In the previous personal update, I told you about bad transits currently happening in my life which caused some problems. The problems continue. These are the worst transits I ever had in my life.

A few days ago, I was taking a shower, and a showerhead detached from the wall (I didn’t touch it) and fell on my arm. I still have the bruise, but it’s going away.

I’ve found out that Lithuanian government will totally rip me off once the tax year is finished. Now, comparing the UK and Lithuanian governments, I can say with confidence that a Lithuanian one cannot even be compared in leechiness with the UK one.

So all my savings will have to be spent on paying taxes, but this taught me a lesson. However, it will delay me from getting established on my land. I will have to stay there with very few resources now.

Then another thing happened just a few days ago. My dad got a heart attack, and now half of his body is paralyzed.

He left our family early, so I’m not attached to him. He was a man who made our family life a hell. He had another family before us, and probably he had a family after us.

The sowing time is over for him, and the reaping time started. Some people can only reflect on their behavior once the hard times start.

His next life is likely to be very unfortunate, but if he now reflects on his actions, he may transition with a strong mental imprint to not behave in the way that he did. So even the worst experiences can serve people well.

I looked at my dad’s natal chart, though his birth time is unknown. He has two malefics in Cancer, Lilith in Scorpio, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Libra, Venus conjunct Pluto, Mars tightly squaring Neptune, and the Moon in I believe 29 degrees of Sagittarius.

This is not a person anyone should marry.

Had my mom known his birth chart, she would have saved herself many years of unhappiness. That’s why it’s so important to know the birth chart of a potential partner, and then to get the synastry chart done, to compare your chart with the other person’s.

This will show you everything.

Even before our first date, I asked my boyfriend for his birth time and date. Only after liking his character as shown by the chart, and comparing our charts together, did I agree to go on a date with him.

He is still upset by the fact that had the chart been negative, I would have refused to date him:) And now it’s been two years together, and we love each other deeply, though now big distance separates us due to the plandemic.

I posted a natal chart interpretation of Donald Trump recently. One commenter took a look at my astrology services, and told me that they are very expensive and if I had any discounts for poor people.

I replied that since I’m only one person, it’s not possible for me to lower prices, as then, because of the amount of work I would get, I would have no time for anything else. (That’s not life but stress and struggle.)

I told that the only thing I could do is to offer an option to pay in installments.

He told that he would not be able to spend that much only for satisfying his curiosity (or something along these lines).

People don’t know the power of astrology. It’s not about amusement. Astrology can protect you from years of abuse (if you decide not to marry someone wrong for you). It can warn you of hard times ahead (mine are just starting, and astrology showed that). It can tell you all you need to know about another person’s character, and if it’s a good person or not.

Finally, it can show you your own blindspots. Because we live with our own selves 24/7, sometimes we are totally unaware of negative character traits or behavior patterns obvious to others. Astrology will eliminate all such unawareness, making you really see how you are perceived by others.

For amusement, people can read an astrology corner in the newspaper. But real astrology is not for amusement, but for awareness.