I’ve applied these specific teachings before, but as a result of my shocking kundalini experience and then deconversion from Christianity, I stopped this practice. It’s A Course in Miracles, also known as ACIM, that now I’ve started practicing again.

The reason I stopped these teachings is because they have a Christian flavor. Yet they are not the same as biblical teachings. ACIM is believed to be the pure teaching of Jesus. I believe the original teachings of Jesus were changed in the Bible when Christianity became a tool of control and profit rather than salvation.

In ACIM it’s told you are saved already, you can never be lost. But a fraction of the Source separated into tiny pieces and became enveloped in their own little worlds. This is us now, and we can’t see reality the way that it is, we only see the projections of our own minds.

To save us from this insanity and get us back to the Source, this course was written. It was channeled by a person who never did channeling before but she was open to really understand this reality. It is believed to be written by Jesus.

It is also told that the Holy Spirit is always with you, that you cannot lose it. It’s a translator of the spiritual world and the messages from the Source. It can guide you to go back to God again.

It’s a huge course, consisting of 365 lessons. There is a lesson to do each day, and each lesson is about changing your mind and saving yourself from mind-projected illusions. It’s a deeply spiritual and psychological work, changing your beliefs and world view day by day.

And those lessons aren’t all that the course contains. It also has the main text, and the manual for teachers. So it’s a huge book, maybe even bigger than the Bible.

I remember owning it twice, but because I always travel, books do get lost. I’m hoping to get the book again, here in Lithuania, if I can find the original English version.

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ACIM main themes

Since I’ve never finished the lessons though I read the book in full, I still may be missing some of the main themes. But from refreshing my memory now, these are the important topics:

1. Love is the only law.

The course teaches that the reason we are afraid is because we made up so many laws in this world. Those are false laws and they make our lives difficult. But if we could only be led by the law of love, nothing of this world could harm us.

This means that we could not experience lack or disease. However, all such worldly laws must be replaced with the law of love, otherwise this won’t work. So this course teaches to disregard the rules of the world – all of them – and to be led by love alone.

This reminds me of the stories of Jesus found in the Bible, when he was unharmed by strong dark forces plotting against him because he never harmed anyone – he only healed and wished well. So this is what the course teaches – nothing bad can happen to you if you always act from the loving intention and think only loving thoughts.

2. Special relationships are ego’s way to keep you separate from the rest.

ACIM teaches that one of the craftiest ego’s tools is a special relationship. It’s formed with a person you consider better than you, and thus you devalue yourself. That’s what worldly love is.

Once you form a relationship, you cut yourself off from the rest of humanity because you cannot share the special things that you reserve only for that one person.

Relationships can get transformed to serve God rather than the ego, and this is done by allowing the Holy Spirit to use them. I haven’t studied this lesson fully so that’s pretty much all I could tell about this topic.

3. Forgiving others releases yourself.

Other people that you see are parts of you. Because in truth all of us are one, if you hurt others, you are hurting your own self. And this hurt doesn’t have to be a physical one – even an unloving thought about another person will cause you upsets in life.

ACIM teaches that the only way to escape this world of illusions and experience the Heaven within is by forgiving others for all they did to you. In truth, there is no error in God so what they did to you aren’t even real. But it’s very important to forgive, because by forgiving others you are releasing your own self from this world of duality and illusions.

4. You are afraid because you attack.

The only reason you are fearful is because of your attack thoughts. They could be seemingly insignificant thoughts, such as you slightly criticizing someone else for what they did or failed to do. Yet this is still an attack thought, and since all of us in reality are one, if you attack others, you will feel attacked, and this will make you feel afraid, and you will perceive the world as hostile.

5. You do not see the real world because of attack.

Your attack thoughts obscure the real world and keep you lost in your mental projections.

6. Loving attitude resolves all problems.

It’s only by releasing all attack thoughts that you will experience no problems at all. Unloving, attacking attitude causes lack, diseases, disagreements, misunderstandings and continuous problems of all sorts.

7. Mental and physical worlds are identical.

Our thoughts create our world, so what you see in the world is the reflection of your mental content. Because of the unawareness of what goes through our minds, we are unable to understand this. So when we release all attack thoughts and have only loving thoughts, our world will shift from misery to that of a heavenly experience.

8. Ego’s food is conflict.

The ego sustains itself through conflict, because through conflict it convinces you that you are separate from others. That’s the only reason the ego is alive. When you start applying the lessons of this course, you will see how the ego attacks.

Those attacks can get very subtle once the ego sees you trying to change yourself. But the Holy Spirit will give you the sight to see all the subtle ways that the ego tries to sustain its existence.

9. Worrying thoughts weaken you.

When you worry, you attack yourself and this makes you feel weaker. Distrust in yourself weakens you as you doubt your abilities. Yet if you are plugged into love, you are connected to the Source from which all came. That makes you have all the power in the world, so where’s the need for worrying thoughts?

10. Everything that happens to you is in your own best interests.

Everything that happens to you can lead you back to the Source; it’s just the way that you see that event which determines its outcome. Therefore, if you see every happening in your life as a some sort of lesson to eventually make you experience Heaven within, you will no longer perceive some events as negative and obstructing.

ACIM also teaches to go into any kind of situation with a predetermined outcome. What do you want to get out of it? Because if you don’t do this, the ego will interpret it for you and there will be likes and dislikes, and the whole situation will be misused (everything can be used to take you back to the Source).

10. Problems are punishments for the lack of love.

The only reason you experience any sort of problems, from smallest to greatest, is because of your unloving attitude. If you would have only loving thoughts, problems would not happen. So problems teach you that there are still unloving thoughts in your mind, thus they can be used as indicators of how close you are to your true home.


So these are the main concepts of this course I’ve come across so far. They are so inspiring, aren’t they? I can’t wait to see what the practice lessons will do for my understanding. At the moment I’m only on the lesson nine.

If you would also like to start this course, it’s available for free online. And should you wish to purchase a hard copy, there are two types to choose from:

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