A true sign of spiritual birth is when you no longer experience human moods caused by the ego. This is because you’re in the neutral – in the middle way, the Sushumna nadi of Hindus.

People who are unregenerate are happy one day and sad the next; they are still in duality, so their moods show it. They are slaves of the moods and they have no willpower to change the situation.

They are still in Ida and Pingala nadis, as opposed to the strait and narrow way of Jesus, which is the Sushumna nadi: 

Ida, Pingala, Sushumna nadis

Ida, Pingala, Sushumna nadis

As you still live in a human body, planets will influence it. Thus, when Saturn is influencing you, you may feel the wave of sadness, for example.

But when you’re born again, you know those waves of emotion are externally influenced, and therefore you ignore them.

I’m not saying that when you’re born again you cannot smile or feel sad for the terrible state of humanity, for example. But human emotions of being one day happy and the other upset no longer plague you. You also cannot feel true anger, nor jealousy, nor passionate love or hate.

You’re in the middle way – in the Sushumna nadi. That’s the strait and narrow way of Jesus, the stream of Buddha, the razor’s edge of esoterists. It’s the middle way of Zen. All traditions speak about the same thing.

When you get centered, you have found that way. You establish yourself there until you are born again. Meditation helps you to achieve the state of being centered.

The sign then, that the birth happened, would be you always wanting to go back to the equilibrium, to the center, whenever you feel swerving from it.

That is in total opposition to how the masses act when they are getting out of balance; they get to the depths of sadness and happiness, always alternating between the two poles of the scale, never getting hold of the balance between the two – the middle way.

That’s why Jesus told that there are very few who find that strait and narrow way.

Do you find yourself ruled by moods? Do you find yourself one day happy, the other sad? There are no permanent personal development fixes to such highs and lows of moods except one is born again. To get born-again, kundalini must rise.

It awakens when one leads a moral life, and always strives to adhere to the truth. It awakens when one takes action out of love and compassion, and doesn’t lie to himself about the motivation behind the actions.

On must also save the Christ seed, which I explain how to do here.