James Charles, Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star), Blaire also has her Mars in Libra. This is a very usual placement for those in the beauty industry as they can create harmony. Architecture is another good choice for people with Mars in Libra.

Blaire White is a poor looser

She's a poor looser.

Moving to generational planet Pluto, from its aspect to Saturn it becomes clear that she is a highly competitive person (Lilith in Aries indicates this quality too). She hates to lose. She doesn’t know how to deal with losing and she’s likely to keep her losses secret (because of the Lilith placement).

Saturn square Pluto also indicates that she’s afraid of poverty, and so does the Venus-square-Pluto placement. She will do all it takes to stay in the position of authority and to maintain her status and wealth.

Let’s move to another generational placement of NeptuneUranus conjunction in Capricorn. From the aspects, we can see that she can suddenly change her career or there could be a big change in her public image. These planets also show that she is a highly observative person, able to marry the old with the new.

Saturn in Aquarius shows the same thing. She has the talent to combine the old with the new, or to introduce new into the old. And that’s what she does. Though she’s transgender, she knows how to make a more traditional part of society to accept herher. Because they respond to Blaire positively, she’s able to change their minds about this new societal development.

Saturn in Aquarius also indicates that she has only a few real friends but those that she has are likely to be reliable and the friendships with them are strong and long-lasting. She may have more friends who are older than her.


So these are some of the major trends I see in Blaire White’s generic birth chart. I hope that you’ve found this piece informative.