I wasn’t sure whether I should share this with you as I no longer talk about my spiritual experiences, but this was so interesting that I decided to reveal it.

I haven’t had an experience as such since my Christian days and that’s an encounter with an entity of questionable intentions. Since I denounced my involvement with Christianity such encounters finished.

I believe that many Christians have totally open doors to the entities of all sorts because they gave up their life for Jesus. I do believe that Jesus could be the morning star Lucifer who, as it’s told in the Bible, will deceive the whole world. Millions of Christians aren’t therefore those mentioned in the Bible that would make it.

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When I mention Jesus in my videos, it’s more about the ideal that he stands for, and also, knowing the history of how today’s Bible was patched together, it could be that one person Jesus was an initiate but that the one that truly captures the hearts of Christians is the Great Deceiver; as Jehovah told that he never shared his glory with anyone.

When I renounced Christianity I did it in this way. I told that if any entity had deceived me and I was worshiping something that I wasn’t supposed to worship; something that pretended to be the entity that it wasn’t; then I renounce my involvement and I close all the doors.

I told that if the Holy Spirit of Christianity was not what it claimed to be, I renounced it too, and closed my doors to it as well.

When I did that, all weird experiences with entities of doubtful morals finished, but my recent encounter made me remember those days of being a Christian.

Here’s how it happened.

A few days ago I was doing the Life Assessment of my client and it was around 5.30 pm. I suddenly heard a very loud thunder which was so powerful that even the glass of my window started rattling.

The thunder came without any warning at all, and it was right above my hut, or at least it seemed to be.

There was no rain or anything like this – just the sound, and it thundered this way only once.

Straight after this I felt sleepy which was again unusual because I don’t suddenly feel sleepy like that. But I decided to take a nap.

Very quickly I fell asleep.

I found myself on a bench sitting with some lady. We were talking. There were many kinds of birds around us and then they started flying away and the lady also left.

I found myself in the presence of an entity that I wasn’t able to see. The being started kissing me (!).

I called the name of my boyfriend to find out if there’s any chance it’s him, though I did not believe it. I didn’t think that’s how he would greet me, but I thought just in case I should not rule out this possibility either.

When I asked if that was my boyfriend, the entity was silent. I froze, not out of fear as I wasn’t fearing at all; I just did not respond in any way since I didn’t want that entity to feed off my energy.

So I didn’t allow any kind of energy of fear or any other emotion to emanate from me. I was like a stone.

The entity waited for about a minute, and getting no response, swore and left. It couldn’t do anything more because I did not give any permission.

I thought that then I woke up, but actually I woke up yet in another scene.

I woke up on a bed with TV on. I got up and walked to the corridor and saw an open door to leave the apartment.

The door was very familiar, and shortly I realized that it was my childhood flat door. In Lithuania I lived in two apartments – up until the age of 16 I was living in a very small apartment and then we moved to a big one. So in the dream I found myself in the first apartment where I spent all my childhood.

When I saw that the door was opened, shortly after I woke up and I intuitively knew that the open door of my childhood apartment signified the opening through the fourth house of astrology. It indicates your root, the family, your deepest self.

So I instinctively knew that some malefic must be transiting through it which caused an opening. And when I checked my transits, I indeed discovered that the malefic was on the cusp of the fourth, making a -0°00′ negative aspect to my natal planet which in my case influenced my psyche. And people think astrology has no basis…

For your information, if a malefic transits through your fourth or twelfth house, and makes an exact negative aspect to the planet connected with mysticism; or if a mystical planet transits through one of those houses and makes a connection with a malefic or mystical planet associated with your psyche in your chart; it could be that an opening will be created for negative entities to reach your psyche at that exact degree.

So astrological transits not only can show the danger to your body with the accuracy of days, hours and sometimes even minutes, but they can also show the times when your psyche has less protection than it usually does. I look at your transits starting from the In-Depth Astrological Assessment.

When I woke up and began researching my transits, the same kind of thunder roared just above my hut and again that was a solitary thundering which wasn’t accompanied with any change of weather.

So I believe the entity either took the form of a thunder (and entities as such are associated with electricity, like Lucifer is associated with light), or its arrival and departure were announced by thundering.

I thought that it would be useful to share this with you, and if you had similar weird encounters or have any thoughts about this one, please do comment and I will try to respond.