Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

— Luke 8:11

This is the article about the internal, as opposed to external, salvation found in the New Testament. This teaching is present not only in the Bible but in other spiritual texts as well, for those who have the eyes to see.

New-agers like to teach about it but because they didn’t actually go through the process, they don’t know the dangers involved.

I believe this process can be safely gone through if you don’t mix it with practices such as magic, communication with ascended masters or any other unbiblical activity. Neither can it be forced, like through trying to open your third eye, altering your consciousness through any method, or controlling your breathing, because that’s not natural and it might bring disastrous results.

As Jesus said, “He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber” (John 10:1). The only true way to go through this internal salvation is by saving the seed, which is Christ or Christos, and this requires almost a perfect conduct. I believe that when people try to find artificial ways to be internally born-again or mix it with magic or other unbiblical activities, that’s when problems arise.

First I will explain the process of internal salvation – what happens in your body – and then how to save the Christ – the oil in the body which is the true light of consciousness and the oil of wise virgins.

I’m going to describe the process that I followed, and will explain it in the way that I learnt it. I don’t know if it’s completely in agreement with medical science, but all I know is that it works because it gave me the internal born-again experience.


(Claustrum, where the sacred oil is told to be produced.)

According to the esoteric teachings, there is a sacred fluid produced in a small thin layer of grey matter found in each cerebral hemisphere that is located just above our ears.

These two thin nerve layers are called “claustrum”.

This fluid, when it flows down from the claustrum, separates and part of it goes into the pineal gland and another part – into the pituitary body.

Pineal and pituitary glands

Both glands make this fluid a little different.

The pineal gland (male) gives it electrical properties whilst the pituitary gland (female) gives it magnetic properties.

It is told that the liquid of the pineal gland is yellow, whilst the secretion of the pituitary gland is white.

Therefore, the land flowing with milk and honey is believed by some to refer to that place in the brain where those glands are located.

Eye of Horus

This area, by the way, is the eye of Horus, and was very important to ancient Egyptians as well who surely knew this process of internal salvation.

When these different secretions flow down from the two glands, they go down the spine through the semi-lunar ganglia and at the solar plexus they produce a seed.

Celiac (or solar) plexus location
Celiac (or solar) plexus location

This place is called “Bethlehem”, which is a house of bread, where Christ was born. Jesus also called himself the “bread of life”. Humans start producing the seed in this area from around the age of twelve, when puberty starts.

It is told in the bible that Israel is promised the return to the land of milk and honey; and in esoteric terms this return is the return of the seed to the area in the brain where those two secretions – white and golden – are produced; the origins of the seed indeed are from this region which is also called “heaven” or “Eden”; this return can only be successful if the law of God is kept, as I will explain later on.

Both inner and outer teachings correspond with each other; they go hand-in-hand and cannot be separated. If you keep the law, this internal process must happen. And when you are truly born-again, saved by Christ, you will experience that internal birth as well. It will be the greatest proof that you indeed kept the laws of God.

It is told that there is a depression in the celiac plexus and that’s where the Christ seed is born. That’s the “cave” or “manger” of Christ. This seed is also called a “fish”, as it forms in and by the fluid.

If human beings would live naturally, this born-again experience would be automatic. There’s nothing unnatural that you need to do to save the seed. If humans would live the way that they are supposed to live, the seed would be able to travel upwards and reach the promised land – the brain region flowing with milk and honey.

However, due to the sickness of our civilization, this seed gets destroyed each month through lust, overeating, consuming alcohol, anger and through other unnatural habits. Therefore no seed remains to reach the promised land, and so no born-again experience happens; the man remains fallen and unregenerate, subject to all sorts of physical and mental diseases; unhappy and using only 10% of his or her mental capacity.

This seed is destroyed when people seek pleasurable sensations; because spirit and flesh are at enmity with each other. What’s good for the spirit is bad for the flesh, and vise versa. To save the seed, a human being must become victorious over lower senses.

According to esoteric teachings, sensual pleasures are “under the law” because they are under the solar plexus. They feel good for some time, but they never last. And the loss that they cause is greater than most people realize.

Yet those who are not slaves of sensual pleasures are not under the law because they are led by the spirit.

Any act that’s sinful slows down or prevents the automatic action of the seed, which is Christ, from going up the spine into the promised land. This seed, if not interfered with, should, when born in the solar plexus, get “baptized” in the spinal cord fluid which is the river Jordan in esoteric terms, like Yeshua was baptized in the river Jordan.

This “anointed” seed (anointed by the oil of the spinal cord) would then travel upwards to get crucified at the place called “Golgotha” – the skull. The crucifixion would not kill the seed but would, after three days, transmute it so that it’s more potent than it was before; it would cause the renewal of the mind and the transformation of the body to a more spiritual one; if this process is not interfered with each month, soon the person would realize the Kingdom of Heaven, the promised land, within.

You probably watched the movie “Matrix” where a human being is told to be a battery. It is indeed true. We are the storehouses of energy, and that energy doesn’t last forever. As the battery runs out of energy, so do we.

Most people waste this energy and only the forces of darkness feed on it. However, by observing the laws of God it is possible to preserve this energy so that you are not used by any dark force but benefit from that supply yourself and “last” much longer – literally.

We are born in corruption, but we can also be reborn in incorruption if we raise the seed. That’s the inner redemption. The seed is the word of God according to Luke 8:11; it comes from the Most High – the brain, in body terms. When it’s lifted up and crucified, it becomes refined and much more potent, transforming us into spiritual beings that are no longer slaves to sensual impulses.

In fact, when the seed together with the oil in the spinal cord is not wasted, the body restores itself and no longer wants anything evil that was addicted to before, be it tobacco, alcohol, masturbation, or anything else.

This oil, if not wasted, illumines the body – the lamp. It is the oil that gives consciousness, and thus light. When it’s dried up, people die. When people are ageing, it means that oil is being produced in lesser amount until it’s not produced at all, and then death comes.

When plenty of oil circulates in the body:

  • The mood is stable and there is no irritability, fear or nervousness.
  • Digestion and assimilation are perfect.
  • Hearing and eyesight are good.
  • Teeth don’t decay.
  • A person is able to get good sleep.
  • A person doesn’t require any medical drug.
  • There’s no need of much food.
  • There’s no desire for stimulants of any sort.
  • Poisons are neutralized, the body itself fights cancerous cells and other diseases.
  • A person doesn’t want to abuse himself in any way.
  • The body completely heals from earlier self-abuse.
  • There is immunity from colds and probably other infectious diseases.
  • Youthful vigor is present and the frailties of old age are absent.
  • Vitality feels unlimited.

The spinal cord is the “strait and narrow way”; a way to salvation and to the Father; to the region of Heaven – the brain; the process of saving seed makes us born-again.

Jordan and Dead Sea
Jordan and Dead Sea

Jordan empties into the Dead Sea and the spinal fluid empties into the region that’s called “Sodom”.

We don’t want our oil to end up there because this place indeed is the place of death.

The oil is destroyed in this area when one is a slave of lusts of all sorts, be it sex, overeating, alcohol, anger, greed, or similar fleshly impulses.

According to the esoteric teachings, the pineal gland is connected with a nerve which crosses the spinal cord at the base of the skull (in the medulla oblongata) and the pituitary body also has a nerve connected with it which crosses the spinal cord at the same location, thus these nerves make a cross. Then both of the nerves travel parallel to each other down the cord, the pituitary body nerve travelling on the left side of the spinal cord whilst the pineal gland nerve – on the right.

These two nerves merge in the solar plexus. There their unity receives the Holy Breath (as people should breathe deeply so that the solar plexus receives oxygen as well) and then the Christ seed is born. That’s the esoteric trinity; the pineal gland is male; the pituitary body is female; and the breath is the Spirit.

As I told already, this seed starts forming from around the age of twelve – at the time of puberty. Then it forms each 29 and a half days for the rest of one’s life – when the moon is in one’s zodiac sign, according to the Christian esoteric teachings.

Like Herod and other evil people sought to slay Christ, so passions, desires and emotions will seek to slay this seed. We must strive to save and lift up the seed no matter how much the dark forces try to destroy it before its lifted up.

The seed, Christ, if it’s not destroyed, will be lifted up and flow in the fluid of the spinal cord – in the river Jordan; thus it will get baptized with that oil and become anointed. That’s just the start, like the start of Yeshua’s ministry after he was baptized. The seed is still in danger and if lower desires are not stilled, it will travel down the spine into the Dead Sea and will be killed.

If the seed succeeds in traveling up the spine because lower desires are stilled, it will get crucified at the base of the skull, and will transform itself into the power able to make the individual born-again. When Yeshua was crucified he arose with a transformed body; when the Christ-seed is crucified it transforms the body and spiritualizes it, making it vibrate at a higher rate. And this all happens when only one seed is saved; most people never save any seeds, however.

When the second seed is born after this experience, it’s of a finer and more powerful nature due to the saved first seed. Jesus said to his disciples that they would do even greater things than him because he goes to his Father. When the first seed is crucified, the pineal gland (the Father gland) absorbs (some?) of its essence and when the fluid to make another seed is released, it’s finer and more potent.

The more seeds are saved, the greater the transformation. Our minds are renewed, and our bodies are transformed. This process can also be compared with tithing – giving at least a tenth-part of that which came from Heaven (brain) back to the source.

Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field, and shalt gather but little in; for the locust shall consume it.

— Deuteronomy 28:38

(Locust – gluttony, lust, and other lower passions.)

This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

— John 6:58


In this post I explained that the proof that you follow the laws of God will be the transformation that will be felt physically as well as spiritually, and that is the real born-again experience. Unfortunately, most Christians will never save the seed because they are Christians only externally.

They may say that they love their brothers and sisters but as soon as someone challenges their beliefs, they are quick to attack. That’s not love but operation from the lower mind, and this means that the reptilian brain has control over that person.

To get the inner experience of being born-again and therefore saved by Christ, one has to live in accordance with the laws left to us by Yeshua not only on the outside, but whole-heartedly. And if you do this, it will bring tangible results.

To save the seed, one is required to live the life of total love, peace and selflessness; not to hoard but to give; not to hate but to love. Not to attack but to strive for peace. One must not indulge in any excesses, and lust should and anger not even be entertained in the mind.

If one lives in this state of holiness, each month the seed will be saved and after twelve months of this saving you would get a real anointing experience; the saved oil will be poured over your brain which is the true anointing by God and not an external anointing by rubbing olive oil on your head.

This process of saving seed is the most natural there could be. You simply need to be a good person and you will get that seed – Christ-  to save you. However, though this process should be natural and easy, it’s actually very difficult because of the fallen state of humanity and the dark forces that rule this world.

Therefore it will seem to you like the whole world is trying to prevent you from saving that first seed; some sacrifices might need to be done in order to save it. For example, no longer associate with people who like to involve you into arguments, or avoiding those who try to seduce you, and of course not watching or listening to anything that would make the lower desires prevail.

However, for those who not only say but really do have the first priority as spirituality, will be able to save it despite of all the difficulties.

When the seed is close to crucifixion, you will know it. Your eyes might get opened to see that you aren’t as nice person as you think you are, encouraging you to repent.

Your perception of things will broaden; your moods will stabilize and you will feel more uplifted. You won’t be able to use harsh words; you will have more energy, and will start being interested in more subtle things; for example, rather than indulging your senses by frequenting cafes for your caffeine fix, you would be more drawn to read about spiritual matters or contemplate them in your mind. These are all the signs that the seed is traveling up.

So as you see, saving the seed doesn’t involve anything non-Christian. You save the seed if you are a real Christian. Most people aren’t and therefore they remain unregenerate, no matter how many times a day they profess that Jesus saved them. After all, the word “Christian” means anointed and if you aren’t anointed, it’s better not to call yourself in such a way.

If Christians continue to hurt in word, thought or action, they are still fallen and that process of salvation didn’t take place.

Therefore to be truly saved, one must live according to the commandments Yeshua left us with, instead of just professing Jesus with one’s lips. If a Christian is truly a Christian, then there will be the anointing experience which will be the real salvation as a result of the life lived well.

Additional information

The medical establishment isn’t exactly sure what claustrum does. It’s the two nerve formations told by the esotericists to produce the sacred fluid. According to today’s medical knowledge,

The claustrum is a thin, irregular, sheet-like neuronal structure hidden beneath the inner surface of the neocortex in the general region of the insula. Its function is enigmatic. Its anatomy is quite remarkable in that it receives input from almost all regions of cortex and projects back to almost all regions of cortex. (Source)

They also know that:

Claustrum as well as brain stem are active during sexual stimulation . Thirst, hunger and emotions may active it as well. (Source)

Therefore the medical establishment knows that sexual activity somehow involves brain stem and claustrum. The esotericists claim that sexual activity drains the brain and spinal cord of their sacred oil, causing earlier death, ageing, many diseases as well as low immune-system.