Although I went through the full awakening of kundalini now around two years ago, I still analyze what happened during that time, as well as observe the developments since then. And now I think I have arrived at the best explanation of the kundalini process.

Kundalini takes you apart so that you are put back together in the right way. This is the return to the perfection of the Garden of Eden, so to speak.

I’m sure you know that we are all broken in some way. Genetic, mental and physical defects is something we feel or notice in ourselves and others, and it’s something we have come to accept.

When you are spiritually reborn, many defects are no more. If you have deeply researched this process, you should know that people report the change in genes and the change of blood – that’s how deep the change can take place.

It could be that when in the Bible we read that being born-again means that not even poison is capable of killing you, it refers to the genetic change that takes place as a result of kundalini awakening. Quite a few Bible passages mention this spiritual rebirth process, but I already addressed this in a few of my other posts, like about the Christ seed.

For this cleansing to take place you have to be taken apart – like if you would fix a watch you would also need to take it apart. Then you fix it, and put it back together. The very same process applies to the healing of a human being. We are born not entirely perfect and we cannot be changed unless we are taken apart first.

The energy of life which people call by different names (God, Universe, Higher Self) knows what it’s doing when it’s taking you apart. But since so little has been written about it and so few people ever went through it, when you’re actually going through this process it’s the scariest thing in the world because you don’t know what to expect. What remains is faith that in the end all will be well.

And if you don’t hinder the process, that’s exactly what happens. However, it’s difficult not to hinder this process, due to the religious teachings “explaining” that it’s the work of the devil. So people get scared and stop the process, slowing it down, or aborting their spiritual rebirth.

When you are going trough this rebirth, you must fully trust the process if you want your transition to be smooth. No matter how scary it is (and scary it will be), just trust that at the end you will come out a much more developed and aware human being.

This is a life-long process of healing and not something that gets done in a particular length of time. Gopi Krishna, the man who is best known for documenting his kundalini awakening process (whose book I reviewed here) also confirms that this process of perfection never ends.

After the full awakening of kundalini you will always be work in progress. But you will know when you are going through the destructuring and then major reintegration. After this, works of perfecting this or that will always take place in your body and mind, but after the major reintegration you will have learnt to be at peace with it.

If you have no idea what it’s like to be taken apart,  I will give you some examples from my own experiences. I remember this first one being mentioned by Rudolf Steiner too in one of his books. And it’s about the separation between your emotions and actions.

This function is no longer on auto-pilot. Like when people get angry and they do something stupid. Or they get sad and then they cry. So the emotion and action is divorced when the destructuring is taking place, leaving you able to make your own decisions of how to respond to an emotion.

At first this is very strange, then you learn that it’s a wiser way to be. For example, when someone upsets you, you can be as kind as if nothing upsetting has happened.

Another example is personality disintegration. You understand that you are made up of many different processes and are not just one solid entity. The best way to describe this is with the help of astrology, so please bear with me.

The reason knowing your natal chart well helps you tremendously in life is because you know how each planet influences you. So each planet is responsible for you to function in a particular way in a particular department of life. And it’s not only planets, but also the environment itself, other people, our genes and so many other factors that influence who we are and how we behave.

Buddha has obviously gone through this rebirth and we have his recorded words about his realizations. He understood that it’s very hard to find a consistent entity that is you. He knew that a human being is a bundle of many different processes. He designed meditative exercises to make others understand it through their personal experiences.

So when you arrive at this realization, you know that the destructuring of the illusion of a consistent personality has begun. I’m saying “illusion” because there was never a consistent personality to begin with; but you thought this to be the case before the awakening.

So when you’re finally aware of this fact, it’s scary and disorienting. But you trust the process, and then you come out stronger, because you’re aware of multiple influences from within and without, and now you are no longer at their mercy, because due to this awareness you are able to intelligently respond to those influences rather than being a helpless puppet to the unknown forces.

Although these are just two examples, there are many more aspects of destructuring and being put back together, some too difficult and subtle to clearly explain. At the end you emerge a new and better-functioning human being. Your life can never be the same because you see the world through new eyes and you have new understanding about almost everything to do with this life.

So this is the best way that I am able to describe the process and purpose of the full awakening of kundalini so far. If you have gone through this awakening and would like to share more insights, please leave a comment below.