In this post I’m going to analyze the natal chart of Barron Trump who is the child of Melania and Donald Trump.

Although most astrologers would have another chart for him, I entered the details for the 5 am birth chart.

Usually people think he was born at 5.30 am but when you check, for example (look at “Source Notes”), in addition to other birth information, it’s also told that:

(…) Scholfield notes that a news article, “TRUMP CROWNS BARRON,” World Entertainment News Network, 21 March 2006, states: “The baby boy was born at 5.00am (EST) in New York City today (20MAR06).”

I looked at both possibilities (5 am and 5.30 am) and it may be that he was actually born at around 5.15 am, because he’s exceptionally tall. Uranus, if it were a 5.15 am birth, would have been placed closer to the Ascendant, and its proximity to the ascendant gives a tall stature.

But let’s stick to the 5 am birth chart, as + or – 15 minutes won’t make a huge difference anyway.

Analysis of Barron Trump’s natal chart

Barron Trump’s 5 am natal chart

The love of privacy and sensitivity

We can see straight away that since both his Sun and Ascendant are in Pisces, it makes him a very sensitive person.

His twelfth house is energized and he has five planets in his twelfth and first houses combined, which makes him very preoccupied with himself.

He definitely likes privacy and spending time alone. Being a public personality, therefore, is totally not for him. (Though there are natal indicators showing that he would have to be in public anyway – I will discuss them later.)

You can also see the love of privacy as well as secrecy – his Moon, though in almost the first degree of Sagittarius, is still influencing Scorpio, the sign of mystery and secrets.

Moon in Trump family and emotions

The Moon is very important to consider. In Hindu astrology, for example, it’s more important than the Sun sign. And I understand why – the Moon, as I have personally seen again and again, describes not only mental inclinations, but bodily behavior also.

The Moon can represent both Mind and Body, but I personally give more attention to Mercury than the Moon when looking at mental inclinations.

The Moon’s operation manifesting through both of these signs gives attractiveness (Sagittarius and Scorpio) and sexual appeal (Scorpio).

Interestingly, the Moon in Sagittarius is in more than one Trump’s natal chart! Donald Trump has it; Ivanka Trump has her Sagittarius Moon in exact conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith which is extremely interesting in itself;

…and Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald, has her Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius like Barron! When you analyze family natal charts, you do find interesting things as such.

Barron’s Moon, influenced by Scorpio, makes him very sensitive and emotional. He feels deeply and his emotions are integrated with his being (the Sun trine Moon).

However, he is not going to show his emotions in public, because of the fact that Scorpio is influencing his Moon, and also because his Moon squares the Ascendant.

So in the public he will never disclose what he truly feels. Behind the blank expression there could be boiling emotions, but we will never know.

Subconscious wound

There are some upsetting things shown in Barron Trump’s natal chart too. It’s very likely that he has experienced some sort of trauma, and I believe it to be mental hurt.

The trauma is deep, as Chiron located in the twelfth house is in exact conjunction with Ceres. What’s worse, they trine Mars, and although this aspect is not bad, Mars is a malefic planet.

Also, this malefic planet is located in the fourth house, the house of family, and because of the fact that it’s located in the intellectual sign of Gemini, I believe that mental trauma is indicated.

Also, this duo of Ceres and Chiron (actually four natal chart objects in his case – Neptune and Venus also) opposes the greater malefic Saturn too and Saturn is located in the sixth house. Saturn in Leo may indeed signify Barron’s father, because Donald’s Ascendant is in Leo.

So that could mean that he experiences mental trauma (or mind control) on a daily basis or very often; it also can indicate mental health problems dogging him his entire life. Heaviness of life, lack of luck in love affairs and general unhappiness can be indicated by this position and aspects as well.

Shyness and beauty

Venus located in the house of bondage indicates that he doesn’t see his own beauty and also it shows that he cannot express his more lovable side in the public, though people feel him being lovely. This is the effect of Venus operating in the twelfth house.

Venus’ location also influences him to be shy in public. Venus rules his third house, the house of communication. No wonder we don’t see him chattering much – the ruler of the house of communication is locked up in the house of seclusion!

This location of Venus exudes ethereal-sort of beauty, making him lovable in the eyes of the public though they may not understand why, and also making him so self-conscious that it looks adorable.

Intuitive and sensitive

Due to the fact that Neptune is located in the twelfth house too, it makes him intuitive and also he feels the energies of other people.

Due to this location of Neptune he is extremely sensitive to the energies surrounding him; no wonder we see him miserable in public. He’s too sensitive to stay in low-vibration locations. With such sensitivity I wouldn’t be surprised if he would get totally depressed after such events.

Also, this means that he would be equally badly affected if discordant situation exists at home.

Because of Scorpio’s influence on the Moon and because of the Pisces Ascendant, he is extremely observant – he is capable of seeing more details and things than an average human being.

Lack of ambition

Apart from afflicted Pluto’s placement in the house of career, I don’t see other indications of power hunger or big ambitions. He’s going to be a man of learning, with the Moon powerfully placed in Sagittarius in the ninth house which is the house of the mentioned sign. Jupiter, the planet of learning ruling Sagittarius is not too far either.

But his chart also shows that even though he doesn’t have strong ambition, he would succeed in pretty much anything he would like to undertake. Also, his decanate is the one of prosperity, making his life money-wise quite easy for sure. (I will cover decanates in detail in my coming book on Egyptian Tarot.)

Pluto’s location so high up in the sky, in the house of the public face, makes him the person that will be noticed by the public whether he wants it or not.

Lack of freedom and escape

The Moon in the active sign of Sagittarius gives him an extreme love and need for freedom.

But it’s likely that he will not feel quite free, because Saturn, the planet of obstacles and constriction, is located in his house of every day activities indicating heavy burdens about every day matters.

This placement could indicate that his work is very difficult or involves a lot of routine. He would hate that, judging from his Ascendant and Sun sign, and for the fact that Uranus, the planet of freedom and change, is in his first house as well.

So although every day life is going to be quite burdensome for him, he would really enjoy his free time alone. Venus, however (his indicator of pleasures hidden from the world), has an unpleasant square with Jupiter, making him somewhat vain, thinking highly of himself, and being into secret indulgences which could be to do with sex or food, for example.

Secret indulgences could also include consuming mind-altering substances, as Neptune is also located in his house of self-undoing. It aspects the malefic Mars, making self-indulgences a danger to his well-being.

In his free time, apart from preferring solitude, he’s also likely to enjoy traveling to distant countries, education, learning and interacting with different cultures or even things to do with religion.

Free-time activities is a sensitive subject to him, however. For example, he may want to keep them personal or get quite emotional when talking about them.

Death cause and other unpleasantness

Barron Trump’s natal chart shows that his death will be caused either by things to do with love or women (like love affairs), mind-altering substances or family violence/problems.

For example, to escape burdensome daily existence he can sink into meaningless harmful activities which would eventually destroy him.

When it comes to unpleasant aspects, it’s also shown that he’s likely to overspend and not to value money though loving a life of luxury. Since things come easily to him, he may lead a life empty of ambition and quite surface-like.

The lack of appreciation of the value of money may lead to habitual overspending, and it doesn’t help that Mars, the planet of impulsiveness, sits at the core of his being (the fourth house) and rules his house of finances.

There’s more unpleasantness that I see.

Jupiter is in Scorpio, giving him highly a highly sexual nature but this nature is hidden from the world and allowed to manifest only in secrecy.

Since his twelfth house Venus is in Aquarius squaring Jupiter in Scorpio in the eighth, this indicates that unconventional sexual taste is present. This taste as well as the love of luxury will increase later in life as his Jupiter is retrograde.

Passive only on the surface

Although Pisces is a passive sign, at his core (the fourth house) he has Mars, the planet of energy. Also, Pisces is energized by the Sun and Uranus (Mercury doesn’t really count). His Sun is in the last degrees of Pisces, thus energizing an already energetic Aries.

This all means that Barron is likely to be very changeable and restless, and that on the surface he may look quite passive, but it’s not the case at all.

Pisces is already a mutable sign (mutable signs give fickleness), and considering the fact that his Sun is in 29 degrees of it gives him even more fickleness; this particular degree influences a person to change his mind at the last minute.

The 29th degree

I remember listening to Gary Vee (and you should too, if you are an entrepreneur) and he told twice how he changed his mind at the very last minute despite of much planning of what to do or what to say. He would just do the exact opposite when the time came to implement the plan.

I knew after he said this, that he has either the Sun, Moon or Ascendant at 29 degrees. So I checked Gary Vee’s natal chart, and lo and behold, his Ascendant is at 29 degrees Virgo (another mutable sign) and it doesn’t help that his Moon is in Pisces!

So although I have not seen many Barron Trump’s videos, I can guarantee that he tends to change his mind quite a lot, and he may surprise many in radically changing his plans at the very last minute.

Unlucky in love

Lilith is unfortunately located in his house of marriage, making him unlucky in love. There are other indicators about this too – one should not judge about some aspect of life by looking only at one natal chart indicator!

Since his Venus is locked up in the twelfth, it means that love might be responsible for his fall in life; we find this planet of beauty opposing Saturn, making it difficult for him to express his warmer side, to let people get to know who he is deep inside.

People may think him to be cold, but he simply finds it difficult to show his warmer side in public due to his highly sensitive nature. It’s a way to protect himself.


Barron Trump on the surface is a very sensitive individual but he has strength deep inside which fuels him to act in a changeable way, likely upsetting people who have expectations of him or want to exercise control over him.

He is an individual capable of achieving not only academic heights but also delving into the depths of his soul. However, the ease of life may deny him the ambition required to truly achieve in any field.

The burden of his responsibilities weighs heavily upon him and free time to himself is welcomed with open arms. However, temptations will be many to misuse his time for himself in activities harmful to his own person and maybe others too.

Although Barron hates routine, it’s the only way to save him from the surface life full of fickleness. Thus, it’s my hope that he will embrace it, as this will train him to become a more responsible and consistent individual.

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