Tati Westbrook's Astrology

Continuing with beauty gurus (I’ve already done James Charles‘ and Jeffree Star’s readings), let me introduce you to another YouTube beauty blogger – Tati Westbrook.

She is at the moment involved in legal difficulties which all started after she made a “Bye, Sister” video in which she accused James Charles of being a sexual predator.

This caused James Charles to lose a few million subscribers, but his response video gained them all back, and made Tati’s life a living hell since then.

In this post, I will look at what her natal chart says about her character, and I will also look at her transits which shed more light on what she’s going through.

Tati’s birth time is unknown, so I set 0°00′ Aries as her Ascendant. I set it accurately on my Kepler but was unable to do so in Astrotheme as I can’t enter the seconds there. The above picture is the Astrotheme chart, but it will serve well for this reading.

The luminary hidden in the picture by her hair is the 25°39′ Aquarius Sun, very well aspected with three trines and one sextile. The aspects and the Sun’s placement show that she is a very influential and firm character, logical and down-to-earth, with creative talents. This integrated character was brought forth from previous lives.

She is considered reliable and she gets the work done. She works hard and diligently. Her Sun is located in the third decanate of Aquarius though, which indicates persistent difficulties and big disappointments in life.

This decanate indicates that her emotions sometimes cloud her thinking, and that though her character is friendly, she finds it difficult to find harmony in relationships.

Though Aquarius people are not emotional in general, this decanate is ruled by the Moon. So it gives a more emotional nature. And then, look at her Moon in the chart. It’s in the fall in Scorpio, in conjunction with Jupiter (they would be conjunct even if her birth time was in the evening).

This placement indicates a big need for emotional bonding and the presence of strong emotions. Yes, Scorpio Moons tend to hide their emotions, but her Jupiter makes it difficult to do so. It makes her emotions expansive and she may crave emotional interactions.

Also, the Scorpio Moon with Jupiter can indicate a person who has lots of love affairs. However, she has afflicted Venus in Capricorn, which would give low self-worth in relationships and very few of them.

These two contradictory placements combined could manifest as someone who has very few love interests but once she sets her eyes on someone and they form a relationship, there could be a deep obsession with this love interest, and much jealousy and possessiveness.

She needs someone who can give her much love and warmth. Otherwise, she will think herself unlovable. She is likely to not have received true warmth when growing up.

Scorpio Moon can get her in trouble. This is the placement that can make her suddenly lash out because of a real or perceived slight. This is, I believe, what caused her to make the famous “Bye, sister” video in which she exposed James Charles.

That video was made out of impulse. She got upset about James’ promotion of a competitor gummy vitamin brand.

For her, business is very important as Venus is in Capricorn. So any action that may cause her to lose some of the business or would hurt her public image is going to be painful. So, in a Scorpio Moon style, she fought back.

By striking back, she harmed herself greatly, some say – irreparably.

Her Mercury squares Pluto, and this doesn’t help either. She can speak with great influence, yet the square shows that the focus may be wrong. So, in her James Charles’ video, there is much persuasion, and, I believe, facts, yet she gained only hate in response.

From what I see in her chart, therefore, I can describe her as a well-meaning, very business-minded, and reliable person. For her, loyalty in relationships is very important and she will stand by you as long as you stand by her. But if you disappoint her in some way, she may strike at you and hurt you badly.

This stems from childhood issues shown by the Moon’s location, and her Venus. She was hurt in her childhood and so she cannot trust people easily. And when she does start trusting, she wants the relationship to be permanent.

So if a person she allowed into her private world breaks her trust, it’s going to be very painful for her and she will not hesitate to make the person feel her pain by inflicting it.

She also finds it very difficult to open up and trust someone to become her life partner. Yet, in intimate relationships, she will tend to attract people who will abuse and harm her. She will tend to attract people who are social climbers, criminally-minded, domineering, or violent. They may want to take her money if there is a divorce, and the divorce is likely.

So what has likely happened was that Tati was really hurt by James’ promotion of a competitor brand, and this made her not think reasonably because of exaggerated emotions. Seeing this mental instability, Jeffree Star with Shane Dawson jumped at the opportunity to ruin James without them being blamed for it and persuaded her to make the video against him, which caused her the loss of good public standing.

Now let’s briefly look at her transits.

Since May, Uranus was targeting her Jupiter in opposition, and touching on the Moon too.

This created uncontrollable emotions and even greater rebellion against real or perceived slights.

Mars opposes her Mars and Saturn, creating legal problems, difficult conflicts, and great obstacles.

She may deal with angry and revengeful individuals, and be involved in heated battles at this time.

And there’s more. The cluster of planets responsible for the current economical changes (Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto) are squaring her Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.

This is the battle of forces, almost the battle for survival. There could be attacks not only from influential business persons and other powerful individuals, but whole groups may be targeting her.

There could be intelligent organized action against her, and bad advice from friends and a life partner. And with transiting Uranus opposing her Moon and Jupiter, emotional chaos and rebellion are magnified, with emotional reactions that surprise even Tati herself.

She may be willing now to take more risks than is usual for her. Yet with so many negative transits taking place, this would not be a good idea.

Uranus squaring her Mercury can lead to an overload of information and her making impulsive decisions which she later regrets. There could be much uncertainty and anxiety at this time.

Finally, I should mention Pluto sitting on her Venus at -0°07′. A once-in-a-lifetime transit, it can bring into her life obsessive and controlling people which can affect her permanently, for good or evil.

This kind of transit can also show the death of a loved one, or the permanent end of a love affair or intimate relationship. Since Venus is in Capricorn, it can also mean the end of her business rather than its permanent transformation, because of Saturn and Mars squaring the transitting Pluto.

This didn’t have to end so badly for Tati. But the only way to protect oneself from such difficult transits is to spiritually evolve. If the focus is only on things earthly, these terrible transits will manifest as battles of some sort.

With spiritual progress, the battles will be only within, until nature is so transformed that even negative transits bring benefits.