What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex and Celibacy

Sex & Celibacy Ebook

Sex & Celibacy is a 180-page ebook about my celibacy journey.

I share not only my experiences and advice, but also include the accounts and important warnings of the celibates of the past who were occultists, spiritual teachers, writers, inventors, artists, and more.

This ebook was first released on May 2015.

It was fully revised and updated on May 2016, with my new experiences and newly-found genuine accounts of yet more celibates, especially saints.

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Seven reasons why I wrote this ebook

1.) I’ve decided to share my celibacy journey so that it serves as a source of inspiration for current celibates to continue walking this road;

2.) So that it serves as a source of information for those who are thinking about this lifestyle and want to find out what they can expect from it.

3.) Over the years of my spiritual journey, I have come across many incorrect accounts with regards to celibacy, like in patriarchal religious texts of the East which probably suffered additions like the Bible did.

(These distortions about sex and celibacy especially target women, so I consider it my responsibility to dispel all these falsities through revealing my first-hand experience on the matter, as well as quoting reliable sources that support my experiences and thus prove them to be genuine.)

4.) I’ve also written this ebook to at least to some extent remove the repulsion about the word “celibacy”, since many practice celibacy when they’re totally not ready for it and thus truly misguide others about this lifestyle (such as priests that have no choice about the matter).

Because of this, indulgence in sense-pleasures is chosen over celibacy, which serves to stall the spiritual development of a human that’s not ready.

5.) When one becomes interested in such a road, usually he is exposed to age-old religious teachings that were copied and distorted throughout the ages by those who weren’t celibates or practiced celibacy for all the wrong reasons (thus not being able to receive any celibacy benefits).

Reading such texts and looking at the lives of such people only serves to misguide and off-put a would-be celibate. So usually a conclusion is arrived at that celibacy is a road to misery. In truth, it’s a road to total freedom and bliss, and you’ll think this way too after reading the book.

6.) Not only most people practice celibacy for all the wrong reasons, but they don’t even know how to practice it. As a result, sexual impulses are not transformed into spiritual ones, but suppressed instead.

This, with time, results in uncontrollable anger outbursts, addictions, perversions of all sorts, or mental imbalances.

In the Sex & Celibacy book you’ll read about how to transmute the energy of sex to experience celibacy blessings such as higher intelligence and spiritual growth.

7.) Finally, I felt it necessary to share my celibacy experiences because the female take on celibacy is almost non-existent. Though somewhat distorted, Vedic and Taoist sources still serve as a source of inspiration and information for men.

But many of such accounts are in no way helpful to women, and, as I mention in the book, can even stop their spiritual progress, since some of the teachings are clearly anti-female. So I consider it essential to share my celibacy experiences as a woman.

Order the book here (the price is $29.99):

Available as a bundle.

To follow the road of celibacy successfully, as well as to gain spiritual blessings, two essential rules must be met:

  1. You must be ready to follow such a path (most people aren’t).
  2. You must practice celibacy correctly (most people don’t).

This ebook explains in detail about how to meet both of these requirements.


Here’s what Sex & Celibacy ebook covers:

  • Celibacy benefits
  • Celibacy dangers
  • Things you must know before becoming celibate
  • Who shouldn’t practice celibacy
  • How to practice celibacy correctly
  • What is real celibacy, and what isn’t (most people claiming to be celibates aren’t)
  • Church misunderstanding of celibacy and a resulting disaster
  • What takes place spiritually during the act of sex
  • Lost information on conception: exact days conception and delivery should occur for a developed soul to enter this dimension
  • Immaculate conception
  • Spirit possession during sex
  • Astral body dangers for celibates
  • Creative power of celibates and how not to misuse it
  • Signs showing that you should become celibate
  • What Jesus really says about celibacy
  • What happens to the energy body during celibacy
  • What happens to the energy body during sex
  • Hidden teachings on celibacy and sex in books such as the Bible and A Course in Miracles
  • How luciferian forces operate in the human body and why
  • How luciferian forces penetrated the human body
  • The real function of the astral body and astral realms
  • Sex – and attempt to escape from the background of pain
  • What you should know about masturbation
  • An easy yogic method to maintain celibacy
  • My diary entries concerning sex and celibacy
  • Conquering the serpent of lust
  • Two alternative roads (for those who find celibacy too difficult)
  • Misunderstood unconditional love
  • … And so much more!

I sincerely believe that this ebook contains all you need to know about celibacy. It explains what dangers you need to be aware of on this road, what kind of blessings you’ll experience if you follow this road correctly, how to practice celibacy in the right way, as well as who should practice celibacy and who isn’t yet ready.

What’s more, not only will this ebook fully inform you about this unusual, yet bliss-filled lifestyle, but it will also open your eyes to the true nature of sex.

Book pages: 180.

Format: PDF

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Order the book here (the price is $29.99):

Available as a bundle.