Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda’s teacher, revealed his final teaching to Carlos after many other profound lessons detailed in the books written by Don Juan’s pupil.

Don Juan told him that all the other lessons he’d been teaching him so far were just a preparation, just “beating around the bush”. But the piece of knowledge that he was about to reveal was by far the most important.

In this final teaching, Don Juan revealed the fact that humans “have a companion for life”. Humans didn’t ask for that companion, yet it attached itself to humanity because it identified humans as a perfect food source.

The reason we are their perfect food source is because according to Don Juan, unlike the awareness energy being within, humans have it outside of their bodies. This makes them easy prey. Throughout thousands of years, the shadowy beings sucked out so much energy from humans that they lost all supernatural powers and are merely shells of what they used to be.

Now what’s left for them is the power of self-reflection, but even this tiny ability is exploited by reptilians since whenever people think about the past or the future in an emotional way, those shadowy entities suck the created energy of awareness.

I’ve mentioned in the article on mind parasites that humans have two minds. The one that constantly chatters and keeps us lost in either the past or the future is, according to Don Juan, the predatory mind. Since I’m now in a Buddhist monastery, today’s teaching was also about the fact that our mind is not our own. Thus, Buddhists are aware of its foreign nature as well.

This is the mind that likes contention, is selfish to its core, and has a desperate need to survive. It also views itself as better than others. Whenever humans identify with this foreign predatory mind and act accordingly, the shadowy beings feed on the generated low-frequency energy, causing humans to experience tiredness.

Those beings feed on us as long as we fail to separate ourselves from the foreign mental construct. This can only be achieved through meditation. When, as a result of mindfulness, you recognize that this ever-chattering mind is a separate entity that is in complete control of you, you will be able to start creating distance between it and yourself.

The more present you are, the more you weaken this foreign construct until eventually, according to Don Juan, this predatory mind flees and you are left with an atrophied-because-of-underuse original mind.

When you reach a stage where you recognize the foreign mind, with the effort you will finally be able to resist its attempts to involve you in emotional or sensual situations. What’s more, you will see through the predators’ plans to keep humanity their food source.

You will realize that they were the ones who gave us all religions in order to keep us feeling separate from each other and superior. Yes, all religions contain bits of truth – otherwise, nobody in their right mind would follow them; but the evil in all religions is a belief that they alone have all the truth – that they alone are right and all others are wrong.

It is the reptilians who gave us borders at the Tower of Babel, be this story symbolical, literal or both. They gave us borders so that we grow to be very different from each other culturally, and so that, once “united” (such as through the EU open border policy) we would start fighting each other because we have grown to be too different. The fight of a brother against a brother creates the right energy for archons to feed on.

What’s more, they recreated human beings in their own image and likeness. They made us perceive each other as sexual objects rather than as brothers and sisters. The more the false mind weakens, the less you will see other beings in such a predatory way. Instead, you will see them as your dear brethren.

I also believe that the reptilian society is segmented into strict caste systems, and this is likely where India got their caste system. I don’t doubt that reptilians are a patriarchal race, because their given forms of government and religion encourage this kind of inequality, which, again, creates hatred, pain, and misery, and the war between men and women creates the right energy for them to feed on.


I hope to have given enough examples of how reptilians create false systems of beliefs and when people identify with them, they fight against other humans for those fake systems such are religions and borders, thus creating energy for archons to feed on.

This keeps them in charge of humanity, and they are hoping that nobody would be able to see through their control-system setup. They want to keep humans hurting each other in word or action to protect opposing belief structures (e.g., Christianity and Islam) that the reptilians themselves gave them.

It goes without saying that in order to stop being slaves of these hidden entities, we must stop fighting with each other for those false values.  Those differences were engineered so that humans generate through wars and disagreements the energy suitable for archons to feed on.

We must wake up and see this plan, and refuse to be used as foolish puppets. To contribute to the healing of the sick humanity, we must try our best, no matter how hard it is, to win this battle by responding to hate with love, and by offering peace to those who want to war with us.

Buddha as well as Jesus knew that such a strategy would heal humanity, and thus taught this smarter way to eliminate evil. I know that this is one of the most difficult teachings to learn, but why not try practicing it from today, and seeing incredible results, you will be encouraged to continue this peaceful way of coexisting with our brothers and sisters of this world.

A personal good example is much more powerful than saying a thousand words. Some people will be inspired by your loving behavior and will try to copy such a great example and this might become viral.

If enough people learn to coexist with each other peacefully and extricate themselves from reptilian structures (some of which were created thousands of years ago) such as state religions and national identities, this ever-strengthening awareness may cause a huge change in humanity and archons would no longer succeed in making humans generate the lowest kind of frequencies.

When archons are denied such food supply, they will either have to choose to leave or to die of starvation. I don’t care which option they choose – the most important thing is that from then on humans would be free from these other-dimensional oppressors, and little by little will be able to regain their supernatural powers as nobody would depleting them of the energy of awareness.

Lastly, what also greatly helps in making this vision into reality is to visualize all human beings coexisting peacefully with each other and abandoning all unnatural beliefs obtained from books, traditions, and reptilian-created institutions.

To contribute to the freedom of humanity, you can choose to close your eyes and imagine the world without any cruelty and selfishness, where humans, animals, and the entire nature coexist in harmony. Visualize it, channel positive emotion into the vision, and then let go of it so that the Universe can start making it come true.

P. S. I know that I told you that the next post would be about my adventures whilst leaving India, but the video on archons was made first, so I decided to release it together with an article. I hope to post an article on my adventures whilst leaving India next.