Since I’ve already discussed the wealth aspects in astrology, now I will mainly focus on what indicates the lack of money in one’s natal chart.

Firstly, I need to note that the whole chart needs to be taken into consideration when making conclusions about the person’s financial status. Just because there are some poverty indicators, that doesn’t automatically mean that the person will be poor. Maybe there are wealth indicators neutralizing the poverty ones, and we also need to note the strength of individual aspects.

Also, it’s important to check in general if the chart is weak or strong. If the chart is strong, the person can fight despite the difficulties and win in life, though there may be poverty indicators.

Having said that, let’s start from the most obvious poverty indicator in astrology which is Saturn in the second house. Saturn gives lack, limitations, delays and obstacles, so this isn’t a good planet to find in the house of wealth.

However, if Saturn is strong in this house, such as being located in Capricorn or Aquarius, and without any afflictions, the situation changes. The person is then able to make money gradually but surely. Maybe at first, there won’t be money, but by consistent and hard work the person will be able to make more and more money and it’s likely to stay.

So Saturn in the second house doesn’t automatically mean poverty, but for it to be of any benefit it has to be strong in a sign and without afflictions.

Also, Saturn can give financial trouble if it’s located in the sixth house. That’s because then it can cause delays in finding a job, and log gaps of unemployment. It can also cause bad health, which will obviously prevent one from making good money.

Saturn in the tenth house is also not a good sign, especially if it’s afflicted. Then it can cause obstacles in one’s career, and delays in being acknowledged, which will translate into earning less than one thinks one deserves. Also, when we find afflicted Saturn in the tenth house, it can mean trying to achieve career success in ways that will eventually make one fall in life.

The lesser malefic in astrology is Mars. If we find it in the second house, it gives another sort of trouble. It indices spendthrift tendencies. The person may be very ambitious to make money, yet no matter how much he or she makes, it doesn’t stay.

Also, a similar thing is indicated by Venus being in the second house opposed to Mars. The person in such a case may be making good money, but there’s just too much temptation to spend what one earns, especially on pleasant things, such as cosmetics, beautiful clothes, perfumes and other things that make one’s heart happy.

How strongly these qualities will manifest will depend on the closeness of the aspects. The more tight the aspect, the more strongly the mentioned qualities will be manifesting.

Even if we find the greatest benefic, Jupiter, in the house of wealth, supposing it’s squaring or opposing the Sun or Mars, again this isn’t good news. It means the person may be making good money, but it’s just too easy to spend it all, and maybe even to get in debt because one tends to live above one’s means.

Now let’s discuss some things about Pluto. Pluto opposing or squaring Venus can give financial lack. In such a case, the person is very motivated to make money, but either tries to make money in ways that are unsuitable (such as falling for get-rich-quick schemes), or the money is made but it is spent just as fast.

Afflicted Pluto in the first house, according to my own astrological practice, indicates a needy personality, and this lack mindset often attracts lack. Also, when we find Pluto in the second house, this often gives the lack of money because the person is needy for money (which attracts lack).

Another big indicator of general struggles in life is if luminaries are afflicted, especially by Saturn, but also by Mars or Uranus. Also, as I’ve already mentioned, one needs to look at the closeness of the aspects. The tighter the aspect, the more obviously such symbols will manifest.

It’s even worse if luminaries are already weak, such as being placed in bad houses for them, or bad signs. This brings not only money-making problems but general problems in life.

If Saturn, for example, is afflicting luminaries (for men, the Sun’s affliction will be felt more, for women – the Moon’s), it will give delays in life, obstacles to enterprises, lower vitality and less hope. But these hard aspects can also make one stronger, if the person doesn’t give up. Saturn is a tough teacher, but if you learn its lessons, it can make you into a wise and strong soul.

One wealth-making problem is when a person experiences obstacles and delays in life. Yet another cause for the lack of money is a wasteful personality. This is indicated by afflicted Jupiter, especially if luminaries are making bad aspects to it, or Mars. Such people can be careless, spendthrifts, and wasteful not only of their money, but of everything that they have, including their energy and appetites.

Angular malefics can give much trouble in life, including with finances, especially if those malefics are afflicted. But if malefics are strong and angular, money can come after some struggles. For example, Mars in the Midheaven would give a good career (and therefore money) after fighting your way to success, whilst Saturn in the Midheaven would give success if one doesn’t give up in the face of discouragement, delays and obstacles.

If benefics (Jupiter and Venus) are afflicted by malefics, success is reduced in life, and that often indicates less money .

If we don’t find any wastefulness or lack aspects, even if there are no wealth aspects, the person may be making less or normal money but they will have enough because they won’t spend all that they earn. Whilst if we find unafflicted benefics, and malefics are in neutral places not causing any harm, then there are no obstacles to making good money.

Whilst if benefics are also angular and strong, then wealth can flow quickly and easily into one’s life. Whilst if such strong benefics also make good aspects to luminaries, then wealth can increase even more, making the person truly rich.

Whilst the sign of ill-luck and poverty is when malefics are angular, afflicted, afflicting luminaries, and benefics are weak and in neutral or bad houses for them.

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