How to manifest money

In this post, I’ll explain how to manifest money in your life in the easiest way possible – by taking five simple steps.

Just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean everyone will manifest abundance by taking these steps. Perseverance is important, as well as understanding that in this physical world, things can take some time to materialize.

Let’s start with the first step in how to manifest more abundance in your life.

1st step in money manifestation – believing that it’s possible

1st step in money manifestation - believing it's possible

The most important thing to deal with in how to manifest money is your mindset. The wrong mindset repels money, whilst the right mindset serves as a magnet to abundance.

In order to check for any limiting beliefs that might prevent you from attracting wealth, you must start imagining yourself as wealthy. You should imagine how you spend your wealth, which places you visit, what you do on a daily basis.

Monitor how you feel. If you notice that some negative thoughts spring up as a result of such visualization, note them down. Then look at them and understand that those are not facts, but just beliefs.

Such thoughts could be:

  • “I could never have such a lifestyle”
  • “I don’t deserve such money”
  • “It takes hard work to afford such things”

Watch for how you feel and what you think during visualization. Correct wrong thoughts that give birth to negative emotions.

Also, make sure you visualize something that’s stretching your comfort zone, but it’s not way beyond it. Because if you visualize something that’s very different to your current situation, it will simply feel unbelievable. This will defeat the whole purpose of visualization.

The purpose of visualization is for you to start living in a new feeling that will eventually manifest your new life. So if, instead of feeling thrilled and having butterflies in your stomach, you just feel like the vision is way out of your reach, you won’t vibrate in the right way to attract your desire.

2nd step in how to manifest money: leaping before you’re ready

2nd step in how to manifest money - commit before you're ready

Another powerful technique of how to make money is leaping before you’re ready. I do this all the time, and I find it to increase my income very fast.

To use it, you need to sign up for something when you don’t yet have enough resources to get it.

For example, maybe you want to go on an exciting vacation, but you find yourself having not enough money for it. To implement this technique, you need to commit to it by spending money on a part of the trip.

For example, you can commit to your decision by buying flight tickets to the destination.

If you show trust in the Universe, you will find that the money soon reaches you to afford the whole trip.

This technique always works as long as you don’t block the arrival of money with fearful “what if” thoughts and negative beliefs. You must be in the mood of excitement and expectation to keep the vibrational gates open for the rest of the money to reach you.

The reason this spiritual technique works is that by leaping before you’re ready, you’re creating a vacuum in the Universe which must be filled. It’s like when you take a cup of water from a lake, it doesn’t leave a dent, but the water gets levelled up almost instantly.

This is how it is with your actions, too. That’s because every beginning of the action has its end. The only reason some people unknowingly prolong the end is through their negative thinking.

Then still, the completion of their desires is waiting for them in the astral realm. But sometimes they themselves get in the way of experiencing it on the physical plane.

3rd step in manifesting money – maintaining vibration

3rd step in how to manifest abundance: do what makes you happy

A very common reason many people fail to manifest what they want is that they either change their visualized outcome, or they stop maintaining the energy of excited expectation.

Since we live in a physical dimension which has time, we cannot manifest instantly. So sometimes, it takes a while for our manifestations to reach us. It’s important, therefore, to maintain the same high vibration, the vibration of our goals, in order for them to become our reality.

You can maintain the vibration of your goals by visualizing them as already achieved, and getting the feeling out of thinking about them. The more intense the feeling and the longer you’re able to sustain it on a daily basis, the quicker your manifestation will reach you.

So talk to yourself about it. Write about it. Indulge in seeing yourself having the goal achieved. Soon, you will start seeing the reality changing and moulding itself around your goal.

4th step in how to manifest money: dealing with obstacles correctly

4th step in how to manifest money: deal with obstacles the right way

It’s important to understand that obstacles are essential for you to change your levels of vibration so that you attract money. Without obstacles, there is no progress, so obstacles shouldn’t be seen negatively.

When more obstacles come as a result of your visualization, get excited. It’s a sign that you’re making progress towards your desires.

In order for the obstacles to resolve faster, don’t look at them as blocks to your desires, but as steps upwards. Also, focus on the solution rather than a problem.

See the situation resolved, and you’ll get inspiration about how to overcome it. That’s because you’ll be dwelling on the same vibration as the solution of the problem.

5th step in manifesting abundance: setting higher goals

Last step to manifest money: what's next?

In this world, if you relax after achieving your goal, you’ll start stalling. Everything in this physical world is either growing or dying. In order to establish yourself in an abundance vibration, once you achieve your goal, set a higher one, therefore.

Also, understand that there’s no ultimate goal to achieve, after which you’ll feel totally content. The nature of our being is to always expand and improve. So after one goal is achieved, set a new one, as in doing that, you not only aid in your own spiritual expansion, but in the expansion of the Universe.

By playing this spiritual game well (the game of manifesting), you’re doing a great service to all. You’re enriching not only yourself, but the entire Universe with your new experiences.

By learning to play this game well, you’ll understand your nature better, because as souls, we are playful and highly creative, and we flow with our desires to build ever new experiences.


Follow these five steps of how to manifest money and you’ll surely start attracting abundance. For those who like affirmations, you can also read this abundance prayer, a prayer to manifest wealth that worked for many of my readers.

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