This is a personal update post about what’s happening in my life at this moment. Firstly, I should tell you some developments that happened as a result of kundalini awakening.

As you may know, I have gone through the full kundalini awakening experience about which I talk here. This resulted in my second birth.

Kundalini process is quite misunderstood. With time I have become much more aware of its purpose. It’s about you being taken apart so that you are put back together in the right way. Even in Christianity it is known that people are born fallen. We are all born imperfect, and the awakening of kundalini serves to take you apart so that you are put back together in the right way. This is the second birth.

So what I’m noticing is that I am being called back into the world to serve as a better-functioning human being. When I was going through the awakening, I was almost out of the world – I was functioning almost solely on a spiritual plane. But now, as the reintegration is taking place, I’m noticing that the balance is returning – that I place equal importance on spiritual, mental, as well as physical planes.

So I’m being called back into the world, but not as an old me, but as a better-functioning me. And the latest development that signified this return to the world is that I am no longer celibate.

This development, I believe, was triggered by my stay in the hut in Lithuania almost completely alone for around six months. This almost total solitude made me long union. This has never happened in my years of celibacy; I was completely happy being alone. But this total solitude changed something – I started realizing that I cannot be completely separate from the world, that I’m an integral part of humanity. And the next development was the desire for the union.

So when this desire awakened, it was easy for me to attract the person of my choice because of celibacy powers. When you are genuinely celibate, you amass huge personal power that is magnetic. It’s the energy of transmuted sex – the energy of love. And people respond to it almost instantly.

When you don’t waste that energy in any way, then when you like someone, you simply direct that energy at that person and he must get attracted to you, unless, he, too, has that magnetic power and understands what’s going on.

So I became really attracted to one guy. He was actually the first one who initiated the conversation. When our attraction was getting deeper, I decided to do a tarot card reading about him. All the returned cards were disastrous. Planetary energies were definitely not in favor of our union.

Of course, the attraction was so strong that I was willing to still have my way, fully knowing that this won’t end well since the spiritual guidance never failed me. However, interestingly, when the attraction got deeper, he started becoming unable to approach me. It was as though some invisible force would prevent him from talking to me.

It was so interesting to watch. He would really want to approach me, but he would as though freeze. Even his friends (who knew his feelings about me) tried to make him approach me for a conversation, but he just could not. So I understood that the most likely thing that was happening here was that he was prevented from approaching me by the forces that protect me.

I was very grateful for this, because my own willpower was too weak. So I noticed that now since I started working with planetary forces directly through the Life Assessment service, they have a much more tangible impact on my life. Before there was no spiritual force manifesting in this reality to make changes; instead, I would get visions and other warning signs.

If you have been my long-time reader, you must know that I was involved with a really bad guy in the past. From day one I received warning signs about him, yet my attraction to him was so strong that I rebelled against all the warnings. I even saw the woman he was with in my vision, and later I met her in person and she looked exactly how she was shown in my vision. I would even get injuries when with him, like motorbike accidents. Yet I still continued to be with him, until he almost completely broke my heart.

I’m so grateful that the protective forces do not leave me even though I sometimes don’t listen to their  guidance. And now I find the guidance to be even stronger, due to my astrology work. So although I have very few friends and most of the time I’m alone, I have guidance which is better than the advice of a hundred human experts.

So when that guy started to be unable to approach me, I asked the planets to direct me to the right person. Actually the planetary energies indicated through tarot cards that I should remain alone; but since I really wanted to be in a relationship again, they yielded to my pleadings.

Soon after I got into a conversation with one guy and we just clicked. The conversation was surprisingly easy – as though we were best friends. So I checked his birth number, and, of course, it was four. Since my birth number is eight, I naturally attract the number four. Actually, this attraction is not very positive – it’s the fateful attraction; so it can either be positive or negative.

So when we started talking, I just knew this was the guy that the planetary forces sent for me. To be extra sure, I also did a tarot card reading, and yes, the reading was positive. So now I’m in a relationship with this guy, and although it’s a new relationship, I hope it will last because our time together is great.

Through this relationship I’ve noticed an interesting development as a result of my celibacy, I believe. And that’s the fact that now my full body senses are activated. Before celibacy, when I would be in intimate relationships, I was although half-frozen. I was not fully in touch with my sensations. Now all this is fixed – I’m fully in touch with how my body feels.

What also happened during our relationship is the merging of our forces into one. So now I know how it feels for Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) forces to merge not only internally, but externally too. So we feel like we complete each other; we can become one energy and that is something that I have never experienced before externally.

After this experience of total union with him I got a dream that I no longer belong to my father. That he left my life. That the male part in my life is now this guy. How interesting that was.

I cannot be sure, as I said, if we remain together, but I’m very grateful to be experiencing this relationship. This is all thanks to the spiritual guidance that I receive.

So to end this post, I would like to share with you how you, too, can receive this guidance to attract the right person into your life.

First, it’s important to get in touch with the guidance of stars, planets, and your Higher Self. You get in touch with your Higher Self when you experience kundalini awakening. And you can get in touch with stars and planetary forces by simply being interested in them. If you take interest in them, they too will take interest in you.

You can simply go out at night and try to send your thoughts to them; you can send your intentions to get to know them. You can also read books about stars and planets, or study astrology. And I believe that what also greatly helps to make a strong connection with them is if you live a pure life, striving to be good and doing good.

So when you establish the connection with these spiritual forces, they will help you to select the right person, and will definitely steer you away from relationships that could end in a disaster. This is especially important if your natal chart, like mine, shows disastrous relationships.

Next, you should conserve your magnetic energy through celibacy, speaking only when it’s necessary, and conserving your vital force in other ways. Then if your thoughts and actions are pure, this coarse sexual energy of physical action will transmute into a powerful energy of unconditional love, felt by all who come in touch with you.

And then, if you don’t send this energy to anyone but keep it inside, once you like someone, simply open up yourself to that person and allow that energy to emanate to that person. I can guarantee that this person will be instantly attracted to you, not really knowing why.

Next, it’s also important to look after yourself. If you like people who look attractive, you, too, should look attractive so that others find you pleasing to the eyes. Also, women should strive to increase the energy of Venus in their lives. This can be done through being refined, being feminine, wearing the colors of the planet and avoiding the use of any harsh words. The planet Venus also rules jewelry, makeup, and other things feminine.

Men, on the other hand, should increase the energy of Mars in their lives. This can be done through being proactive; through exercising, playing competitive games, by fearlessly going for their desires. Mars is the planet of war also, but this destructive energy can be used constructively – by employing it to achieve positive desires. So these kinds of actions will activate the energy of Mars in men’s charts, which is the energy that is attractive to women.

So that’s all I wanted to share with you in this post. I hope that you gained some useful tips from it, and if you have something to add, please leave a commend below.

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