When the ruler of the first house is in the same house, for example, the Moon being in the first house when Cancer is the Ascendant, this makes a personality very much embody the traits of that planet and sign. So you will get people who display pure planetary traits, and this makes their personalities very distinct, and often – strong (except when the sign and planet combination itself is weak, of course).

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For example, the Sun Leo Ascendant can be very showy and domineering, or the spirit of the group, the natural center of attention because of the magnetic and entertaining personality. It all depends on the condition of the Sun, and the overall feel of the birth chart.

Such a person is likely to be quite self-centered, unless the sign isn’t self-centered, like that of Pisces, Cancer or Libra, for example. Apart from such signs, often what we get with the ruler of the first house being in the first house is a self-motivated person, interested in oneself, and motivated to improve one’s appearance or behavior if one is already spiritually progressing or is into self-growth. If not, a person may simply be obsessed about oneself, paying great attention to one’s own appearance, actions and behavior.

There are those people who do not feel at home anywhere, and anything they do they do not put much effort in. However, with the ruler of the first house being in its place, it makes people feel totally at home in certain locations and doing certain activities.

For example, Libra Ascendant with Venus placed there would be very much at home in social situations and with relationships. Cancer Moon Ascendant would feel very much at home caring for one’s own family, and being at home. Taurus Venus Ascendant would feel good when dealing with money, the finer things of life, and would be motivated to secure a comfortable lifestyle.

It’s quite easy for these people to find their passion. They naturally engage in things making them feel good in their skins. I cannot even say that they have to find their passion – they are engaged in that passion from quite early on, as it’s just who they are.

The way that the people with the ruler of the first house in the first house behave and look very much affects how they think about themselves. Appearance, therefore, is of much importance to most of such people. If they get feedback that they do not look their best, this can really upset them as they value their looks. Unless, of course, the Ascendant sign is naturally not self-centered, as I’ve mentioned already.

There could be the need to express oneself through personal looks. For example, Pisces Neptune Ascendant could be spotted by some other-worldliness or magic in their appearance. They may take action to make themselves look more illusory, not of this world, to express this strong first house placement.

The same applies to clothing. The person may embody the traits of the matching planet and sign combination in the first house through how they dress. For example, A Leo Sun Ascendant may dress in a way that people pay attention to them. Whether the way that they look is stylish, seductive or garish all depends on the condition of the Sun and some other chart indicators; but attention to such a native’s way of dressing will be paid.

The native is attracted to become good at activities ruled by the first house combination, and they are going to be engaged in such activities all their lives. If they also want such an activity to become a career, they may do extremely well in it, as it’s second-nature to them. For example, Capricorn Saturn Ascendant will do well as the head of some organization, or in the activities requiring the introduction of structure, as well as reliability.

These people place much importance on their own ideas and goals. One of the purposes of their lives is to express themselves through the unique characters that they are, so that they perfect the activities indicated by the first-house combination.

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