Watch A Quick Way to Heal from Psychopathic Abuse video.

It has been my personal experience that if you change your mind with regards to how you view psychopaths, you will heal from all their abuse.

Usually, people who got burnt by the toxic nature and abuse of psychopaths cannot heal their entire lives. They keep remembering with bitterness their abuse, and many spend their lifetimes suffering from open emotional wounds inflicted by psychopaths.

However, only a change of mind is required for those wounds to heal. And this is about your attitude towards psychopaths.

Change your attitude and wounds will heal. Instead of reflecting on the callousness and heartlessness of such beings, you should view them as filling an important role in society.

It certainly is truthful to see them as beings who help us to identify our weak points.

Psychopaths tend to assess through your speech patterns and behavior your weak spots. When they find them, be it addictions, lack of self-esteem or anything else, they start exploiting them.

They will continue exploiting them until either they suck you dry and dump you, or you fix the weak point so that it cannot be exploited anymore.

Thus, viewed in such a way, psychopaths fill a useful task of identifying any weakness or harmful habits so that you can work on fixing them.

Throughout my interactions with people who experienced psychopathic abuse, I noticed that most of the times psychopaths exploit people’s lack of self-esteem or sexual addictions.

So I encourage you to determine which weak spot(s) the psychopath is exploiting or has exploited in you and work to fix it. When all weak spots are gone, psychopaths leave – they move on to more vulnerable victims.

Like mosquitoes leave when you cover yourself from head to foot with a blanket so that they cannot extract any blood from you, so psychopaths leave when you cover all your weak spots.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they will leave you straight away. For example, mosquitoes can linger around for quite a while. Sometimes they stay at a distance and hope to get to suck your blood after some time.

However, eventually they will leave to search for fresh blood, as without sucking it they would die.  The same applies to psychopaths.

Viewed in such a way, psychopaths no longer evoke the feelings of bitterness and hurt, but a kind of gratitude may start being felt for the good service rendered.

I hope that this advice will help you as much as it helped me to heal from psychopathic abuse.