In this post, I’m going to share with you a very important lesson that I came across in A Course in Miracles. It’s about how to be safe and provided for no matter what.

(If you don’t know what ACIM is, I wrote an article about it.)

The course states that people feel unsafe and come up with different ways to secure the body, be it by having a stream of income, getting medicine, or having another body to be close by. Yet the body still feels unsafe, and it still gets stick.

That’s because these external things do not remove the root cause of body insecurity.

The root cause of this insecurity is the mind attacking itself.

Let me explain.

The course teaches that the mind has the habit of attacking itself, but it deflects the pain it feels into the body. So the body is perceived as ailing or afraid, instead of the mind. This the mind does so that you never find the cause of your pain.

A natural reaction to the body feeling insecure or unwell is to come up with ways to secure or heal it. This is what ACIM says about it:

You really think that you would starve unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs. You really think a small round pellet or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle will ward off disease and death. You really think you are alone unless another body is with you.

ACIM says that it’s insanity to think this way. The root cause is not addressed – the mind attacking itself.

If you have ever practiced mindfulness, you will know how attack-prone the mind is. Even if you were not hurt by anyone, it would create some imaginary argument, lash out on someone, judge someone, and so forth.

This is the mind attacking itself.

This is the activity that causes bodily disease and its lack of security.

If through retraining the mind you stop it attacking itself, you will never worry about bodily security as you would have removed the root cause of insecurity. Then you would be totally protected by the laws of God, and not needing the “laws” or “magic” that humans have come up with.

That would be a much more pleasant way to live, as the laws of God entitle us to everything, because we are the children of God. That means we don’t ever have to lack anything, we don’t ever have to have any bodily pain, and we can be happy the entire span of our earthly lives.

This is the original teaching of Jesus as seen in the gospels. He never worried about food, yet when he needed it, or others needed it, he could easily manifest it. He never worried about money, yet when the tax man wanted payment from him, he knew at that very moment where to get it.

This is the life that is called Heaven on Earth. You go about your day without any worries whatsoever, doing what you were sent here to do, and things just align themselves.

I’ve heard that the co-author of ACIM had achieved this stage. Everything he needed would simply appear just at the right time.

Can you imagine a life like this? You don’t see the evidence that you will be supplied for, yet you go about your day enjoying yourself, and trusting that at the time when you really be in need, you would be supplied for.

This is indeed possible for those who retrain their mind from an attack to peace mode. This is what ACIM really tries to get you to understand.

It’s not that bad things suddenly happen for no reason. It’s because you allow the mind to dwell on attack thoughts that the body gets hurt in one way or another.

Get in control of your mind by making it behave well, and your safety is assured. You are the creator of the woes and joys of your life. And you can prove this to yourself by applying this ACIM lesson.

Stop allowing the mind to indulge in any kind of separative, cruel, or judgmental thought. ACIM helps with that as it gives you daily lessons to do, which gradually change your mind to make it harmless to its own self, and therefore to the body too.

This is the ultimate protection. You are indeed under no laws but God’s. You can choose to align with them and be protected, or you can live in a self-created hell because of the mind attacking itself.

I think this is one of the most empowering messages anyone could ever hear. I hope you will be as inspired by it as I am.