30 Days to Deep Meditation Book

30 Days to Deep Meditation

It’s a fully revised and updated version of a book I wrote years ago about my personal method of getting deep into meditation.

This book is written to help you get into deep meditation through a different meditation task each day.

The purpose of this book is to get you used to meditation through variety.

Once you get the taste of deep meditation as a result of different meditation practices each day, you won’t need much variety after such an experience because the taste of meditation depths will keep you going.

The reason it’s important to go beyond the surface is that once you touch upon realities not usually perceived during the waking consciousness, this experience is so profound that you will naturally want to meditate after such a life-changing event.

So that’s the whole point of this book – to get you to experience what lies beyond waking consciousness.

The price is $29.99.

This book is now available in the Inner Circle Membership.

Although meditation experiences are not the end goal, this is a very important point to reach because it will keep you motivated to continue your meditation. Later on, of course, a meditator is supposed to go beyond the non-physical experiences as they are only the scenery on your path to liberation.

So for some people, the way to start is definitely through variety. Otherwise, they will get bored before they experience any depth of the meditative practice.

This book, therefore, is mainly written for people who find it difficult to meditate in the same way each day, which makes them unable to go beyond the surface of this reality.

It’s also written for those who are completely new to meditation or as of yet have been unable to experience any depths of it.

A unique and engaging meditative practice each day will keep your interest strong enough to continue for a month, and in this period the mind will relax enough to go beyond the waking consciousness, making you experience realities that very few get to know.

This book comes in a PDF format and is 86 pages long.

The price is $29.99.

This book is now available in the Inner Circle Membership.