Since one of the most important planets in my natal chart is being attacked now, difficulties, of course, follow. A few days ago, I had such intense tooth pain at night, that I was even thinking of calling emergency services.

However, I decided to try to heal it in a natural way. At night, I put some tea tree oil on a cotton swab and put it as deeply into the tooth cavity as possible. After thirty minutes, the pain diminished to the degree that I was able to fall asleep.

The next day I felt no pain, whilst today it’s very small. Yesterday, I bought essential clove oil, and I put it into my tooth after every single meal, to disinfect the root.

Thank God I was able to fix this, as my free healthcare will only start two months after. Would I need to heal my tooth privately, it would cost around 200 euros.

I’d rather save this money for my land. So I hope this kind of healing will get me through until the free treatment.

Another difficulty

Another big problem I experienced was yesterday, and it was about my website. I transferred it to a more expensive and faster host. Before, I hosted my site with NameCheap, which was such a great company customer service-wise. But their servers were slow.

Now my website is with SiteGround, and though their servers are faster, their customer service is useless. My site was down yesterday because of their wrong Cloudfare configuration, and they were unable to help. One tech staff even told me to pay someone to fix it for me.

It was only the fourth person I spoke to that managed to solve the issue.

This was totally unexpected, as SiteGround has stellar reviews. I paid for a year of hosting, and now I’m wondering whether to stay with it or to transfer the site somewhere else.

Since the targeting of my main planet just started, I wonder what will happen next. At least I am prepared. That’s the power of astrology – it warns you of things to come, so you can prepare. You may not know exactly what will happen, but at least you are not taken by surprise.

I also know when this troubled period will finish, so this gives me hope. But never before my main planet was so heavily targeted by malefics, so I’m very careful now. I’m just hoping everything would go well in April, when I would move from Vilnius to my land.

Preparing for living on my land

I’ve just purchased the seeds I would like to grow in my garden:

This is by no means all I’ve got. I have plenty of seeds in my hut. However, in my studio I had nothing, so I had to get the seeds suitable for planting in March (since I’m only moving to my hut in April).

I’ve also bought compost, so I will plant the seeds into small containers in the apartment.

At the beginning of April, I will hire a taxi to take me and all my stuff to my hut. It would take around an hour and fifty minutes to reach my land from Vilnius. Maybe by that time, I would also get a dog or even two from the animal shelter.

Enjoying beautiful weather

At the moment, the weather is great in Lithuania. It’s not wet anymore as the water is frozen. Today It’s been -14 °C (6.8°F) but because it was sunny, I didn’t feel cold. Plus, I wear full winter gear these cold days:

I’m so grateful that I have such a warm cap and shoes, which allow me to walk without rush, taking in winter beauty. Now all clothing stores are closed in my country, so I’m so relieved that I purchased warm clothes and shoes in advance.

But four months of staying in Vilnius is long enough, and in April, two more months after, I will be eager to change the scenery. That will be a good time to move as the weather will be warmer then.

Building a hut extension

Once I’m on my land, the first thing that will need to be done is the digging of a well. Since I already have a shelter, however small it is, and I have heating (currently electric), the next big concern is water.

Once that is done, the next big work will be a hut extension. I calculated that if I do the work with the help of my neighbor (who used to build homes), it would actually be cheaper than buying a house on wheels.

So that is my plan. I want to have a proper home on a concrete slab foundation, so that it lasts. I’m thinking of using modern bricks to build the walls, and I’m especially looking at Isotex. This can build a passive house which requires very little energy to heat.

Building technology has advanced a lot. Now you can construct a house very much lego-like, and then pour concrete to set the work.

Since my hut extension won’t be large, I’m hoping, with the help of my neighbor, to be able to accomplish this. And what a skill set I would have developed by then – the ability to build my own shelter. A very useful ability in these uncertain times.