Gargoyles, demonic creatures

I recently rewatched very old David Icke’s lectures (mainly wiped out from YT), “They Live” and “Minority Report” movies, as well as listened to the lectures of Credo Mutwa, and the accounts of satanic abuse victims and those born into the RH negative families.

Usually, I no longer watch such content, but since I allow the Universe to direct me, this is the content I was directed to these days.

Many dots got connected. Though I knew much of the information before, sometimes you have to rewatch what you watched years ago, because you have enriched your mind with the passing time so your conclusions may be more accurate.

Firstly, I will share some of my conclusions about the RH negative blood. I made a video or two about it in the past, and people would send me requests to make further videos. I didn’t, because I had no new information. But now I do.

A disclaimer here. This is only my personal experience and the information that resonated with me. I encourage people to share their experiences in the comments below. I believe that even if you have reptile genes, if you know you belong to the light, there is nothing to be afraid of.

It resonates with me that RH negative blood is distinctive blood not of this world. Reptilians interbred with the human race to leave their offspring to control this place. It seems that these beings, without their human offspring, would be unable to control humanity. Their vibration is much lower than that of this world, so they need to do their dark deeds through humans that have their genes.

They are separated from God’s light so they can’t get their energy directly from God. Because of this, they have to create discord within humanity through wars and hatred. This is what gives them energy, and this is what their offspring are directed to do. That’s why I’m against any attempt to separate human beings from one another, like v xx ed and un v xx ed people.

These reptilian races are the fallen angels of the Bible. They are called demons. This makes sense to me because I felt my psychopathic ex to be a reptilian being, yet in a vision I saw his appearance as that of a demon. I also felt that he was an ancient creature, who probably lived for thousands of years. It is told that reptilians live a very long time.

Now I wonder whether I felt this ancient vibration of him because he inherited reptile genes which are probably much older than human. I’m not spiritually sensitive enough to identify if it was the genes or the being that was ancient.

So people that have RH negative blood inherited reptilian genes, and therefore these are the people who are usually abducted by reptilians, they have unusual spiritual experiences, and they don’t feel like they belong to this earth.

I’ve also found out that what people call grey aliens are the same reptilians, but those are sexless beings who are like the worker class for other reptilians, like the ants that work for the mother ant. Their big eyes are only goggles hiding small reptilian eyes, whilst the grey skin is not their true skin but a tight-fitting suit.

It was Credo Mutwa that was able to make these revelations after he was abducted. And it makes total sense – it’s much easier to believe that those giant black eyes are goggles rather than real eyes.

I learnt that the Hindu system was the direct mirror of the reptilian division. Reptilians have a strict caste system among one another. I learnt that those Hindu gods worshipped with three eyes are definitely high-class reptilian. Such reptilians were able to send light bolts and fire through their third eye to destroy humans. This is the all-seeing eye whose symbolism we see everywhere today.

They removed many spiritual powers from humanity, thus humans deprived of their abilities started worshipping these dark beings as gods. Even now they are depriving humans of the little spiritual understanding we still have, through v xx ations (according to Credo Mutwa), water, food, air chemicals, probably through wifi and smart devices, and I’m sure in many other ways.

Reptilians didn’t allow humans to depict them in any way, because they wanted to control humanity behind the scenes. I wonder maybe that’s why the Bible god forbade humans to depict him in any image or statue.

They needed blood sacrifices to get the energy of fear. Probably they also got energy food from the victims’ blood. So any god who asks for such sacrifices is likely to be a reptilian.

(By the way, I believe that there are also beings not of this world on this earth that are not reptilian. I never felt I was from here, and human beings do not seem to be my kin. I got some messages from seers saying I’m from the Pleiades constellation. I do not know if it’s true as I had no experiences proving this myself – I just know I’m not from here. Maybe that’s why I don’t want to leave any offspring here – because this is not my world.)

I’m not RH negative, by the way (some asked me that). My blood is 0 positive, the most common of all types.

So the people who have inherited RH bloodline are a mixed breed. They are of above-average intelligence for sure, many have psychic abilities. This is not to say people not belonging to this bloodline have no such abilities. They do. But it’s more common with this bloodline.

The psychopath that I dated had the rarest blood group in the world, and even more so in India – AB negative. His body temperature was lower (without measurements you could feel that), he had psychic abilities that he didn’t talk about but I knew, and I saw him as a dual being – reptile appearing as a human.

Before even dating him, I got a vision of him being a demonic creature. But I ignored it, because I was infatuated with him. I ignored many of such visions, dream warnings, and actual almost physical energetic pushing away from him. I saw him once, and I did write about it or speak about it, arising from the bed and going somewhere – but his physical body was lying in bed.

Even his movements were not normal. He was definitely a winged creature. I saw his big wings in a vision, and the way that he was manoeuvring his motorbike was very similar to some creature flying, very similar to how in fantasy movies you see demonic creatures fly. I noticed on some occasions him being taken over by some very dark being who was a very powerful entity.

I saw his eye pupils engulfing his whole iris, whilst usually his pupils stayed tiny. It freaked me out when I saw this but I tried to act calm. Those huge pupils reminded me of a cat when it’s observing its prey. Some people report seeing such beings’ eyes become totally black, without any whites, but I myself have never seen such a phenomenon.

What was also strange is that he would sometimes make horns and evil faces, especially when posing for the camera. How easy it is to dismiss this as foolishness, but who in their right mind would make such faces. I’ve learnt that having horns as a reptile signifies that you have a high social standing.

Many RH negatives feel superior to humans. I noticed that even those claiming to be empaths and good, feel superior because of this blood. Some sources claim that some RH negatives have no idea about their spiritual abilities and feel just like any other human being. That I cannot confirm, since I haven’t met such a person whom I knew to be RH negative and who was exactly the same as other humans.

I read in another internet source that AB negatives in particular are draco-reptilian, the most dangerous of them all. This was the blood group of my psychopathic ex. Since I saw his demonic appearance in a vision, I checked DuckDuckGo images of what draco reptilians are supposed to look like, and lo and behold, I’ve found a very similar create I saw in my vision:

I think in the vision I didn’t see that protuberance from the head but instead two small horns, and since in the vision I saw him crouching, I wasn’t able to tell if he had double wings or a single set of them – but they were huge. Upon further search, I’m providing you with more images descriptive of my vision:

Digging deeper, I’ve found out that dracos are also called gargoyles. So this is the species that my ex belonged to. He had horns that were set lower than the horns shown in the above pictures, and they were small and not pointing up but set in the direction like those of ram’s horns.

His face was more demonic than human, so looking more like the last image of the three, yet not so much animal-like.

In another dream, I saw that his friends were the beings living under mountains, who had light skin, ginger/red hair, and were bulkier and much bigger than humans. I made a video or wrote an article about that dream – I don’t remember. In the dream, my ex wanted me to be friends with them, but I felt (or in another way knew, I don’t remember) that they eat humans.

Some sources claim that not all reptilians are evil, that some wish the human race well, and some are uninvolved in their business.

It could be that different negative blood groups show different reptilian races.

I came across a lady online claiming to be RH negative and she knows she descended from the thirteen bloodlines ruling the world. She says that at the age of 30 she started experiencing demonic possession attempts – even her eyes were scratched. She learnt later that this was because with her RH negative blood, she inherited demons.

She never allowed herself to be possessed though, but she understands that this could have been easily possible, and that people within Illuminati families probably by then would be possessed or use those demons to do evil.

I don’t trust that lady as I think she says just the right things to make people like her, but a lot of what she says sounds true.

I’ve never seen a “They Live” movie until a few days ago. Its meaning is that when you really open your eyes, you see that the world is not what you think it is. Humans are controlled, and some people only look human, but in truth, they are not.

Icke actually saw humans shapeshift. I’ve never seen such a thing, but I see in visions if the beings only pretend to be human. So we could be shown the true nature of beings in many ways. Some can see it, some can sense it, some will see in a vision, some will get a warning dream.

I also got the urge to watch “Minority Report”. I do believe it shows what the future may look like if humans stay within the system. One scene particularly struck me – when the main protagonist found himself the enemy of the system, got into an electric car to escape, and the car no longer obeyed his instructions but was taking him right to his captivity.

Also, in the movie it shows that humans are identified by iris scans, that a huge black market was taking place of humans being deprived of their eyes for them to be sold to those wanting to hide their compromised identities.

I do believe that’s where the majority of humans are heading to. By accepting all the restrictions of the system, they are allowing the oppressors to continue with their inhuman agenda that their children and grandchildren will suffer from.

As I said in many videos and wrote in articles, the way I cope with this situation is by leaving the system as much as I can – by not living in the city, by trying to become as self-sufficient as I can.

Other people deal with this by refusing to comply, by attending protests. I personally do not see that the system can be changed. It can be only slowed down. These evil ones will never give up their enslavement plans. They will just wait if humanity protests too much, give them more drugs and chemicals through the water supply, v xx es and the pharma, and then continue their enslavement process.

That’s why I think it’s wise to leave the system. Many people are extremely dependent on it. For them, status and comfort are more important than freedom. Nobody can help such individuals unless they think over their priorities.

Finally, I watched some of Credo Mutwa’s documentaries. He is an African shaman, the official storyteller of a Zulu nation. This man was made more known to the world by David Icke.

I love listening to his stories because they confirm what other sources claim, as well as some of my own experiences. It cannot be that people from different parts of the world, or their ancestors, have encountered these very same beings, yet all of this is not true. It takes, I think, much medication, v xx nation and media consumption to be absolutely blind to what’s in the open – to the fact that we are not the only intelligent beings in this world, and that the beings that are living with us do not wish us well.

How to see reptilians and spiritual phenomena

  1. Do not take v xx es. Here’s what Credo Mutwa told about them:

Transcript from this video.

2. Allow your mind to believe that such phenomena are possible. If your mind doesn’t believe, it will not allow you to see.

3. Do not be afraid. Fear can block spiritual sight.

4. Do not look at the person/scenery directly, but defocus your vision and look a bit away from the target, relaxing your vision. Sometimes it’s easier to see spiritual phenomena from the corners of your eyes, or when you are tired.

So these are the things I wanted to share with you in this article. It would be interesting to hear if you yourself had encounters with reptilian beings or know something about the RH negative blood.

I am told that these beings only get involved with the people that they see as threats – with those who are able to help humanity to get onto the path of liberation. They try to divert their path. Maybe that’s the reason the vast majority of people did not have encounters with them.