In this article, I’m going to share with you my research into the phenomenon of kundalini.

Since it happened to me, I want to know more about this energy. So at first, it was really scary when the crown chakra opened and I completely misunderstood the experience. My Catholic conditioning kicked in and I totally demonized Hinduism.

I misunderstood what had happened to me because I was not fully knowledgeable of this phenomenon. I did not understand that I was going through the usual cleansing period, where one has to face inner and sometimes outer demons. When faced with that darkness I completely freaked out, thinking myself to be deceived.

However, in reality, this is a common occurrence during the kundalini awakening process. In a few days I read four books on the kundalini phenomenon and it appears that many people had to go through this experience during their awakening process.

Different people deal with such a stage in different ways. Those who were not born in a Catholic or Christian culture and did not possess fearful beliefs about the non-physical phenomena weren’t frightened by such experiences but researched them in order to understand what’s happening.

This much more sane way of approaching this state allowed them to safely maneuver through it to get to the next stage. I got stuck on this one and paused my spiritual development as a result – but now I feel ready to move on.

So in this article I will share with you my research into this phenomenon. I will probably write a few more articles summarizing my research, since I highlighted many important quotes from the books that I read and I can in no way fit them all into a single article.

This post will be useful for those going through this awakening process or who are interested in what this process is.

Gopi Krishna’s awakening experience

My most favorite book on kundalini so far is written by Gopi Krishna and is called Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness. He experienced this awakening in a similar way to my own. He was completely unprepared for it, and he got totally frightened when this happened to him.

He totally rejected everything about Hinduism and all the other religions. He thought himself deceived. The books written by Hindu saints he so loved reading were almost repulsive to him after the experience.

Only later, when the benefits started materializing, did he realize that his conclusions about the experience were wrong, and slowly the love for everything spiritual came back. So this is almost an identical story to my spiritual awakening.

This comforts me, because I’m not the only one interpreting this process in a wrong way!

PhD’s and MD’s on kundalini

In this article I would like to share with you the book that is called Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Sivananda Radha and others. This book is a collection of essays from PhD’s and MD’s on what they think about this phenomenon as well as some articles about kundalini research.

It’s a good reading for those wishing to gain more scientific and medical insight into this biological happening. Here I will extensively quote from this book as well as comment on most of the quoted passages. The quoted passages will be in italics.

The nature of kundalini

While kundalini is most often associated with the snake, the term itself in Sanskrit stands for “that which is coiled”. 

So kundalini doesn’t meant a snake but “that which is coiled”. People personalize it and say it’s a snake.

In traditional Hindu mythology kundalini is sometimes referred to as a “goddess”. A fierce and powerful energy that works according to her own sense of timing and the evolutionary needs of the situation. Her movement through the body can be thunderous, destroying whatever energetic attachment is obstructing her free-flow. 

So this energy, when it arises, destroys all impurities.

Indeed, I did not even know anyone who engaged in such esoteric pursuits. As a university professor of English and Women’s studies, I had lived primarily in my head with virtually no awareness of the inner energies and the life of the spirit they engaged.

This university professor had nothing to do with Hinduism, yet kundalini awakened in her. I found this frequently to be the case throughout the books that I read. People who had no connection with Hinduism experienced kundalini awakening when they had NDEs, child-birth, sometimes when they were going through some critical illness. Some awakened this universal power when they spiritually matured, even though they might have never heard of yoga, meditation or other Eastern spiritual practices.

Bio-electrical energy

Those most informed on the subject hold kundalini to be the bio-electrical energy of the physical body and the creative energy of the universe as a whole.

That’s how I perceive it to be as well. It’s just the energy of the body. It’s not some external energy. It is always within you but when you mature enough then it awakens.

For most people this energy typically operates by itself well below the threshold of consciousness.

Some of that energy sustains life and makes organs work; but in those who are awakened, that energy starts working full-force.

Intelligent force of nature

It’s the elemental life force, what keeps us going for as long as we are alive. Generally it is believed that pain results when there are blockages, that is the constrictions in mind, body, emotions or psyche. People with major unresolved psychological issues as well as those with serious physical challenges may be especially at risk. As the kundalini works through the system it flushes out these hidden blockages and presses on until they’re cleared.

This energy keeps working in you until it clears all the blockages in your system.

It is almost as if the kundlaini has an intelligence of its own (It does have an intelligence of its own!), as it presses forward. Its promptings may be strong or weak at various times, but it generally continues until the task is completed.

… which results in total transformation of the body, mind and soul. You are born-again in a literal sense.

Preparation is a must

In ancient India yogis prepared for years for the ultimate experience of enlightenment.

New-age deceives us into thinking that this process is easy and that you can force it to happen without any negative consequences. This is a far-cry from how kundalini was viewed in the past. We should prepare much more than ancients did for the arousal of this power, since our conditions have changed to the worse (polluted environment, toxins in our bodies, toxic people around us).

Yogis took years to prepare for this transformation; this means we should take a very long time to prepare for the born-again experience if we want it to go smoothly. If this energy is aroused in an average city-dweller whose diet is fast-food, the results will be disastrous.

They followed strict ascetic disciples, ate a carefully controlled diet, performed obscure rituals of cleansing and purification, and mastered extreme yogic techniques to be able to withstand the awakened energy.

Anyone beginning a journey must first possess the desire for such an undertaking. The Sufis called this initiation state “yearning”. Spiritual yearning is indeed the sign of the serious student; one who acknowledges that something is lacking in her or his life and wishes to discover what this may be. The desire may not be pointed directly toward kundalini arousal as such, nevertheless it is an important step in the overall process of kundalini, if kundalini is to be more than a fleeting bodily sensation.

The desire for spiritual progress is required to naturally awaken kundalini.

We’re in a very literal sense reborn when kundalini awakens; made new, and we emerge from our encounter wearing new garments in which to greet the world. At last our being is complete. Finally we know who we are.

But this doesn’t happen instantly, as new-agers put it. It might take years after the crown-chakra opening for that transformation to happen.

Cleansing sessions

Many have noted that when the suffering becomes too intense, at the moment when they think that they can bear no further stress, the kundalini-begotten pressures will withdraw and allow a period of rest before the next challenge appears. It is as if the kundalini is conscious of our limits and knows when to back away and when to resume.

When purification starts, many people describe what’s happening to them as “sessions” of purification, and I completely agree with that. You’re going through purification and you may start swinging or moving in any other rhythmic way.

Sometimes movements are fast and energetic, and this can be exhausting. But when you’re getting exhausted, kundalini as though knows that you’re tired, and it ends the session, to continue it the next day, until all the blockages are dissolved.

During this stage of awakening you may become aware of your sins and so this is brought into your awareness so that you repent and no longer take such actions.

Awakening will prompt lifestyle changes

Also, many now realize that the diet needs adjustment, that harmful habits of excess of various kinds such as addictions, unresolved conflicts and other destructive patterns of behavior all need to be confronted.

Bit by bit you will be shown what adjustments you need to make in your life, so that you no longer abuse yourself.

For the latent issues will come up and demand to be dealt with and emotions may run strong. It has often been noted that meditation itself can bring into consciousness painful past issues still awaiting attention, much to the surprise of those expecting to enter unbroken bliss in the new state. Likewise, kundalini acts as a teacher to the soul, pointing out in unmistakable ways those areas needing to be healed.

New-agers think that when you open the crown chakra you will be enlightened. This is incorrect. Yes, the opening is a major step forward, but much more transformation needs yet to happen. You will need to deal with all the remaining negative aspects of your character and everything that you’re blocking that’s present in your life.

Dark night of the soul

Although the initial awakening may have been preceded by a time of  grief and despair, Underhill asserts that the most trying dark night of the soul comes at a later stage. 

Even the awakening can be really frightening, but later it is claimed that the real dark night of the soul will come.

After the bliss, after the many convolutions and returns, there is suddenly a seeming withdrawal of divine favour,…

…because when kundalini is awakened, you feel protected and you know that you’re not alone. I believe this to be the Kingdom within. You always feel that undercurrent of bliss and happiness . It’s always there, sometimes yo may be taken out of that if something terrible happens in your life, but you always know it’s there and you can just center yourself back and you’re again in the Kingdom of Heaven within.

…bliss which may have become a regular feature of ones life, suddenly departs and one is left to ponder what has gone wrong. For the Christian disciple the feeling is often one of profound despair, as if God has simply turned His face away from an unworthy subject. And for those on the kundalini path the effect is much the same.

The Christian saint thrown into the abyss of despair must make the final surrender, acknowledge and repent all sins and weaknesses, and allow herself to be guided by the Divine authority into favor once more.

The lesson is much the same for the kundalini novice. We discover again that the journey is not under our control, that it is directed by some still, mysterious force, seemingly both within and outside the self. We must release all attempts to guide or force the return to the earlier state and simply stand still and wait in patience and humility for the renewal of connection.

This also applies to the purification process. You cannot control it, you need to really trust this energy of the universe, totally surrender and then you will go through the purification process much quicker.

I blocked this process for a year because I was afraid. Due to my Catholic conditioning I thought it to be demonic energy. It’s not, and you can pause this transformation process if you wish – it’s not going to overpower you. But it’s better to let it unfold, so that you quickly go through the cleansing and enter the next stage.

The honeymoon is now over and we must deal with some very urgent issues before we are ready to go forward to the next stage. What we have experienced thus far is a massive leap into another level of existence. That part was easy, now the real work begins.

And then in the midst of our struggle the blissful energies return and all is in harmony once more. We know we are on the right course. We are in alignment with source and so move ahead. Even now, though we make discernible progress, we suffer setbacks and returns, shifts and oscillations, as we continue our struggle on this uneven and unpredictable path. The rewards are many, but the cost may be extreme. (What you don’t get told in new-age circles!)

Most gurus don’t tell you that, because they never went through that awakening themselves, so their knowledge is only theoretical.

A universal phenomenon

At the same time, deep spiritual transformation is itself universal human experience, one with a very long history across time and space. Whether it’s the journey of the Christian mystic into divine union or the Sufi seeker yearning for the beloved, this story of the soul’s encounter with inner reality carries certain features common to a great many traditions and lineages.

Kundalini operates as the basis for all such entries into transcendence. And it will emerge into consciousness for many on the path, whatever their orientation, for it is the vibration of the ultimate mystery that constantly calls us to awakening.

Underhill and others have discussed that there are also certain recurrent motives or themes that seem to run through many personal accounts of spontaneous inner transformation. That is the feeling that we are now a new being,…

When you go through this experience you know you’re born-again, but people will not recognize anything different about you physically, unless they have a spiritual sight. If they do, they might see that you’re now a bright being.

…we appear to be the old self but are in fact the new self in disguise.

…The feeling that we have been granted a gift we have not earned. We ask, “How this could happen to me, of all the people?” The difficulty of expressing such ineffable experience in words, deep hesitation over sharing such intimate an unfamiliar experience with others; “How could anyone else possibly understand?”

In the East this is called “the way of the Bodhisattva”. One who forgoes personal enlightenment to help others as they progress.

After transformation, rather than retreating and enjoying this energy, expanded perception and spiritual gifts ourselves, we should use this energy and divine gifts to uplift the world.

Deconstruction of the false self

Consequently, the developmental tasks of kundalini in the center are those of deconstruction of the false self and explication of the true self. According to my observations, this deconstruction process is a stage of spiritual development that can last for up to several years if the kundalini continues its motion upwards. In the case of a stuck process, deconstruction turns into depression which can stay for life.

When this is happening it’s best not to resist as deconstruction can be scary. I haven’t yet gone through it myself, so this again is not an exactly right way of putting it because kundalini can go up to the crown first and then come back and do that process. It depends on each individual.

But I think that everyone will have to go through that deconstruction process because from the moment we are born, we are in a totally unnatural civilization and we are ruined individuals already because of the way that our culture works, false beliefs that we have been instilled, false education, toxic food and so forth. So during this deconstruction stage the energy of nature takes you apart so that you are put back in the right way.

During this stage, some people, when they meditate, feel that their hands and their heads and everything is detached from their bodies and then put back together. You can go through this process in a different way, but I think everyone has to go through the deconstruction process and it indeed can be scary.

The abyss experience

Another similar experience that I believe everyone will also have to go through is being sucked into the abyss. I remember that before being born-again I experienced that abyss, but I was afraid and did not let go.

However, now I’m resuming my spiritual activities and if again that experience of abyss happens, I will try to let go. But it’s extremely scary; it’s probably the scariest thing that can happen to you. Some people will not know what I’m talking about, but some will know exactly what I’m saying.

Those people who actually let go, emerge new beings – completely transformed. So this is a good experience, as though in this life you die and are reborn.

The key event during Leukemia, which, I believe, was instrumental to my friend’s recovery, was that when he managed to stop his mind, he attained the condition of no mind while reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”.

It cut through the maize of negative thoughts that were, in fact, existential obscurations of the nature of his own being. After reality emerged from this obscurity, my friend experienced a potent episode of kundalini. Energy rushed through his entire body and he became telepathic and able to perceive subtle energies.

I’m quoting this because this shows that kundalini can awaken without you touching yoga in any way. This person experienced kundalini awakening simply by being present. So how can people say that kundalini is demonic or that it’s invited through yoga only, when this person awakened simply by being present? Or when during child-birth kundalini awakens, again, that has nothing to do with Hinduism.

Hinduism simply most thoroughly documented this experience, and that’s why it became associated with this religion. But in reality it’s not connected with any religion.

Restructuring your life the right way

The task at this stage was rooted in looking at his deepest convictions and regulating his relationship with certain parts of himself.

When kundalini is awakened in you, it will bring to light beliefs that were unquestioned; that were accepted totally as reality, but then you realize that they are not true. This is again a part of that cleansing process, when you are transformed into the being that you’re supposed to be, and all the false beliefs now have to be dealt with.

The latter took several years and culminated into bringing to consciousness and reeducating the earliest parts of self. While he matured to a greater understanding of himself he was not able to let go of his efforts to control many areas of his life, which contradicted his spiritual insight.

You’re sometimes really challenged and it happens that you do not want to acknowledge that you were wrong. Your whole life may be built on a certain belief, and so you are then presented with a choice of whether to change it or to stick to those old false beliefs.

If you let go, it would result in total transformation and maybe even some negative things will happen to you,  like maybe you will have to lose some friends, for example. But at the end it will be wroth it because you won’t be living a lie anymore and you will see this reality in a much clearer way.

Preparation is the key

It might also be the case that a negative kundalini awakening experience may be very difficult for an individual to recover from because of the potentially longer effects on the brain itself.

When people don’t adequately prepare, or when they force this awakening through drugs, brain-damage can be great, and some people never recover. That’s why it’s very important to prepare thoroughly for this awakening.

When novices who don’t have the proper education or guidance begin to naively or carelessly engage in mystical experiences, they are playing with fire. Danger exists on the physical and psychological levels, as well as on the level of one’s continued spiritual development.

Whereas spiritual masters have been warning their disciples for thousands of years about the dangers of playing with mystical states, the contemporary spiritual scene is like a candy store, where any casual spiritual tourist can sample the goodies that promise variety of mystical highs.

That’s the new-age movement, telling about all the amazing transcendental states without mentioning the dangers.

Kundalini is misunderstood in the West

Stanislav and Christina Grof coined the term “spiritual emergence” and founded the Spiritual EmergenceNetwork in 1980’s to support individuals experiencing psychological difficulties associated with spiritual practices and spontaneous spiritual experiences. SEN provides information and makes referrals to therapists for such problems.

When interviewed in 1955, Stanislav noted this, from his experience with SEN:

“There exist spontaneous, non-ordinary states, that would in the West be seen and treated as psychosis. Treated mostly by suppressive medication. But if we use the observations from the study of non-ordinary states, and also from other spiritual traditions, they should really be treated as crises of transformation, crises of spiritual opening, something that should really be supported rather than suppressed. If properly understood and properly supported, they’re actually conducive to healing and transformation.”

Most Westerners totally misinterpret kundalini symptoms and effects and they think this to be mental imbalance when actually a person is in the process of being transformed. If it’s gone through without drugs, the individual that emerges is born-again. Unfortunately, if this awakening happens in the West and the individual doesn’t know anything about this process of awakening, he might cause his own mental institutionalization.

The Spiritual Emergence Network newsletter reported in 1988 that 24% of its hotline calls concerned kundalini awakening experience. In kundalini awakening there is a typical surge of energies along the spine and throughout the body that can overwhelm and incapacitate the ego and leave a person adrift in a sea of profound consciousness changes at every level – physical, emotional and mental.

Kundalini awakening most commonly occurs as an unintentional side effect of yoga, meditation, Qigong or other intensive spiritual practices. Some also consider psychotherapy, giving birth, unrequited love, celibacy, deep sorrow, high fever and drug intoxication to be the triggers.

Others believe kundalini awakening can occur spontaneously without apparent cause.

I believe there is a cause and that’s that a person is spiritually mature enough to handle this awakening.

If the person had presented me with a description of an awakening experience, if he did exercise such as meditation, yoga or martial arts regularly, or if he experienced strong meditative states where he went beyond meditation into stillness or a sense of unity, then I would be more likely to consider it kundalini.

Kundalini awakening symptoms

“Prana” is the Hindu word for “vital energy”. As intense energy moves through the body and clears out psychological blocks, some people experience intense involuntary jerking movements of the body including shaking, vibration, spasm or contraction.

Some people find themselves performing yoga postures or hand mudra gestures.

This happened to me and it totally frightened me. Both of my hands lifted up and started doing different kinds of mudras, and I thought that I’m demon-possessed. But actually this was a normal kundalini awakening symptom.

When this energy is moving through you it sometimes expresses itself through harmonious signs; this is connected with creation – the whole universe is sustained by those harmonious rhythms. I totally misunderstood this and got frightened when this happened. But it’s actually one of the yogic phenomena that happens during the awakening process.

You do hand mudra gestures that you never learnt or could not do in a normal state of consciousness. Unusual breathing patterns may appear with either very rapid or slow shallow breathing. Kundalini awakening often generates unusual psychological activity which can present as heart, spinal, gastrointestinal or neurological problems. Internal sensations of burning, hypersensitivity to sensory input, hyperactivity or lethargy, great variations in sexual desire or even spontaneous orgasms have been reported.

Emotions can swing from feelings of anxiety, guilt or depression with bouts of uncontrollable weeping to compassion, love and joy (and it’s all to cleanse your subconscious mind).

Some people experience visions of light, symbols or spiritual entities, auditory sensations may include hearing voices, music (very usual), inner sounds or mantras. There may also be disruption of the proprioceptive system with the loss of sense of self as a body or an out-of-body experience.

A person may experience precognition, telepathy, psychokinesis, awareness of auras and healing abilities. Some people shift into altered sate of consciousness in which they directly perceive the unity underlying the world of separation and experience a deep peace and serenity.

Also in this book it is told that kundalini rose in one person after emotional release work.

Grounding is important

Diet energy work, modifying her meditation practice, grounding exercises, deep therapeutic work on the emotional issues activated by the rising kundalini energies, journal writing and mobilizing her support system were some of the things that helped in her process.

These are all the activities that are claimed to help you when kundalini is rising, to deal with these new energies.

This is why balance, taking care of ourselves, being in nature, and regular physical exercise all help. As with yoga, Qigong, especially when practiced alone and unsupervised and to extremes, can trigger a kundalini awakening crisis. And most of these crises resolve after the practice is terminated.

Great focus on spiritual practices may awaken this energy. If you’re not ready to deal with this, you can stop this process; the quicker you stop it the better the chance that the spiritual phenomena and the changes in the body would stop.

When Asian meditative practices are transplanted into Western context the same problems can occur.

I’m quoting this so that people are aware that yogic and meditation practices that came from the East were designed thousands of years ago in the conditions that were totally different from our Western civilization. So these practices need to be adjusted in order for them to meet our requirements.

Treatment involves discontinuation of spiritual practices at least temporarily, and engaging in alternative grounding activities (like eating heavier food and being outside a lot).

Kundalini triggers

Like so many other westerners that did not know about it and didn’t ask for it, phenomena associated with kundalini process are occurring with increasing frequency among westerners who have never heard of it before, and like those who had near-death experiences they did nothing intentionally to arouse it.

Over the years, as a public speaker addressing hospices, hospital staffs, universities, churches and support groups, I have heard of other spontaneous triggers of kundalini rising besides the NDE.

Audience participants have told me about their experiences in child-birth, meditation, intense prayer, experiencing the death of a loved one, withdrawal from chemical dependence, bottoming out from an overwhelming loss, alien encounters including angels and other beings, intense transcendent sexual experiences, being in nature, reading spiritual literature or hearing a spiritual talk may trigger kundalini.

The reason most kundalini experiences happen when people start engaging in yoga and meditation is because these practices are directed at awakening that energy, whilst other practices may not be specifically designed to awaken it.

Dealing with the subconscious

Once we have a spiritual awakening and move into the kundalini process, our unconscious material from our inner life tends to come into our conscious awareness in powerful ways.

This is very important. When you start awakening, you will have to deal with what’s in your subconscious. You might see frightening images in your mind’s eye. People think it’s demons but these are just frightening thought forms (not that demons don’t exist).

You yourself created and suppressed those thought-forms, and if you don’t face them or even try to block them, those issues won’t get resolved. If you face them, however (when subconscious content comes to the surface) and accept that they are there rather than denying their existence, they will dissolve and the pure freed energy will be left for you to use.

If you deal with all such frightening thought-forms, eventually all of them will dissolve and you will be able to integrate your subconscious mind into the conscious one, therefore no longer being a house divided against itself but totally united. In the Gospel of Thomas Yeshua tells us that we must become one in order to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Greater sensitivity to toxic people

With this new awareness come new choices. These include being able to choose whom we care to be  around. Before awakening to this process we might have been able to numb out when in the company of toxic people. Now the signs of another’s toxicity are collecting and part of becoming psychologically and emotionally healthy is to learn to protect ourselves instead of numbing out.

When kundalini is active, you feel who the people really are. You naturally distance yourself from those that are toxic because if you don’t, you may start feeling even physically sick because of their presence.

As we heal and proceed along our spiritual journey which may be directed by what has been named kundalini in the East, we can release our past emotional and psychological wounds and replace them with positive feelings and a clear mind. As we work through our kundalini process and find balance, so much more comes with it than we could ever have predicted.

Becoming integrated

As our physical beings and our souls become one, our journey and destination become one. All our striving to become who God meant us to become comes to fruition. We realize that we are one, even the belief in heaven after this lifetime recedes as we experience creating heaven here. We remember who we are, and we are home.

Again, this kind of realization may not happen instantly, but may come years after the awakening.

But growing up in a dysfunctional family and a dysfunctional society, we may have become wounded. That wounding made our child within or true self go into hiding and the only one left to run the show of our life is our ego. And since it’s not competent to run our lives successfully, we often end up feeling confused and hurt.

Two spiritual traps

There are some traps in spiritual awakening. After we have had our particular spiritual experience and a possible kundalini arousal, one trap is being misled by other people who may try to steer us off our personal path. They will label this awakening as being psychotic or work of the devil, or hallucination, and they may try to invalidate our experience in some other way.

This can lead to the second trap. They may try to prescribe or even force us to take toxic psychiatric drugs, from sedatives, to antidepressants, to major tranquilizers, to mood stabilizers, in the most extreme cases they might lock us up in mental institutions or shame and guilt us in other ways, and this may stop the transformation process.

Taking medications is the worst thing you can do during the awakening process.

When we allow our kundalini process to evolve naturally, the result is usually psychological and spiritual growth over time. A problem is that many of the associated symptoms and experiences mimic what psychiatry and psychology call mental disorders or mental illnesses.

Medication shuts down the awakening

Today most psychiatrists and some psychologists, social workers and counselors are unable to recognize kundalini and instead prescribe and recommend one or more psychiatric drugs in an attempt to lessen the patient’s symptoms.

In kundalini awakenings we become progressively more connected to self, others and God, but these psychiatric drugs are toxic to the brain and body, and tend to shut down or aggravate the normal flow of the kundalini process.

The drug slams shut the door to our psycho-spiritual growth. Breggins’ work has reflected the sometimes missing conscience of psychiatry. If you accept help in the form of psychiatric drugs, realize that your’e entering into the area that you may regret or be unable to stop. Each drug has its toxic effects that turn out to be at least as bad as the original complaint, and such drugs often lead to more drugs to counter these toxic effects which include drug withdrawal.

In his ground-breaking book “Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence?” Lee Sannella, MD writes:

“There are many undergoing this process who at time feel quite insane. When they behave well and keep silent, they may avoid being called schizophrenic or being hospitalized or sedated. Nevertheless, their isolation and sense of separation from others may cause them such suffering.

“We must reach such people, their families and society with information to help them recognize their condition as a blessing and not a curse. Certainly we must no longer subject people who might be in the midst of this rebirth process to drugs or shock therapies – approaches which are at opposite poles to creative self-development.”

Dark side doesn’t want people to awaken

I strongly believe that powers that control this world know exactly what’s happening. They created the medical system in this way. Doctors straight away prescribe toxic medicines for those who experience any mental change, or, even worse, put them in mental hospitals. This assures that potential lights of the world never fully transform, and therefore don’t threaten those dark forces.

During stages zero and one clinicians who don’t understand or are not educated about kundalini arousal may want to prescribe psychoactive drugs. This will usually have a detrimental effect that has the potential to abort the transformational process.

These drugs may give give some relief for a short time but will soon numb the person out and numb them down, like a chemical straight-jacket. Even worse, they can cause anxiety, depression or psychotic symptoms for those who are in a delicate phase of their process.

Dealing with suppressed thoughts

Spiritual practices and awakenings can revive and exacerbate unresolved conflicts. This is not necessarily bad…

It’s not bad at all! It’s important to solve all unresolved conflicts and when you’re experiencing this awakening all the unresolved conflicts will come to the surface and you will have to deal with them.

…and so when you deal with them, this can result (This will result) in considerable healing and personal integration.

You become a more integrated being when you are not afraid to face all the darkness and unresolved conflicts that are within. You must face all that has been suppressed within you if you want to integrate your entire personality. One must not deny anything that’s in them but accept that it’s there, because in this way integration will happen – those structures will be released in the form of energy.

Transformational and organizing force

Kundalini was described as a normally dormant mechanism or organizing principle that could become activated or aroused under certain conditions to strengthen and purify individual’s prana (vital force), transforming its energies.

Comparable potential forces and organizing principles have also been described in other traditions. Examples are Shakti, the Odic force, the Holy Spirit, the pearl of great price, serpent power, the rod of Aaron, sacred fire, Osiris, and the sun behind the sun.

Life-saving force

However, the same ancient eastern traditions have also recognized that when the brain is deprived of oxygen, kundalini as the life force in rare circumstances may actually rush to the brain in an effort to sustain life (…).

Which again proves that kundalini is the force of life and not a demon; it tries to save a person and not kill him.

This theoretic arousal of kundalini by life-threatening crises was generally regarded by eastern philosophers as dangerous. If awakened without proper guidance, as social psychologist Kenneth Ring believes happens in NDEs, kundalini can be raw, destructive power loosed on the individual’s body and psyche. 

It’s also hard to recognize the energy’s presence as it manifests in so many patterns as its symptoms mimic so many disorders of the mind and body. Even people familiar with the kundalini process are unsure whether they are witnessing kundalini or the disorders of the mind and body. However, taking psychotropic medications to alleviate symptoms on the assumption that these represent a psychiatric disorder may disrupt the natural healing mechanism of kundalini activation.

This energy is wise. It’s the energy of the universe and it knows what it’s doing. We should not interfere with it at all. The less we interfere with it, the quicker it will do its job in transforming us.

It’s also usual that when this purification process happens, the body gets locked into different positions, usually yogic poses that a person probably never did in his life. Also you may…

…experience audio-visual symptoms, such as internal lights or colors that light up the body, internal voices, and internal whistling, hissing or roaring noises, and psychological symptoms such as sudden bliss or ecstasy for no reason; speeding or slowing of thoughts and expanding beyond the body, and watching the body from a distance.

Kundalini and NDE

Also of note, among the 153 NDE experiencers there was a significant positive correlation between NDE scale score and number of physio-kundalini symptoms reported. That is, those with deeper NDEs reported more kundalini symptoms.

Given that the increasing frequency of NDE experiencers was estimated by a Gallup poll more than a quarter century ago to be 5% of the adult American population, this study suggests that the physio-kundalini syndrome may be far more common in western society than previously imagined.

People report nearly identical experiences to that of NDE but that is actually kundalini rising. But since they’re not familiar with Hindu literature, they have no idea that it’s this phenomenon. They report feeling energy rushing to their heads, seeing colors, experiencing extraordinary spiritual events with their eyes, but kundalini is not in their dictionary so they don’t know that it’s that.

Contrary to one popular myth, kundalini is not some exotic energy that shoots up the spine without warning. It’s a natural flow of energy inherent in each person, part of the subtle structure of each human being. It is at home and flowing through your nervous system right now, even as you read this.

Most of it is not awakened though.

Kundalini as a healing force


We have all seen the ancient caduceus symbol used to represent the modern western medical profession.

Through eastern eyes the two serpents intertwined on a staff represent the rise of kundalini energy through the two nerve centers, the ida and the pingala.

The central channel, the staff, is the sushumna.

It raises the question. Was it known or intended that this symbol of modern medicine signifies these three channels of ancient healing?

Kundalini and nerve channels

These three channels are called “nadis”. The ida, pingala and sushumna.

Three nadis

The ida channel is experienced via the breath through the left nostril.

Breathing through the left nostril relates to the sympathetic nerve system. It’s calming, cooling and restorative, and assists with elimination.

Stopping the flow of the pingala channel helps to calm the mind and slow one down.

Yogis close the right nostril and breathe slowly through the left in order to achieve this effect.

Be cautious if you attempt this and do it only for a short period of time, as these channels are directly connected to the brain.

The pingala channel is experienced by breathing through the right nostril. This relates to the sympathetic nervous system. It’s energizing and warming and allows assimilation.

People who have difficulty digesting, sometimes intensely and rapidly breathe through the right nostril after eating so that this fiery energy would help them digest food quicker.

Instead of rising through the middle sushumna channel, sometimes kundalini starts rising through the fiery pingala channel. This happened to Gopi Krishna, and he almost died of internal fire. This kind of awakening is very dangerous, and it happens to those who don’t know how to properly arouse this energy.

Kundalini and chakras

The chakra system

Hence, the being-consciousness-bliss of one’s formless self is distorted and constricted and under the tyranny appears in a restricted forms known as the chakras.

It’s for this reason that the chakras are properly referred to by the terms of “knots” and “contraction”.

In the Chandogya Upanishad we read, “In acquiring the traditional doctrine there’s release from all knots.”

Kundalini rises through all the knots (chakras). These are the energy concentrations in the body, and they must be resolved for the kundalini to rise to the crown.

Every time kundalini works to unbind those knots, you will have to go through different situations in your life associated with those knots (that keep them in place). So it’s not a purely spiritual cleansing but you have some work to do as well.

Liberation, in short, is not the actual untying of those knots but the silent admission that they are already untied.

I disagree with this. Those knots are real. Before my born-gain experience I saw the chakras and I saw one spinning in one direction and then it changed the direction. This is one of the signs that it’s being undone. All of them will have to change their spinning directions in the end.

Kundalini yoga, therefore, wisely proceeds to reverse this tyranny of awareness and bliss step by careful step, untying the knots in what it sees as roughly the reverse of the order in which they were tied until finally the chakras themselves lie dissolved – that is, fully “opened” – and transcendent bliss is returned to its proper and unobstructed condition, a condition essentially similar to the polymorphous freedom of the infant but now transmitted through a mature and fully developed personality.

The aim of kundalini yoga, therefore, is to free transcendent bliss from its dilutions and restrictions and to recognize it as boundless, oceanic, without limits in time or space. Each dissolving of a knot, each opening of a chakra, represents – and actually feels like – a return of transcendent bliss to a more oceanic and unobstructed state.

The cause of genius

Variations in the size of the energy stream determine the intellectual and aesthetic development of an individual with geniuses having a comparatively larger volume of bioplasma streaming into the brain.

It is kundalini that is responsible for the extraordinary mental capacities of some people. Such people receive a greater influx of that energy into the brain than others.

The wide variation in types of genius depends on the particular region of the brain that is irrigated and developed by that energy. Thus, through certain occult techniques (occult doesn’t mean evil, it simply means “hidden”) and spiritual disciplines an individual of normal intelligence can accelerate to an evolutionary process to attain a stature of an intellectual prodigy and beyond, to genius. This concept directly challenges current notions that intelligence is basically determined at birth by one’s genes.

Anyone can gain greater intelligence by awakening that force within. It travels to the brain and awakens dormant brain centers.

During the kundalini process the entire nervous system undergoes a micro-biological change and is transformed, especially the brain. The result of a fully awakened and developed kundalini is both perceptible changes of organism and a new state of consciousness – the cosmic consciousness of mystics and enlightened seers. This vital awareness of unity with God, Gopi Krishna says, is the core experience behind all the world’s major religions and is the goal of all true spiritual and occult practices.

Humanity has an innate hunger for this state of paranormal perception. Morevoer, bountiful nature has provided the means of achieving it: kundalini, the biological basis of religion and genius.

This is the secret behind yoga and all other spiritual disciplines, esoteric psychologies, hermetic philosophies and genuine occult mysteries. It is also the key to genius, psychic power, artistic powers, scientific and intellectual creativity, and extreme longevity with good health.

Full awakening is a rare phenomenon

Local gurus and holy men were unable to give Gopi Krishna any relief or understanding, so he undertook a reading program through the literature of religion, psychology and occultism. He found that kundalini was recognized at least five thousand years ago, but was always a closely guarded secret recorded in veiled language and allusion that made little to sense to someone who had no personal experience of it.

So when Gopi Krishna experienced kundalini awakening, he went to different sages and gurus. In the land boasting of this sacred knowledge (India), nobody was able to help him. Some gurus talk about it, but they never experienced it, so they remain unregenerate men, no matter how beautiful robes they were and how long beards they grow.

Some gurus deceive people into thinking that this awakening happened to them because they have power. Unfortunately, that power did not come naturally from within, but they acquired it through demons. Such gurus enslave the very souls of their followers and use them for money and worship energy. Thus, like in any spiritual path, there are plenty of dangers, including wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Seeing God face-to-face

Greek myths told us that to see God as it was would kill you. The ordinary mind and body had to be trained and transformed to withstand that vision and influx of divine power. 

We find the same said in the Old Testament. If you survive after this awakening you can say that you saw God face-to-face, because you have a direct Divine experience.

Kundalini is classically viewed as having two aspects. One maintains the entire existence of our body, mind and spirit, the other other aspect, considered dormant, is the power of Consciousness to know the Divine in its infinitude as Self.

Kundalini is a dormant DNA

Kundalini is DNA

Many people have visions and experiences of this archetypal form of kundalini in meditation and dreams as the process of kundalini awakening and unfolding occurs.

Given what we know about a microscopic bit of coiled bound energy containing all the information necessary to make a human being, otherwise known as DNA, perhaps we shouldn’t be too skeptical about a form of bound consciousness lying dormant within, symbolized as a coiled serpent, waiting to propel your awareness back to the union with the Creator.

I share the same opinion as some others have – that kundalini is a giant DNA strand that’s inactive in most.

Kundalini erases negative conditioning

First, kundalini moves through the sushumna nadi, erasing, if you will, the impressions stored there and releasing the energy bound up in them. This extraordinary purification process then releases us from the patterns in our lives created by those impressions.

You’re no longer the same person when this happens. It erases useless habits and the way that you lived before no longer seems good for you (if that lifestyle was harmful). It frees the brain to now record more beneficial information.

Second, she (kundalini) opens up the states of consciousness that give us access to unbounded awareness. The spiritual side of DNA, Christ’s fiery baptism and that of his followers ever since (…).

Celibacy and kundalini

Furthermore, to fit modern values, the inwardly erotic celibacy known as brahmacharya held for thousands of years to be essential to kundalini yoga has been largely dispensed with.

For those who want to awaken this energy, celibacy definitely helps (Not sure about the inwardly erotic part though!).

The secret of that gigantic intellectuality, spirituality and super-human moral force which we see pulsating in the ancient philosophy, in the supreme poetry, arts, sculpture and architecture of India was the all-important discipline of brahmacharya.

As subsidiary householder’s brahmacharya of one sexual union per month is considered within dharmic rhythms suitable for a moderated practice of kundalini yoga.

The real purpose of yoga

The purpose of all branches of yoga is to raise the kundalini, to raise the dormant power of the being, so that he can have excellence.

I think very few know the real purpose of yoga. I don’t believe that all the people these days engaged in yoga would continue practicing it if they knew the dangers involved in awakening this energy unprepared.

In this book we also read that ancients hid the science of kundalini so that it wouldn’t be perverted. That’s why reading very old accounts of kundalini doesn’t help much – they are too veiled in symbolic language, it’s almost impossible to understand.


So this my whole summary of the book. This book is a very thorough introduction into the phenomenon of kundalini. It will especially benefit those who are interested in a scientific/medical side of this awakening process.

Again, this book is called Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Sivananda Radha and others. I’m planning to summarize two more books in my future articles.

I hope that this article made you understand that kundalini is not a Hindu phenomenon but is the energy latent in every human being. Those who are prepared for it will probably experience it; kundalini can also simply “favor” some and start its upward progress into the crown chakra.

Most commonly, however, it’s those who take action to awaken this energy through spiritual practices that experience it rising.

Therefore, kundalini is a universal energy present in all and is not limited to those following Hindu doctrines. When we are ready, it starts rising, purifying us and transforming us into better-functioning and more spiritual human-beings who had an encounter with God.