I’m sure everyone of you knows about how manifesting works. Though some teachers can slightly differ in how they describe this technique, they all describe pretty much the same way of manifesting.

It’s about picturing in your mind what you want to possess as often as you can, infusing that vision with emotion, staying in that emotion for as long as possible, and then sending this out into the Universe with no clinging, so that it’s returned to you in a manifested form.

But there are some steps missing in this manifestation process, and this post is going to be about these three missing links.

Remove limiting beliefs

If you hold beliefs which go directly against what you desire, you will either not get your manifestation, or you will get it after much unnecessary struggle and obstacles.

For example, if you want to get greater wealth but you have a belief that wealthy people are greedy or bad, you are not likely to manifest much money. What’s important to note is that you may not even be aware that you hold a certain belief, because it could be a genetic one.

So, for example, if your ancestors were poor and oppressed by the rich, you may carry with you a belief that wealth is bad.

So it’s important to energy test yourself for the beliefs that are opposite to each of your desired manifestations. If you want me to write about the energy testing method I like using, let me know in the comments and I will write an article about it.

Ground your energy

People who don’t like this world and are into spirituality often have their energy in their upper chakras, especially the crown and third eye chakras. Because their soul dwells there, the manifestation cannot be embodied into this existence – it stays on the higher planes.

That’s why you get very spiritual people who are poor on this earth plane.

So to be a powerful manifester, you must bring your whole soul into your body – right down to your heels.

To do that, you can use your breath to aid you. When you breathe in, imagine absorbing the white light above and around you, and when you breathe out, push it down, so that it permeates your entire body.

Some people also choose to bring greater energy fields into their bodies that are cosmic, and for that, you can imagine taking in the matrix-like energy field that is surrounding you. If you do it often enough, this can give greater guidance and a better understanding of your life’s purpose.

Give something in return

Nothing on this earth is free. There always needs to be an energy exchange. That’s why people who seek only free self-growth materials stay stuck – they are not willing to give anything of themselves, and therefore nothing is given to them.

Therefore, you must state to the Universe what you will give for your manifestation, and then take the action to show that you are serious about it. Just make sure that by then you no longer have the beliefs that for you to succeed, you must work very hard, etc. You can energy test for these too.

So do not overwork yourself, but yes, you must give something worthy of what you want to get.

Also, showing that you trust the Universe sometimes works in the same way, as you are investing your trust.

For example, buying a ticket to some event abroad, when you have no idea how you will manifest the rest of the travel expenses. This also takes you out of your comfort zone, which is another important manifestation ingredient which I will mention now as…

An extra tip

Everything new that you desire which you are still unable to get is out of your comfort zone. It’s sitting on a higher level than you’re currently at. So you must step out of your comfort zone to receive your desires.

Please do not delay it, as it’s easy to make excuses why you can’t do something uncomfortable now. This can keep you stuck for years, so hurry up and do something to prove that you can step out of your comfort zone.

I will give you a personal example that just happened recently.

I declared to the Universe that I’m ready for the next level of growth and abundance. I knew that after this, opportunities will come which I will have to take in order to move to this next level of my experience.

Shortly after, as I was sitting in a Goa cafe with my husband, I saw a YouTuber I sometimes watch – Johanna North. She was just there, walking past our cafe, with her husband and child. They were walking briskly, so by the time I recovered from my surprise, they were quite a distance away.

I was thinking whether to run to her to introduce myself, or whether not to do it, since I might frighten her as it was late;) My husband told I would see her again, so I could introduce myself next time. I listened to him, and, as he told, I again saw this family the day after.

This time I had to meet her. It was so uncomfortable! But though my heart was racing, I quickened my pace to catch up with them and to introduce myself.

We ended up talking for quite a long time at an intersection, and the next day she sent me an Instagram message to ask if I would like to join her at a cafe. I agreed, and we met, to spend a wonderful time together.

This experience showed the Universe that I’m indeed ready to receive what I desire, as I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone. After this experience, I received more clients than usual, and came across wonderful business growth materials which I’m implementing.

I also got invited to do a live video interview, and even to be voted for to receive a certain reward. I’ve just recently received this invitation, so I’ll research this, and if the proposal is legit, I’ll surely take it.

So take yourself out of your comfort zone as soon as possible, as it’s very easy to delay these things. So if you want to become more abundant, go to places you now shy away from, such as luxury stores. Check the items, touch them, try them, be in that vibration of wealth, and see yourself in that wealth.

Or if you want to have a successful business, start networking with people. I recommend Robert Kiyosaki cash flow groups available worldwide. I used to attend them in London and made some lifelong friendships with high achievers as a result.

And before doing all this, check if you have any beliefs about those uncomfortable actions you’re about to take, so that they don’t create unnecessary blocks and self-sabotage.

So these are all the tips I have to share with you today.

Let me know in the comments how you are going to implement them – that would be very interesting to hear!

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