This is a summary of yet another book on kundalini (read the first part of this article series here).

It’s my favorite book that I read so far. It’s called Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness by Gopi Krishna.

I really liked this book because Gopi Krishna’s awakening experience was very similar to my own (though much more severe). I also liked this book because he described the awakening the way it really happened – with all the negative experiences included, rather than just focusing on the moments of bliss.

Unexpected awakening

Gopi awakened his kundalini without the help of any guru. He would meditate focusing on the crown chakra, and this drew kundalini out of the lowest chakra and she (kundalini) shot up to his head.

He did not have complete knowledge of the kundalini science, and I don’t even think he focused on awakening kundalini. He just stuck to the meditation he practiced for a long time, probably without being aware that it can cause the kundalini to awaken.

When kundalini shot to his head, it took Gopi by surprise. In order to understand this phenomenon well, he started deeply researching this subject.

In this article I’m going to quote some of the paragraphs that I highlighted in his book and I will comment on some of them. My short explanatory notes will also be found in square brackets within the quoted text.

Worldly ambitions disappear

Temperamentally I was not suited for a profession of this kind, but possessing neither the qualifications for another, nor means, nor inclination to equip myself for a better one, I continued to move in the rut in which I had been placed.

Although I worked hard and to the best of my ability, I was more interested in the study and practice of yoga than in my official career. The latter I treated merely as a means to earn a livelihood, just sufficient to meet our simplest needs. Beyond that it had no value or significance for me.

Here Gopi talks about his average government job. This is what happens when you start getting into deep spirituality. The ambitions of the world seem childish and worldly desires lose their value.

Westerners stole yoga from the East. From a secret esoteric science it became yet another sexy workout routine:

People are not warned that yoga is for serious spiritual aspirants only; its purpose is not health benefits (this is only the byproduct), neither it is becoming more physically desirable. It’s purpose is awakening kundalini. When kundalini awakens, you lose all interest in worldly things that people dedicate all their lives to pursue.

So this practice is not for those deeply involved in the world (mothers raising children or career and relationship-oriented people).

Away from discord

I had a positive dislike for being drawn into controversies, with crowds of disputing contestants on every side. I strove to keep myself unruffled and calm, indispensable to my yoga practices.

I also avoid being drawn into arguments because I do not want to be disturbed. People don’t understand this, but when you are born-again, you are renewed and therefore much more sensitive.

You know that arguments cause damage; arguments literally damage your brain. When you are born-again you are sensitive to the activity of your brain, so when there’s some disturbance, you stop it right away because you feel the adverse effect.

Unaware of dangers

I had absolutely no knowledge of the technicalities of the science or the mode of operation of the great energy, as vast and as varied as humanity itself.

I did not know that I had dug down to the very roots of my being and that my whole life was at stake. Like the vast majority of men interested in yoga I had no idea that a system designed to develop the latent possibilities and nobler qualities in man could be fraught with such danger.

Like I told in previous articles, new-age likes to emphasize the positive effects of kundalini arousal but it tends to be quiet about the horrors that some people have to go through to reach enlightenment.

Dislike for spirituality after awakening

The keen desire to sit and meditate, which had always been present, disappeared suddenly and was replaced by a feeling of horror of the supernatural.

When he got anointed – when kundalini reached his crown chakra – it totally frightened him and he lost all the desire to meditate. The same happened to me.

He also lost all interest in spiritual things like I did too. All I wanted was to ground myself and I wanted nothing to do with the supernatural.

An unknown mental mechanism

I seemed to have accidentally touched the lever of an unknown mechanism, hidden in the extremely intricate and yet unexplored nervous structure in the body. For a few days I thought I was suffering from hallucinations, hoping that my condition would become normal again after some time.

Yet again, I experienced the same. When you are born-again, you will feel that some kind of new mechanism has started functioning in your brain. This might be scary because you are totally unfamiliar with it so you don’t know what to expect.

But instead of disappearing, as the days went by, the abnormality became more and more pronounced, assuming gradually the state of an obsession.

For me that horror disappeared quite quickly, but he had to go through it for an extended period of time because kundalini went through a wrong channel into the brain. It’s supposed to travel through the sushumna nadi – the middle passage in the spine. However, in his body kundalini traveled through the fiery channel (pingala nadi), thus causing the sensation of severe heat and other hellish discomforts.

Unexpected kundalini developments

It grew in intensity as the luminous appearances became wilder and more fantastic, and the noises louder and more uncanny.

Hearing voices, music and other noises is very usual during kundalini awakening, but it’s better not to tell that to anyone not familiar with this process, as they might think that you are crazy, especially doctors.

The dreadful thought began to take hold of my mind that I was irretrievably heading towards a disaster,  from which I was powerless to save myself.

To one uninitiated in the esoteric science of Kundalini, as I was at that time, all that transpired afterwards presented such an abnormal and unnatural appearance that I became extremely nervous about the outcome. I passed every minute of the time in a state of acute anxiety, at a loss to know why my system was functioning in such an entirely abnormal manner.

But most alarming was the way in which my mind acted and behaved after the incident. I felt as if I were looking at the world from a higher elevation than that from which I saw it before. It is very difficult to express my mental condition accurately. It seemed as if my cognitive faculty had undergone a transformation and that I had mentally expanded.

When you’re born again, your consciousness field expands. You no longer have a tunnel-vision. People who are not born-again have a tunnel vision but they don’t know it. They think they have a wide perception but they don’t. And when that awareness field expands, only then you know that previously you had a tunnel vision.

As the time goes on, that awareness keeps increasing.

What was more startling and terrifying was the fact that the point of consciousness in me was not
as invariable, nor its conditions as stable, as it had been before. It expanded and contracted, regulated in a mysterious way by the radiant current that was flowing up from the lowest plexus. This widening and narrowing were accompanied by a host of terrors for me.

…As he did not understand what was happening to him.

The fear of losing one’s mind

My consciousness was in a state of unceasing flux as it rose and fell like a wave. It seemed as if the stream of vitality rising into my brain through the backbone was connected mysteriously with the region near the base of the spine, and was playing strange tricks with my imagination. Was I losing my mind? Were these the first indications of mental disorder? This though t constantly drove me to desperation.

Again, I was thinking along similar lines after kundalini went into my crown chakra. I too thought that I might be losing my mind, and that thought terrified me. Indeed, I felt like half of my personality left me, never to be replaced again.

What I did not know at the time is that you don’t straight away get reborn, but there is a process of shedding the old, and then the new resurfaces – it might take months or years, depending on the amount of impurities you need to purge. For me the freshness of personality started arising only after a year of the crown-chakra opening.

It was not so much the extremely weird nature of my mental condition as the fear of incipient madness, which filled me with growing dismay.

As I could easily discern even in that condition of mental disquietude, this field of consciousness in me had vastly increased. It was akin to that which I had experienced in the vision, but divested of every trace of happiness which had characterized my first experience.

Gopi experienced bliss when kundalini went into his crown chakra; now that bliss was gone, but that expanded field of consciousness remained. This frightened him.

Dormant brain centers awaken

It seemed as if prolonged concentration had opened a yet partially developed centre in the brain, which depended for its fuel on the stem of energy constantly rushing upward from the reproductive region. 

…And that’s why celibacy is important. It feeds the brain. I wrote about the sacred oil that most people waste through sexual activity in this article. Gopi Krishna was actually able to see that silvery fluid that feeds the brain.

When more brain centers get activated after the crown chakra opening, it becomes even more important to save the sacred fluid, so that it continuously feeds the brain and helps to activate other dormant brain centers.

The enlarged conscious field was the creation of this hitherto closed chamber, which was now functioning imperfectly, first because it had been forced open prematurely, and secondly because I was utterly ignorant how to adjust myself to the new development.

I believe that the reason kundalini awakened and forced her way into the pingala nadi (the fiery channel) was because she was awakened prematurely in him due to the sort of meditation that he did. I, however, did not focus on any chakras during meditation but simply kept my mind thought-free and focused on that emptiness. So this did not trigger premature awakening but when kundalini was ready, it naturally started rising.

Also, that’s the reason why I did not feel it jump straight into the brain. Instead, she slowly went up the chakras, slowly undoing the knots, until she reached the brain. The time between undoing the third-eye chakra knot and the crown-chakra knot was within hours though, which was very different to the time she took to undo other knots.

Between life and death

Several times during the day I glanced at myself in the mirror or felt my pulse, and to my horror I found myself deteriorating more and more. I do not know what sustained my will so that even in a state of extreme terror I could maintain control over my actions and gestures.

Because kundalini went through the pingala nadi, this caused internal burning. He was being destroyed day by day. The energy of the fiery channel is responsible for digestion – this fire should never go into the brain. The head should be kept cool.

No one could even suspect what was happening to me inside. I knew that a thin line now separated me
from lunacy, and yet I gave no indication of my condition to anyone. I suffered unbearable torture in silence, blaming myself bitterly for having delved into the supernatural without first acquiring a fuller knowledge of the subject.

I also blamed myself, but not because of not acquiring fuller knowledge, but for having been involved in Hinduism, since I thought it was a deception. I also blamed deceptive teachings of new-age teachers and some Indian gurus who don’t warn people about the dangers of kundalini but portray this experience only as other-worldly and blissful.

Distancing oneself from spirituality

When this happened to him, Gopi distanced himself from all religions and spirituality expressions. I too distanced myself from many different spiritual expressions. Only later did Gopi understood that he was not deceived but that the horrifying experience was just a process and that it was caused by kundalini going through the wrong channel. Then, little by little, his love for spirituality returned.

The same happened to me. I distanced myself from Hinduism, thinking that this form of spirituality is totally deceptive. Now, as I’m experiencing crown-chakra opening benefits, my love for Hinduism is returning, though that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the dark paths and dark forms of this religion. I like the esoteric teachings of almost all religions – it’s the external forms that enslave, like worshiping idols.

Doctors cannot help

Even when almost at breaking point, something inside prevented me from consulting a physician. There was no psychiatrist at Jammu in those days, and even if there had been, I am sure I would not have gone to see him. It was well that I did not do so.

The little knowledge of diseases that I possessed was enough to tell me that my abnormality was unique, that it was neither purely psychic nor purely physical. It was the outcome of an alteration in the nervous activity of my body, which no therapist on earth could correctly diagnose or cure.

Jammu and Kashmir is a North Indian state. Gopi Krishna, by the way, became a famous person after his awakening. He became renowned for his intelligence, which was the gift of kundalini.

It’s very good that he did not go to consult a physician because obviously they would not know how to deal with his condition and would have ignorantly prescribed toxic drugs or even institutionalized him.

The destruction of all impurities

Kundalini influences all the nerves in your body, right to the extremities as well as the brain. She cleanses all the impurities and frees the flow of energy. It might take years to remove all the blockages – it depends on how toxic a person is.

I did not know then what I came to grasp later on, that an automatic mechanism,  forced by the practice of meditation, had suddenly started to function to make my mind fit for the expression of a more heightened and extended consciousness.

Kundalini cleanses you from all nerve impurities so that you are prepared to sustain a higher level of consciousness as well as more energy.

Ancient texts shroud kundalini in symbols

To my great misfortune I did not know this at the time. To the best of my knowledge, this mighty secret of nature is not known on earth even today.

There is knowledge of it but it’s hard to extract, because it’s shrouded in symbolism. Ancient texts of India described this experience, but it’s explained in symbols (sometimes even erotic ones). Therefore those texts are not particularly useful for the person not acquainted with the meanings of such symbols.

Kundalini rising to the crown chakra is symbolized as a cosmic embrace between Shiva and Shakti, but the scientific explanations of what actually happens aren’t in ancient Indian texts (at least I haven’t come across any). Thus, the practitioner is left in the dark. I believe that symbolism was used so that those texts aren’t corrupted.

Nobody able to help

It would be a fallacy to assume that I was the victim of a hallucination. Subsequent events absolutely ruled out that possibility. No, the crisis I was passing through was not a creation of my own imagination. It had a real physiological basis and was interwoven with the whole organic structure of my body.

The entire machinery from the brain to the smallest organ was deeply involved, and there was no escape for me from the storm of nervous forces which blew through my system day and night, released unexpectedly by my own effort.

Gopi Krishna sought help from many people, including the holy men of India. None of them could help, because none of them actually experienced kundalini. They only had text knowledge, but no real experience. Then Gopi decided to seek help from his brother-in-law, who used to be involved in spiritual practices:

My brother-in-law could not grasp the significance of what I related to him, but said that his guru had once remarked that if by mistake Kundalini were aroused through any other nadi (nerve) except sushumna, there was every danger of serious psychic and physical disturbances, ending in permanent disability, insanity, or death.

…I wonder how quickly the number of yoga practitioners would decrease if they would be informed by their teachers about such dangers! However, due to the love of money, yoga teachers are quiet about possible complications (or they are ignorant about them themselves).

This was particularly the case, the teacher had said, if the awakening occurred through pingala on the right side of the spine when the unfortunate man is literally burned to death due to excessive internal heat, which cannot be controlled by any external means.

I was horrified by this statement and in desperation went to consult a learned ascetic from Kashmir who had come to spend the winter at Jammu. He heard me with patience and said that the experience I had undergone could not at all be due to the awakening of the serpent power, as that was always blissful and could not be associated with any agency liable to cause disease or disturbance.

He made another gruesome suggestion, to the effect that my malady was probably due to the venom of malignant spirits that beset the path of yogis, and prescribed a decoction, which I never took.

What an ignorant person. He had only text knowledge of kundalini and instead of helping a distressed man, through his ignorance he instilled further fear in Gopi. These ascetics have all the time in the world to dedicate to spiritual practices, but most of them become simple beggars or even worse – thieves, hurting and not helping the condition of mankind.

Gopi tried to find help in books, but he was unable to focus for any proper length of time on them. However, he managed to read a good suggestion of not keeping his stomach empty, which helped him a little bit.

A miracle that saved Gopi’s life

Pulling the cover over my face, I stretched myself to my full length on the bed, burning in every fibre. At this moment a fearful idea struck me. Could it be that I had aroused Kundalini through pingala or the solar nerve, which regulates the flow of heat in the body and is located on the right side of sushumna? If so, I was doomed.

The idea flashed across my brain to make a last-minute attempt to rouse ida, or the lunar nerve on the left side, to activity, thus neutralizing the dreadful burning effect of the devouring fire within. With my mind reeling and senses deadened with pain, but with all the will-power left at my command, I brought my attention to bear on the left side of the seat of Kundalini, and tried to force an imaginary cold current upward through the middle of the spinal cord.

In that extraordinarily extended, agonized and exhausted state of consciousness, I distinctly felt the location of the nerve and strained hard mentally to divert its flow into the central channel. Then, as if waiting for the destined moment, a miracle happened.

There was a sound like a nerve thread snapping and instantaneously a silvery streak passed zigzag through the spinal cord, exactly like the sinuous movement of a white serpent in rapid flight, pouring an effulgent, cascading shower of brilliant vital energy into my brain, filling my head with a blissful lustre in place of the flame that had been tormenting me for the last three hours.

Completely surprised at this sudden transformation of the fiery current, darting across the entire network of my nerves only a moment before, and overjoyed at the cessation of pain, I remained absolutely quiet and motionless for some time, tasting the bliss of relief. I soon fell asleep, bathed in light and for the first time after weeks of anguish felt the sweet embrace of restful sleep.

As if rudely shaken out of my slumber, I awoke after about an hour. The stream of lustre was still
pouring in my head, my brain was clear, heart and pulse had stopped racing, the burning sensations and the fear had almost vanished, but my throat was still dry, my mouth parched and I found myself in a state of extreme exhaustion as if every ounce of energy had been drained out of me.

Exactly at that moment another idea occurred to me that I should eat something immediately. I motioned to my wife, who as usual was lying awake in her bed anxiously watching my every movement, to fetch me a cup of milk and a little bread. Taken aback by this unusual and untimely request, she hesitated a moment, and then complied without a word. I ate the bread, swallowing it with difficulty with the help of the milk and immediately fell asleep again.

Finally the hunger for food was starting to awake. Before this miracle, he had to force himself to eat so that he remains alive, and when he did, he suffered from extreme pain. So things started getting much better when he activated the pingala nadi (the lunar channel) in his body.

I woke up after about two hours, refreshed by the sleep. My head was still filled with the glowing radiance. To my surprise, in this heightened and lustrous state of consciousness, I could distinctly perceive a tongue of the golden flame searching my stomach for food, and moving round along the nerves lining it.

I took a few bites of bread and another cup of milk and as soon as I had done so, I found the halo in the head contracting and a larger tongue of flame licking my stomach, as if a part of the streaming energy pouring into my brain was being diverted to the gastric region, to expedite the process of digestion.

Before this experience, the tongues of flame were in his brain. Brain should never be heated, it’s a miracle that he survived this ordeal in the first place. He also told in this book that he had above average physical resistance, so probably his sturdiness saved him.

A halo around the head

After the awakening, he saw a halo around his head. When my crown chakra opened, I did not see it, but I felt it. It’s something to do with the third eye and crown chakras connecting with each other and creating an energy circuit. I don’t know how this works, but it’s real.

I lay awake, dumb with wonder watching this living radiance moving from place to place through the whole digestive tract, caressing the intestines and the liver, while another stream poured into the kidneys and the heart. I pinched myself to make sure whether I was dreaming or asleep, absolutely dumbfounded by what I was witnessing in my own body. Unlike the horror I had experienced before, I felt no discomfort now.

All that I could feel was a soothing warmth moving through my body as the current travelled from point to point. I watched this wonderful play silently, my whole being filled with boundless gratitude to the Unseen for this timely deliverance from a dreadful fate, and a new assurance began to shape itself in my mind, that the serpent fire was in reality now at work in my exhausted and agonized body and that I was safe.

Kundalini – a natural phenomenon

Kundalini is as natural and effective a device for the attainment of a higher state of consciousness and for transcendental experience, as the reproductive system is an effective natural contrivance for the perpetuation of the race.


Considering the colossal nature of the physical and mental metamorphosis that has to be effected as a prelude to spiritual unfoldment, I do not wonder at the accompanying trials and tribulations. The mystic state represents the last and most arduous lap of the journey which began with man’s ascent from dust.

It terminates with his tasting, after suffering and travail, the incomparable bliss of unembodied existence, not after death, but within his span of life on earth. The path ahead is so difficult that it will need all his will-power and all the resources of his intellect to negotiate it safely, step by step, until the goal comes clearly in sight.

True spiritual gifts

Time passed, adding to my strength and to the assurance that I was in no imminent mental or physical danger. But my condition was abnormal, and the more I studied it with growing clarity of mind, the more uncertain I became about the outcome.

I was in an extraordinary state: a lustrous medium intensely alive and acutely sentient, shining day and night. I had no doubt that Kundalini was now fully awake in me, but there was absolutely no sign of the miraculous psychic and mental powers associated with it by the ancients.

This is important to understand. Nowadays it is taught (as well as mentioned in some ancient Hindu texts) that kundalini awakening brings miraculous powers instantly, when in truth some gifts may manifest, but this may become apparent sometimes only after years of initial awakening. But those gifts aren’t guaranteed though. After reading many accounts of people experiencing this awakening, it seems that most people don’t experience any supernatural powers.

I could not detect any change in me for the better.

Gopi mentions that after the awakening he still was his old self. However, later he started seeing a positive change.

Perceiving no sign of spiritual florescence and always confronted by the erratic behaviour of an altered mind, I was assailed by grave misgivings about myself. Was this all that one could achieve after rousing the serpent fire? I asked myself this question over and over again.

Was this all, for which countless men had risked their lives, discarded their homes and families, braved the terrors of trackless forests, suffered hunger and privations, and sat at the feet of teachers for years to know? Was this all that yogis, saints, and mystics experienced in ecstatic trances, this extension of consciousness accompanied by unearthly lights and sounds?

If this were all one could achieve, then surely it was far better to pass an undisturbed, happy existence free from the uncertainty and fear which had now become an inseparable part of my life.

Unfolding of kundalini gifts

For the proper understanding of my condition after the memorable night of my release, it is necessary to say a few words about my mental state as well as about the radiating vital current, darting up and down my spine, which was now a part of my being. My mind did not function as before. There had occurred a definite and unmistakable change.

At that time images in my thought came and went against a sombre background, possessing vaguely the same combination of light, shade, and colour as characterized the original objects which they represented.

Now the images were vivid as if carved out of living flame, and they floated against a luminous background, as if the process of thought was now done with another kind of lustrous mental stuff, not only bright itself but also capable of perceiving its own brilliance.

Whenever I turned my mental eye upon myself, I invariably perceived a luminous glow within and outside my head in a state of constant vibration. This shining halo never remained constant in dimension or in the intensity of its brightness.

It waxed and waned, brightened and grew dim, or changed its colour from silver to gold and vice versa. When it increased in size or brilliance, the strange noise in my ears, now never absent, grew louder and more insistent, as if drawing my attention to something I could not understand. The halo was never stationary but in a state of perpetual motion.

Master architect at work

The constant presence of the luminous glow in my head and its close association with my thought processes was not a matter for such bewilderment as its ceaseless interference with the normal working of my vital organs.

I could distinctly feel its passage across the spine and other nerves organs in the body, whose activity it seemed to regulate in a mysterious manner. When it penetrated the heart, my pulse became fuller and stronger, showing unmistakably that some kind of tonic radiation was being poured into it through the connecting nerves.

From this I concluded that its generation into the other organs had the same invigorating effect and that its purpose in darting thought the nerves to reach them was to pour its tonic substance into their tissues and cells through the slender nerve filaments.

The penetration was occasionally followed by pain, either in the organ itself or at the point where the linking nerve entered it. The point of contact with the spinal cord, or both, was often accompanied by feelings of fear.

It appeared on such occasions, that the stream of radiant energy rising into the brain was sending offshoots into the other vital organs, to regulate and improve their functions in harmony with the new development in my head.

I searched my brain for an explanation, and revolved every possibility in my mind, to account for the surprising development. At times I was amazed at the uncanny knowledge it displayed of the complicated nervous mechanism.

Kundalini is sometimes called an “architect”. She’s the creator of the human body and the whole universe (she is life energy). Therefore, when she works to free you from impurities, it will feel like the hand of the master who created your body is at work.

The masterly way in which it darted here and there as if aware of every twist and turn in the body. Most probably it was because of its almost unlimited dominance over the whole vital mechanism, that the ancient writers named Kundalini as the queen of the nervous system, controlling all the thousands of nadis or nerves in the body. For the same reason they have designated her as ‘Adhar Shakti’ on which depends the existence of the body and the universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The slow process of transformation

But I could detect no change in my mental capacity. I thought the same thoughts and both inside and out was the same mediocre type of man like millions of others. There was no doubt an extraordinary change in my nervous equipment, and a new type of force was now racing through my system (…).

Immediately after the crisis, however, I noticed a marked change in my digestive and eliminatory functions, a change so remarkable that it could not be assigned to accident, or to any other factor save the serpent fire and its effect on the organism.

It appeared as if I were undergoing a process of purgation, of internal purification of the organs and nerves (…)

It is the purification of organs and nerves, and if you are sick when you are going through this, then you may even experience pain in that diseased organ as the intense repair will be taking place. So the worse your physical condition is, the more pain you are likely to experience and the longer this cleansing process will take place.

(…) and that my digestive apparatus was being toned to a higher pitch of efficiency, to ensure a cleaner and healthier state of the nerves and other tissues.

…So that you are a more aware human being.

Being careful about your diet

I encountered no constipation or indigestion, provided I refrained from overloading the stomach and followed strictly the regimen of eating which experience was forcing on me.

When you are born-again, your system becomes much more sensitive so you refrain from eating toxic food or overeating, as the consequences will be worse than for a body that wasn’t cleansed in such a way.

Also, Gopi had to eat at certain intervals and if he did not, he experienced severe pains. This never happened to me though, and I believe that Gopi experienced this necessity only because of the damage that was done by the fiery energy to his stomach.

My most important and essential duty now was to feed the sacred flame [the digestive fire] with healthy food, at proper intervals, with due regard to the fact that the diet was nourishing, containing all the ingredients and vitamins needed for the maintenance of a robust and healthy body.

Hindu rituals symbolize inner processes

I was now a spectator of a weird drama enacted in my own body, in which an immensely active and powerful vital force, released all of a sudden by the power of meditation, was incessantly at work. I did not know at the time, that I was witnessing in my own body the immensely accelerated activity of an energy not yet known to science, which is carrying all mankind towards the heights of superconsciousness.

I little knew that the chaste sacrificial fire, to which so much sancitity and importance has been attached by all the ancient scriptures of India, fed after being lighted with the oblation of clarified butter, dry fruits of the choicest kinds, sugary substances, and cereals, all nourishing and purifying articles of food, is but a symbolic representation of the transforming fire, lit in the body by Kundalini, requiring when lit, the offering of easily digestible and nutritive food and complete chastity of thought and deed, to enable it to perform its godly task, which normally takes epochs, within the span of a man’s life.

Due to his personal experience, Gopi began to realize that Hindu worship methods were nothing more but symbols to what happens within. I am gradually arriving at the same conclusion – even Hindu gods represent aspects of the universe and one’s consciousness, though worldly-minded people worship statues without being aware that they are only symbols.

Christians borrowed from Egyptian and Hindu mysteries

Since I mentioned the word “born-again” quite a few times in this article, I must also let you know that this phrase wasn’t originally Christian. As many other things, Christians borrowed it from other religions. Being born-again, or being spiritually-born, or second-born are phrases found in Egyptian mysteries as well as Hinduism.

In Talmud we read that Yeshua was the magician who learnt his magic from Egypt. If he was indeed an Egyptian initiate, then it becomes clear why he used esoteric/hermetic phrases that he did, like the mentioned “born-again” experience, not casting pearls to the swine (a hermetic saying), being called “Master Builder” (Rabboni), being a corner-stone, building his church on a rock, and so forth. These phrases are known in freemasonry as well, of course.

Being transformed by a master-mind

After a few days I found that the luminous current was acting with full knowledge of the task it had to perform, functioning in complete harmony with the bodily organs, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, obeying its own laws and acting with a superior intelligence beyond my comprehension. The living fire, invisible to everyone else, darted here and there as if guided unerringly by a master-mind.

With marvelous agility it raced from one spot to another, exciting this organ to greater activity, slowing down another, causing a greater or lesser flow of this secretion or that. Stimulating the heart and liver, bringing about countless functional and organic changes in the innumerable cells, blood vessels, nerve fibres, and other tissues, I watched the phenomenon in amazement.

Kundalini is the energy of the universe; it’s the energy that created you. When you relax into the awakening process, you allow her to work in your body. When you relax into this process, you don’t hinder the process and kundalini attempts to make changes as fast as it’s comfortable so that you experience expanded consciousness and her other gifts as soon as possible.

No help in the land of India

Without mentioning my condition, I talked to several scholars and sadhus [the holy men of India – most are very far from holy] well versed in tantric lore, with the object of gleaning some useful hints for myself, but found to my sorrow, that beyond a parrot-like repetition of information gathered from books, they could not give me any advice or authoritative guidance based on experience.

Most of those people who pretend to be holy (sadhus, gurus, sanyasis, brahmacharis) and who wear white or orange robes to display that which they don’t have, are still fallen men and are far from saints. The regeneration process did not happen, but because they are well-versed in sacred Indian lore, gullible people (both western tourists and some (usually poor) Indians) wrongly think that they are enlightened.

On the other hand, not infrequently, they admitted frankly that it was not easy to grasp the meaning of the texts dealing with Kundalini yoga, and that they themselves had encountered difficulties at many a place.

Gopi Krishna was unable to find help among the saints of India. He got more help from books than people.

Then there were the ordinary sadhus gathered in colonies or living alone or roaming about from place to place. I had seen and talked to many of them since my boyhood, and the impressions I had gathered provided for hope that there would be even one among them capable of advising me correctly about my condition.

The only alternative open to me was to make a widespread search for one. But I had neither the means nor the physical capacity to travel from place to place looking for a yogi in the vast subcontinent of India, with its endless variety of monastic order and spiritual cults, its religious mendicants, sadhus and saints, who could correctly diagnose my trouble and heal it with his own spiritual powers.

I consulted other holy men and sought for guidance from many reputed quarters without coming across a single individual who could boldly assert that he actually possessed intimate personal knowledge of the condition, and could confidently answer my questions.

Those who talked with dignified reserve, looking very wise and deep, ultimately turned out to be as wanting in accurate information about the mysterious power as those of a more unassuming nature. And thus in the great country which had given birth to the lofty science of Kundalini thousands of years ago, and whose very soil is permeated with its fragrance, and whose rich religious lore is full of reference to it, I found no one able to help me.

Kundalini at work

The only thing I was sure of was that a new kind of activity had developed in my nervous system, but I could not determine which particular nerve or nerves were involved. I could clearly mark the location at the extremity of the spinal cord and around the lower orifice.

There undeniably was the abode of Kundalini, as described by yogis, the place where she lies asleep in the normal man, coiled three and a half times round the lowest triangular end of the spine, awakened to activity with proper exercises, of which concentration is the main adjunct.

Had I been under the guidance of a master, my doubts might have been resolved earlier but having neither the practical experience of a teacher to draw upon, nor enough theoretical knowledge of the subject to enable me to form a conclusive opinion independently, I remained vacillating in my ideas about the condition.

A hidden science

The descriptions of Chakras and Lotuses, of supernatural signs and omens of the miraculous powers attainable, the genesis of the system and the origin of the various methods, are so overdone and full of exaggeration, that to the uninitiated the whole embodiment in the ancient literature appears preposterous, if not incredible.

From such material it is extremely difficult for the modern seeker to gain knowledge of the subject, divested of supernatural and mythological lore, or to find clarification for doubts and difficulties.

Here he’s talking in reference to the available holy books on the subject of kundalini.

Judged from the fantastic accounts contained in the writings not only in the original ancient treatises but also in some of the modern books, Kundalini for an intelligent, can be no more than a myth.

In India no other topic has such a mass of literature as Yoga and the supernatural, and yet no penetrating light is thrown on Kundalini, nor has any expert provided more information than is furnished in the ancient works. The result is that except for perhaps a few almost inaccessible masters, there is no one in India, the home of the science, to whom one can look for authoritative knowledge.

Vital energy in human body

Prana, manifesting itself as vital energy, is the cause of all organic phenomena, controlling
the organisms by means of the nervous system and the brain. Prana, in modern terminology ‘vital energy’ assumes different aspects to discharge different functions in the body. It circulates in the system in two separate streams, one with fervid and the other with frigid effect, clearly perceptible to yogis in the awakened condition.

From my own experience I can also unhesitatingly affirm that there are two main types of vital currents in the body, which have a cooling or heating effect on the system. Prana and apana exist side by side in the system in every tissue and every cell, the two flowing through the higher nerves and their tiny ramifications as two distinct currents. Their passage is never felt in the normal state of consciousness, the nerves being accustomed to the flow from the very commencement of life.

The two streams of energy within a human body are located on right and left sides of the body. The left side is the lunar stream of energy which relaxes and is connected with mental activity. The solar stream of energy is energizing and is related to vital force. I

f a person is tired, he can start breathing through his right nostril to energize the body (just don’t overdo it as the breath is connected to your brain and directly affects it). This kind of breathing helps in digestion as well.

Whilst if a person is agitated and has difficulty falling asleep, he should start breathing through the left nostril, thus activating the calming lunar stream of energy.

Prana and apana exist side by side in the system in every tissue and every cell, the two flowing through the higher nerves and their tiny ramifications as two distinct curents. Their passage is never felt in the normal state of consciousness, the nerves being accustomed to the flow from the very commencement of life.

Missing spiritual gifts

With the restoration of my faculties and the growing clarity of mind I began to speculate about my condition. I read all that came my way pertaining to Kundalini and Yoga, but did not come across any account of a similar phenomenon.

The darting warm and cold currents, the effulgence in the head, the unearthly sounds in the ears, and the gripping fear, were all mentioned. There was no sign in me of clairvoyance or of ecstasy, or of communication with disembodied spirits or of any other extraordinary psychic gift, all considered to be the distinctive characteristics of an awakened Kundalini.

Therefore not all people experience the phenomena traditionally connected with kundalini awakening.

Frightening images in mind

Often in the silence and darkness of my room at night, I found myself looking with dread at horribly disfigured faces and distorted forms. They left me trembling with fear, unable to account for their presence.

This happens when you are going through the purification of your subconscious mind. What you need to do for them to go away once and for all is not to block them but to actually acknowledge that they are part of your psyche. This non-resistance to that which you have inside will release that negative energy (that you yourself caused because of negative thoughts – which manifested as mental images).

Then that energy can be used for your benefit. If you don’t dissolve those thought-forms, they will keep haunting you during the purification process and negative events will keep manifesting in your life as long as the subconscious holds those images.

New-age tends to advice to ignore negativity inside and outside. But this ignorance doesn’t solve the problem. If a room in your house is not clean it won’t get cleaned if you keep the door shut and pretend that the room doesn’t exist. So your attention to that problem is important.

Christians think that all negative entities are demons. Yes, there are some demons that are external, but people create their own demons in the form of thoughts. When you think a thought, you see an image in your mind. So your negative thoughts can also manifest as frightening beings in your mind. When you are not afraid to face and dissolve them, you will no longer be afraid of external demons as well.

I was not sure at that time whether the visions afforded actual glimpses of a supermundane existence, or were mere figments of my now highly excited and virtually glowing imagination. I did not know what was making me perennially conscious of luminosity, as if my own intangible mental stuff had been metamorphosed into a radiant substance, and this metamorphosis of the mind substance was responsible for radiancy in the thought images.

The return of strength and balance

I continued to attend to my household and official duties, gaining more and more strength every day. After a few more weeks I was able to work attentively for hours with my now transformed mental equipment, without feeling any distressing symptoms. Gradually, as my power of endurance developed and moments of fear grew rarer,

I became more reconciled to my apparent abnormality, and was not now as acutely conscious of the movements of the newly generated vital current in my spinal cord and other nerve tracks, as I had been earlier.

In the course of time the passage of the current through the scattered nervous threads became less perceptible, and often I did not notice it at all.

Wrong perception of enlightenment

The six months of that summer spent in Kashmir passed without any remarkable event or noteworthy
change in me. The stir caused by my strange indisposition died down gradually [among the people that knew him].

Most persons who had any knowledge of it attributed my sudden breakdown to mental causes, but a whisper had gone around in some quarters that my strange distemper was the outcome of yoga practices intimately connected with Kundalini.

As a result the curious came to see me on one pretext or another, trying to elicit further information. For many of them, the mere awakening of the serpent power meant a precipitate plunge into the supernatural.

They were not blameworthy. Most men seem to have the notion that it is but a step from human to cosmic consciousness, a step as easily and safely taken as crossing a threshold leading from a smaller into a larger room.

This shows that most people are largely ignorant of what this born-again experience is and they compare it with becoming god-like.

This fallacious idea is often bolstered by incompetent guides, trading on the credulity of mankind, who claim knowledge of yoga, and ability to bring about positive results in their disciples, themselves utterly unaware of the fact that yoga, as a progressive science, has been dead for the last hundreds of years.

In olden days the serious and difficult nature of the task was fully recognized, and the aspirants who set about it took full care to divest themselves of all worldly responsibilities. They developed a stoical attitude of mind, prepared to meet all eventualities without flinching or yielding under stress.

Fake gurus attract masses, real teachers remain unknown

To the inquiries directed to gathering more information about my experience for frivolous reasons, I usually turned a deaf ear, maintaining a reserve which has continued to this day. Failing to gain satisfaction for their curiosity and finding no remarkable change in me, the story of my spiritual adventure was treated as a myth, and to some I even became an object of ridicule, for having mistaken a physical ailment for a divine dispensation.

Those gurus who are fake usually attract thousands or millions of devotees, especially if they are black magicians. People cannot discern between real awakening and the use of demon power. Because of their ignorance, they are destroyed.

Fake gurus displaying their spirituality through their clothes and external appearance are unregenerate men who use demon power to enslave the masses. People turn to them as to saints, feeling their power but not understanding its source. Fooled by the looks and not aware of the occult, they don’t discern a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Fake gurus who use black magic enslave the souls of their devotees and suck all the money from them. They get a spiritual glow and power as they suck the energy from the unsuspecting devotees, especially in the form of worship.

Those who are truly born-again but don’t show off the fact (though they are the only ones that can wear saintly robes without hypocrisy) nor do they pretend to have other-worldly powers (and if they do, they never display it for show), aren’t noticed by the public who judges only by external appearance and the show of magic tricks.

Those who are born-again won’t look different from others unless you have a spiritual sight to see the energy around them, or you are very attentive and understand that the person transcended evil traits (most people are self-absorbed and therefore incapable of focusing on anyone but themselves, thus they are poor judges).

Unwillingness to read or write

I felt no inclination to read in the evening, as had been my habit in the past, or to do any mental work.

Exactly the same happened to me. After being born-again I wanted nothing to do with either reading or writing. All I wanted to do was to ground myself. I believe this was happening so that my mind would have a long rest. It experienced a huge transformation and it needed rest.

Only after over a year this hunger for learning is returning, and now I’m reading many books. I thought that the desire to read or write would never return, but it surely is returning, though writing is still not as loved as it was before (I prefer making videos to writing, but I know many of my subscribers prefer reading to watching videos, so that’s why I write articles).

Gopi Krishna also concluded that his aversion to those activities was due to the brain needing rest:

Treating this as a hint from within not to tax the brain any further, I retired usually to my room for relaxation and rest soon after dinner.

The gifts of kundalini

In view of the immense significance of the regenerative and transformative processes at work in my body, especially during sleep, which ultimately resulted in the development of psychic gifts, never possessed by me until the age of over forty-six, it is necessary to dwell on this most important phase of my singular experience.

Gopi Krishna says that you may develop psychic gifts (I would call them spiritual and not psychic though) after opening your crown chakra, but they are likely to be granted years after the experience and not instantly as new-age puts it.

Also, if people want to awaken kundalini because they are lusting for those gifts, they would either fail to awaken this wise power, or if they awaken it, she will destroy them. People lusting for such gifts are impure mentally, physically and spiritually, and therefore this power will consume them.

In Christianity God is told to be the consuming fire as well; only those who are pure survive this purificatory trial. The only thing that saved me from insanity after opening the crown chakra was my sincere desire to know God. I did not want any power but just the knowledge of who the Creator was.

Transformation of personality

If the historic record extending to more than thirty centuries embodied in the Vedas [ancient texts of India] and other spiritual texts is to be relied upon, the ancient society of IndoAryans abounded with numerous genuine instances of transfiguration by means of spiritual strivings and yoga.

This resulted in the complete metamorphosis of personality. As a result individuals of a common caliber were transformed into visionaries of extraordinary attainments, by the touch of an invisible power which they recognized and worshiped with appropriate ceremony.

Complete metamorphosis of personality happens gradually and it takes many years to fully change; and I don’t think that there’s an end to that change but it keeps on leading people to perfection. So kundalini can be said to speed up the natural process that happens in a human being, and therefore they achieve more perfection in one lifetime than those whose kundalini stays asleep.

Higher plane of consciousness

Because of the drastic restrictions laid on his sensual equipment and the extremely narrow bounds of his mental orbit, the average man is utterly unable to form even dimly, a conception of a deathless, incorporeal conscious energy, of infinite volume, penetrative power and mobility.

The main stumbling block in the visualization of even a slightly higher plane of consciousness is the normally unalterable and limited capacity of the human brain, which in each individual, is able to utilize only a specific quantity of life energy for the activity of the body and the mind.

There is no known method by which the brain of a normal man can be made to overstep the boundaries set to it by nature, though it can be improved and sharpened with application and study.

The question to be answered is whether this transition from one sphere of consciousness to another can be effected, and whether there are any authentic instances of it during recent times. The answer to the first part of the question is an emphatic ‘yes’. Whole armoury of every system of yoga, of every occult creed and of every esoteric religious doctrine is directed to this end.

I could not agree more with the last paragraph. This is the very conclusion my research is leading me to. However, yoga directly awakens kundalini so it should be engaged in only by serious aspirants and not those people who are not ready to give up worldly things and personal attachments.

That’s the problem with the mainstream yoga of the West. Westerners took an occult spiritual practice of ascetics and gave it to career-oriented people, the wealthy or upper-class who love their comforts, or mothers attached to their children. If in such people kundalini is awakened by accident, their lives as well as sanity may fall apart.

On occult

Since the last quoted passage had the word “occult” in it, I feel I should comment on this field of knowledge. Christian pastors demonize it, thus church goers are afraid to look into it. By fear people are kept in ignorance.

Occult is an accurate knowledge of how this universe and human mind/body work. If you know it, you will greatly benefit from this knowledge.

However, occult is greatly misused by evil people, and that’s why it has negative associations in most people’s minds. In truth, occult is not evil, but is just a tool. It’s up to you how you will use it.

Preparing the body for kundalini is vital

The only shortcoming, which makes the claim appear absurd and fantastic to a strictly scientific mind, is that the biological process by which the change can be brought about has not been explained which is that the human mind can win entry to supersensory realms without affecting the body in any way.

Almost all the methods in use for gaining visionary experience or supersensory perception – concentration, breathing, exercises, postures, prayer, fasting, asceticism and the like – effect both the organic frame and the mind. It is reasonable to suppose that any change brought about by their means in the sphere of thought must also be preceded by alterations in the chemistry of the body.

The ancient authorities on yoga, though aware of the important role played by the physical organism in developing supersensory channels of cognition, and fully conversant with the methods for diverting its energies in this direction, were far more interested in the spiritual than in the physical side of the science.

They attached little significance to the biological changes occurring in the flesh as compared to the resulting momentous developments in the realm of mind. The general level of knowledge in those days and the tendencies of the time also precluded the possibility of such an investigation.

Even the advocates of Kundalini Yoga, starting with the discipline and purification of internal organs, have failed to give that status to the corporeal frame as the sole channel for success in yoga, leading to transcendence, as it deserved.

Although ancient Indian ascetics took many years to prepare their bodies for kundalini awakening through Hatha yoga, body purification, controlled breathing and meditation, they did not spend much time describing those methods in their texts on kundalini.

That is unfortunate, because this knowledge is crucial in our toxin-filled world. Premature awakening of kundalini in an unhealthy body is likely to result in some permanent body damage as well as insanity (the brain is weak if the body is weak).

Years of preparation

It was to bring it to the required degree of fitness that the initiates devoted precious years of their lives to the acquirement of proficiency in maintaining difficult postures in the art of cleaning the colon, the stomach, the nasal passages and throat, in holding the breath almost to the point of asphyxiation, and in other extremely hard, even dangerous, practices.

In the light of the facts mentioned in this volume, it is not difficult to see that they are all indicative of a sustained endeavour to purify and regulate the system in order to adjust it to the heightened state of perception.

This was also a preliminary arduous preparation of the body to bear safely a possible shock, or excessive strain, on the bursting of the vital storm in it, released to effect drastic organic changes. It is however, abundantly clear that all the exercises were directed towards the manipulation of a definite organic control system in the body, capable of bringing about the earnestly desired consummation by mysterious means, even less understood now, than they were in olden days.

Average body of today will not withstand kundalini force

It was only now that I really began to recognize myself, the being who about a year before had sat cross legged in meditation, bent on invoking the supersensible, little knowing in his ignorance that the average human frame of today, emasculated a faulty civilization and enervated by uncontrolled ambitions and desires, is not strong enough to bear the splendour, of the mighty vision without long preparatory training, austerity, and discipline.

Slowly it began to dawn upon me that the torture I suffered in the beginning was caused by the unexpected release of the Powerful vita energy through a wrong nerve, pingala, and that the but blast coursing through my nerve, and brain cells would have undoubtedly led to death but for the miraculous intervention at the last minute.

Later on my suffering was probably due, firstly to the damage already sustained by my nervous system secondly, to the fact that I was entirely uninitiated into the mystery; and thirdly and mainly, to the circumstance that my body though above the average in muscular strength, was not sufficiently developed internally to withstand with impunity the sudden on rush of a much more dynamic and potent life energy than that to which the average human body is normally accustomed.

He himself affirms that although he was of greater muscular strength than an average person, he nearly died because of the wrong way of awakening kundalini. I myself was able to withstand this awakening because I did yoga several hours each day, and other time was spent in meditation and reading spiritual material.

Kundalini finishes the work she starts

I had experienced enough to realize that this powerful vital force, once let loose even by accident, cannot be restrained from carrying one onward and upwards towards a higher and more penetrating consciousness for which it is the one and the only instrument.

Once kundalini is awakened, she will strive to complete her work. You can pause her work, however, and she won’t overpower you. The best chances of stopping her quickly if you are not prepared to go through the experience is to stop her as soon as you notice that things are getting out of control.

I paused this process for more than a year but now I’m no longer afraid to allow kundalini to do her work. And as soon as I allowed it, the purification and transformation process of my body and consciousness resumed.

Transcendental consciousness

The awakening of Kundalini, it seemed to me, implied the introduction into the human body of a higher form of nerve force by the constant sublimation of the human seed, leading ultimately to the radiant transcendental consciousness.

The state of exalted and extended consciousness permeated with an inexpressible, supermundane happiness, which I experienced on the first appearance of the serpent fire in me. It was an internal phenomenon, subjective in nature, indicating an expansion of the field of awareness, or the cognitive self, formless, invisible, and infinitely subtle, impossible to delineate or depict.

In this quote Gopi Krishna describes expanded consciousness. After some time of awakening you start feeling a definite blissful undercurrent of your being that never leaves you. I strongly believe it is the heaven within that Yeshua talked about.

That feeling is always in the background. You may turn away from it if something disturbing happens externally, but as soon as you center yourself, you are again in bliss. That bliss is not a feeling per se, but the background of your being that’s always there. It’s very hard to explain.

Speaking more precisely, there was ego consciousness as well as a vastly extended field of awareness, existing side by side, both distinct yet one.

Fully restored personality

At the time of my coming to Jammu I had gained my equilibrium of mind and soon after was restored fully to myself, with all my individual traits and peculiarities.

After more than a year my individuality is coming back as well. Not that the old self is there, but what was good in the old self is being restored; the newly gained spiritual aspects are there too. I’m not saying that this makes you into a saint, but things are definitely changing for the better.

But the unmistakable alteration in my cognitive faculty, which I had noticed for some time and of which I was constantly reminded when contemplating an external object or an internal mental image, underwent no modification, except that with the passage of time, the luminous circle in my head grew larger and larger by imperceptible degrees, with a corresponding increase in the area of consciousness.

Seeing things in a deeper way

After years of the awakening, Gopi started seeing silvery luminosity around all the objects, as well as deeper colors. For example, he could look for hours at the blue sky. He saw the depth of the color blue and not a flat color that we see. The experience was so heavenly that he could look at the sky for a long time. This spiritual development never left him.

Examining myself closely for any other change in my sensual perceptions, I became conscious of the fact that there had occurred an amplification and refining of auditory sensations also [the same happened to me], as a result of which the sounds I now heard possessed an exotic quality and distinctiveness.

The alteration was not, however, so marked and striking as the change in visual impression until a few years later. The olfactory, gustatory, and tactile centres as well exhibited a peculiar sensitivity and acuteness clearly perceptible, but in point of magnitude nothing compared to what had happened with my sight.

Different born-again people will experience different developments. For some it will be about vision improvement, for others – hearing, yet for others – feeling. All the senses might be enhanced also.

The phenomenon was observable during darkness too. At night, lamps glowed with a new brilliance, while illuminated objects glistened with a peculiar lustre not wholly borrowed from the lamps.

The old self is giving way to the new

Wherever I went and whatever I did, I was conscious of myself in the new form, cognizant of the radiance within and the lustrous objectivity without. I was changing. The old self was yielding place to a new personality endowed with a brighter, more refined and artistic perceptive equipment, developed from the original one by a strange process of cellular and organic transformation.

Indeed when you awaken, you become much more objective. This will be difficult for your unawakened friends and relatives to deal with. It will seem to them that you’re taking the side of an enemy, since they are identified with their beliefs and consider those not thinking along the same lines as enemies or strangers.

This transformation process is beautiful and it strives to align you more and more closely to the truth. The world hates this change as it’s ruled by the powers of darkness. Once the process starts, you cannot stop it, but would you want to even if you could? You know that the end result is what you always desired.


There are more passages to quote but this article is already getting very long so I will stop here. Later on Gopi Krishna had fully adjusted to all the body and mind changes. More spiritual gifts were given years after his awakening. That process of transformation never stopped, nor I think it stops in anyone. He was continuously being transformed until his death.

Gopi never became a guru because he never wanted to fool people. He wanted people to learn to help themselves rather than looking for an external savior. The power is within each of us, but people don’t want to know it because deep inside they know that it would require a lot of work. It’s easier to expect to be saved by some external person or force.

Although he never became a guru, later Gopi became famous due to his intelligence. His intelligence as a result of his awakening kept developing and he attracted many people with his speeches. I believe most Indians know his name even today (he died in 1984) and Wikipedia has a page about him too.

If you’re interested in the kundalini phenomenon, I highly recommend this book. It’s an honest account of what Gopi had to go through, and it’s written in such a way that it sucks you into the story from the very beginning and you feel as though you are there with him going through the ordeals.

Again, this book is called Kundalini: Path to Higher Consciousness by Gopi Krishna. It’s available online here.

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