It’s very often that you hear in new-age circles about you being the creator of your life. But how many people really understand this? Very few, as shown by their lives.

If you really understand this fact, your life will change according to your preferences. But as long as you assign the manifestation power to anything else, including destiny (that’s why astrology is accurate), your life will reflect that of the people of your country.

I’m writing this post in a cozy Nepali café. I created my life the way I wanted to. That’s because I know myself to be the creator of my life.

Manifesting your perfect life

You must understand that you create the problems as well as blessings of your existence. If you have an average life, I can guarantee that you react to negative events with frustration, irritation, fear or anger. This cements more of similar events into your reality, and your life becomes average, having its blessings and curses, in accordance with your reactions to your current creations.

If you want to rise above the average life, you must not react to negative events and people in the same way that the masses do. You must consciously use your emotions so that they create the life you want to have.

Your thoughts, emotions and desires create astral structures that start crystallizing into this reality if you continue on a similar vibration. You must train yourself to o overlook that which you no longer want in your life (or at least not to react to it) and to focus on that which you want more of.

You need to understand that you hold all the power in your life as you are part of God manifesting through this body. Your emotions, thoughts and attitudes create your future experiences at this very moment. So what kind of energetic content do you put out?

So to recap, in order to start powerfully manifesting, you must fully understand that you are the sole author of your existence. And knowing that, you must get into the habit of emotionally reacting only to the events in your life you want more of.

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