The reason some women are attracted to men who are dangerous or bad in any other sense is mainly because of particular star and planet combinations they were born under. These celestial bodies have sealed the preferences of such women and there’s very little that can be done about it (I will talk about what can be a done a little later).

For example, if you have Lilith in your seventh house of marriage and unions, you will tend to attract destructive people. If you have the asteroid Chiron, you will tend to attract those who are wounded in some way, like being emotionally wounded. Many women with such a placement in their natal charts would believe that they could change those men, but that’s an illusion. Unless a man himself is ready to heal and change, it won’t happen.

If you have Saturn in your house of marriage, you will tend to attract and fall in love with people older than you. So as you can see, our preferences are sealed by the stars and planets.

In this article I would like to describe the psychology of women who fall for bad men. Their psychology is very well known to me because I’m of that type also. I only fell in love with guys who were dangerous in some way all my life, and, again, this has to do with what was written in the stars for me when I was born.

This preference cannot change, it is sealed. Yes, some women may try to escape their fate by getting into relationships with guys who are considered safe. But they will suffer in such a relationship even more, feeling confined, and perceiving their time together as boring and empty.

Women fall for bad guys because those guys are attractive. The pure Mars energy manifesting through their actions is absolutely magnetic. I will be honest with you – even the fact that they are dangerous or violent is attractive, because it’s masculine energy. That’s why those who are often involved in fights don’t lack female affection.

I personally see it this way. A lion is absolutely fascinating to watch, but you won’t want to approach this wild animal. I take the same stance with my preference, and this is one of the reasons why I stay celibate. I still find such men attractive and I always will, but I learnt that appreciating them from a distance is the safest thing to do!

So it’s the pure Mars energy, pure masculine energy that women find attractive. It’s not even about how a man looks, but with what purity that energy manifests itself. It’s magnetic, it’s attractive, it’s seductive, but it’s destructive too.

Whereas men who are nurturing and faithful have more feminine energy, and that’s attractive to a certain type of women too, depending on the star map they were born under. The only danger here for men is that they may attract women who only use them for money but aren’t really in love with them.

Also, a woman who financially depends on a man will never express her true preferences, because she’s afraid that her financial well-being is threatened. So you can only find out what a woman prefers if she is completely financially independent.

There is only one thing to do, apart  from completely staying away from destructive men, that I know of. And that’s to develop or to no longer repress your dark side. Because if you don’t allow it to exist within you, you will always be attracted to it in other people.

Knowing the way this universe works, I don’t see any other way to deal with this situation. Opposites will always attract each other, so either you have those opposites in you, or you have only the positive side, and then you, like a magnet, will attract the negative side from the outside.

So this is the psychology of women who fall in love with bad guys, and some solutions of what to do about it. If you have more suggestions about this situation, please do leave a comment below.

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