I’m living my dream, and I wish you to do the same. It’s all about raising your vibration – this is the main job to accomplish.

The real raising of vibration, when you permanently shift your attraction point, is not easy.

At first, when you’re only starting out, it’s all exciting, and, as a result of your higher vibration, you do get to enjoy some of the higher manifestations.

But soon enough, your old vibration (which you may have had for years) starts reasserting itself, and then it becomes a daily fight with yourself to shift your base vibration.

For this reason, most people don’t make it. They start believing in the thoughts that spring from their base vibration, which drag them down to it. That’s why I created vibrational coaching – to help you daily raise your vibration until you can maintain it on your own.

What also helps to keep your vibration high is listening to inspirational videos, joyful music, staying centered, reading Inner Circle articles, starting your mornings on a happy note, and retiring at night with pleasant thoughts.

Once you truly understand that you are the creator of your life, you find daily inspiration to continue. And when your deliberate positive thinking and attention result in desirable manifestations, you become more motivated to continue on this magical path.

So the most important thing to focus on is keeping your vibration high. Armed with the knowledge that you are the sole creator of your life, don’t give up when the going gets tough, but fight to get yourself out of your usual vibration determining your current life.

Keep upping your emotional range so that you start living on a higher note, and your life starts manifesting the equivalent of this new vibration.

Hi, I'm Simona Rich, the author of this site.

I'm from Lithuania, though most of the time you'll find me somewhere in Asia.

I write about spirituality and self-improvement, and consult on those topics.

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