I’m so grateful to have come across rosicrucian astrology. It has lots of good information about the spiritual side of one’s natal chart as well as detailed explanation of medical astrology.

In this post I’m going to share with you what it says about the contact with other worlds.

As you know, some people delve deep into spiritual exercises to emerge benefited from them. However, others, after awakening their kundalini or starting spirit communication, lose their minds or even get afflicted physically. Some end their lives in mental institutions.

I’m blessed to now understand that there need be no guesswork about whether spiritual practices will benefit or harm you. The chart itself shows what will happen when you start deeper spiritual work.

If your Uranus or Neptune is afflicted (or both), you run the risk of having unpleasant spiritual experiences. In the worst case, like when the Moon is afflicted by Neptune (by a square or opposition), you can even get possessed by other-dimensional entities.

The more afflictions to Neptune, the more dangerous it is to delve deep into spiritual practices. The worse planets Neptune aspects, the worse experiences there could be. The same applies to the afflictions to Uranus. For such people it’s advised to develop spiritually without contacting the spirit world.

And that’s the spiritual work that people need doing first anyway. Because some can meditate for hours yet they treat others badly after meditation. That doesn’t give any spiritual benefit. In fact, if a person leads an immoral life but meditates, she will attract low-vibration entities that will suck her life-force and be difficult to get rid of.

So firstly the person should right the wrongs of her life and only then pursue deep spirituality. The reason people after spiritual practices sometimes end up in mental institutions is that they are mentally unclean to start with, and when they open up to the spiritual realm, unclean entities are attracted to them. Then they may see frightening forms of those entities and lose their minds.

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So if your Uranus or Neptune is afflicted, it’s best to spiritually progress through cleaning your behavior and removing all negative traits. That’s the safest and best form of spiritual development there is. And once the moral character is firm, if there’s any wish, one can delve into spiritual exercises too.

Whilst if such planets are afflicted, the safest thing to do is to perfect one’s behavior without contacting the other world at all.

Also, another planet to pay attention to is Mercury. It shows one’s thinking, so if Mercury is afflicted, especially by planets such as Pluto, Uranus or Neptune, it could mean that the person may not be able to mentally handle the contact with other-worldly entities, or that there’s too much mental sensitivity so frightening visions can cause mental imbalance.

Chart examples of people in touch with spirits

Here are four natal charts of people who have or had strong contact with the other world, and what their mentioned planets tell about this contact. Also, please don’t pay attention to ascendants, as none of their birth times are confirmed so their ascendants are wrong.

Edgar Cayce

We see in the case of Edgar Cayce that his Moon (representing the body) is in conjunction with Neptune. This means that the spirit world was accessible to him most of the time.

From the negative aspects of Uranus we can learn that he was not immune to the attacks from negative entities, and from reading his biography this is confirmed.

I don’t remember which book I read about him, but it was told that once he got possessed by evil entities. He has a stellium in the sign of Pisces, and because of the mentioned Moon conjunction he is indeed susceptible to being controlled by spirits, and sometimes even those which are not good (afflicted Uranus).

I also remember reading his channelings and though most of them were excellent, he once was suggested by spirits that he should have an affair with the woman he felt mutual attraction for, and that’s a problem since he was married.

He did not follow the suggestion though, that’s what he wrote. So I believe some of the entities he channeled had questionable morals or intentions.

Esther Hicks

When I started my self-improvement journey I remember coming across the materials of Esther Hicks. She’s a well-known spirit channeler who’s been giving messages of spirits for years.

Her natal chart is concerning, because Mercury, Neptune and Uranus are all afflicted. Mercury especially is highly afflicted, and there’s the dreaded affliction by Neptune to her Moon.

This affliction shows that she may get possessed by entities of questionable intentions. Her chart shows that she’s not fully in control of what kind of entities she channels and when.

I forgot most of her teachings, but seeing her natal chart I would be careful in taking all the advice the spirits give through her, because she may not be able to really tell if a spirit giving a message is good or not.

From what I remember she taught New Age concepts, like that you can do anything and be anything, but this goes against the concept of karma, and I do believe not anyone can be billionaires because there’s a certain path that’s already arranged for us and it’s for our own good; because it contains most lessons for our spiritual growth. Your natal chart shows it.

So I think her messages are very feel-good but they don’t teach taking responsibility for negative manifestations in one’s life, like that certain incurable diseases are there as a result of the negative past life and that they are teachers too.

Neither does she teach, as far as I can remember, that most spiritual growth takes place through pain whilst doing what feels good never makes the soul grow though the period may feel pleasant. But the feel-good message is very pleasant, so the masses will surely buy into it.

Helen Schucman

Helen Schucman, the author of the popular A Course in Miracles book, has a bi-sextile between her Moon and Neptune, showing that she had control over the spirit channeling process.

However, her Uranus is retrograde and afflicted, and Neptune is afflicted too, which means the contact with other-worldly entities may not always have been safe.

There could have been contact with questionable entities, and the fact that she has an afflicted Mercury and a poorly placed Mars would further confirm that she may not have been able to discriminate what kind of entities she channeled.

Erin Pavlina

Now the case of Erin Pavlina is different. She has extremely good aspects making me think that she came into this world to help people in her own way spiritually.

She is able to manage the spirit contact well and she’s not mentally disturbed by what she spiritually sees, though sometimes she sees some terrible things – I remember reading some frightening encounters she had with spirits.

In her work she helps to free earth-bound spirits and she gives the messages of the deceased to concerned relatives. Her chart is very focused (please ignore her ascendant, I don’t even know her birth place) showing a clear purpose in life.

The areas of life she will struggle with is love and her stubbornness. But apart from that, she will bring much help to those in need of her services.

Her birth day is also very lucky, so though I have not listened to her for ages, from the natal chart it seems she’s sent to this earth to help out struggling humans.

Commonalities between these people

Interestingly, three people’s names in this list start with the letter E known in Tarot as the Hierophant or Priest. This card is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of religion and education.

Also, all these people’s charts either have the sign Cancer or Pisces energized. Both of these signs are passive, feminine and belong to the water element. So if you have these signs energized in your chart, you too may have mediumistic abilities because passivity is required to be receptive to spirits.


As I’ve mentioned, I got this information from rosicrucian astrology, namely the book written by Max Heindel called The Message of the Stars available for free online.

I completely resonate with this information, and I already mentioned in another article about how an entity from another dimension got into my dream space through a bad Uranus aspect. So I totally believe in the claims that rosicrucians make on the spiritual side of astrology.

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