Ten Planets – Their Occult, Astrological and Spiritual Information

This page provides short introductions of each planet, and you may choose to click on headings to view detailed information on each planet.

Sun Occult Information

The Sun stands for one’s ego and essence. In astrology it can also represent one’s father and what makes your self-esteem grow.

Moon Occult Information

The Moon represents your emotions and in natal charts it stands for a wife, women in general, or the public in general.

Mercury Occult Information

Mercury  stands for your intelligence, how you use your mind and it can indicate an occupation of a writer or speaker.

Venus Occult Information

Venus stands for your love nature, what kind of person you want to be with, and your sexual preferences in general.

Mars Occult Information

Mars stands for personal ambition and drive, and shows in which area of your life you expend most energy.

Jupiter Occult Information

Jupiter stands for generosity and your religious beliefs. It can also indicate overindulgence.

Saturn Occult Information

Saturn stands for restrictions, and stands for poverty in whichever astrological house it’s found (for example, in the 11th house it would stand for the poverty of friends, meaning lack of friends.)

Uranus Occult Information

Uranus stands for your uniqueness, for what it is different or unpredictable about you.

Neptune Occult Information

Neptune stands for your dreams and ideals, and in which area of your life you are not likely to see clearly.

Pluto Occult Information

Pluto stands for what you are obsessed about, what you cannot get enough of, and through the house activities of where it’s placed you can get the highest energy available for mankind.