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In this article, I will explain my interpretation of the mysterious saying of Jesus found in the Gospel of Thomas.

Here is the passage:

Jesus saw children who were being suckled. He said to his disciples: These children who are being suckled are like those who enter the Kingdom. They said to Him: Shall we then, being children, enter the Kingdom? Jesus said to them: When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female not be female, when you make eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in the place of a hand, and a foot in the place of a foot, and an image in the place of an image then shall you enter the Kingdom.

I really like this passage because it relates to the saying of Yeshua that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. Unfortunately, further explanation about the inner Kingdom of Heaven is not found in our official bibles as powers of darkness do not want us to be born again – because this makes us inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven.

An ancient teaching

When we are born again, we become united. I’ve already explained how to be born again – you can read the articles on kundalini and Christ seed – both of these are related. Kundalini is not a Hindu concept – it’s the energy that has to be awakened within you and it will result in your spiritual birth.

Being “born again” is not originally a Christian concept. It was taken from other cultures. It was mentioned in Egyptian mysteries – being born again means initiates who are born of spirit, when they pass through the trials successfully. This term is also found in Hinduism. Thus, Christianity simply borrowed this term from these older religions, like it did many other stories and terms.

One of the esoteric parables, which I believe was also borrowed, is that the kingdom of heaven is within. If it wasn’t borrowed, then it would indeed mean that Christ was an initiate into the Egyptian mysteries.

This is claimed to be the case in Talmud. In Talmud Christ is accused of being a magician who learnt the art in Egypt. Also, Christ had the initiate’s vocabulary – he used terms such as him being the cornerstone, building his church on a rock, not casting pearls to the swine, Mary called him Rabboni, which means “master-builder” – all these and more terms come from esoteric teachings.

How to inherit the kingdom

It’s incredible that this important teaching of the kingdom being within is found in the Bible in the first place. It’s very empowering and revealing. However, further explanation is missing, but it’s found in the books left out from the Bible by Romans. Such a one is the Gospel of Thomas.

The Gospel of Thomas explains that in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven that is within, you must no longer be divided.

Most people, when they grow up, become divided. That’s why he said that you have to become like a child to enter into the Kingdom, because children are not internally divided, they are not one thing to one group of people and another thing – to another (like apostle Paul, being all things to everyone:)).

So children don’t have that inner split – they are completely authentic. If they feel happy, they don’t pretend to be sad, and if they want to cry, they don’t pretend to be happy. If they don’t like someone, they don’t smile to them and act nice.

Adults are divided within

Adults, on the other hand, have the inner split – they are split into two, and therefore they act in one way in public, and the other – in private. They think that it’s a smart way to act, but they lose much more than they gain with such deceptive attitudes.

We think animals and children are cute because of that innocence and wholesome nature. They are who they are; it’s ugly to witness dishonesty in an individual, and those with a higher awareness see through that ugly deception very fast. Yes, adults can fool many with their deceptive acts, but they cannot fool all.

So children and animals don’t pretend to be something they are not, and thus they are their genuine selves. It’s very rare to witness adults as such. I can count such adults probably on the fingers of one hand. Those adults are loved for their innocence and genuineness,  though some think them to be naive, not realizing that they have the treasure beyond anything this world can offer.

Such genuine adults are very rare because the way our society is constructed is to make us internally divided. It starts from the very birth, when everyone around us burdens us with expectations that deaden our uniqueness. Women are encouraged to create another personality through a painted face (a mask), men are encouraged to fit a certain mold no matter what their character is.

We are encouraged to disregard our fellow beings (we are one big family on earth) in order to achieve our selfish desires. Those desires actually are not ours at all, but instilled in us through merciless propaganda.

To achieve those artificial and useless desires we are encouraged to be cruel to one another, to become money-oriented and ambitious, which goes against our deepest nature and thus creates a division within.

Thus we have a huge wealth gap in our society, where those who are rich cling to their excessive stuff not willing to share that excess with anyone, and there are those who did not use cut-throat methods or maybe are not smart enough, and therefore live in poverty.

Splits hide your real self

You can notice a deeper split of the personality in certain countries. For example, highly developed countries, such as Britain and US, manifest a greater split than less-developed countries such as my own (Lithuania) and Russia, for example.

In Britain and US people smile to others whether they feel like smiling or not. In Lithuania and Russia people don’t pretend to be happy if they aren’t. In India, though, I also notice people smiling not in a genuine way, though the country isn’t developed.

When we enter into our educational system, we become brain imbalanced – yet another split is created. We are encouraged to overuse our left brain and to leave the right brain under-developed. So people grow up being cold atheists, and those who break out risk totally focusing on their right brains and thus neglecting the left.

Thus such people risk becoming totally religious or they easily plunge into any form of spirituality there is, accepting everything spiritual as good (new-age movement) or having blind faith (Christianity and Islam). So people are kept in either left or right brain imbalances, and very few manage to achieve equilibrium. The powers of darkness want to keep it this way, because none of such people can become enlightened.

Tarot and balance

In tarot we see a perfectly balanced man who is enlightened in the card of a magician. (This deck of cards is revealing but I don’t agree with the current use of it to tell the future.)

Tarot card magician

This is the card of perfect balance and therefore enlightenment. His both brain hemispheres are balanced, we see the balance and infinity symbol above his head. We see his one hand pointing to the heavens and another – to the earth.

He stands firmly on the ground but he is also rooted in spirit (heavens). That’s how every human being should be.

He should not be fully focused on this earth, nor to lose touch with this world and be indulging only in spiritual experiences. We have both body and soul, and therefore we should have equilibrium between matter and spirit.

So we should be grounded in this reality, though pursue spiritual matters at the same time. This is what was lacking in me during the awakening – I tended to neglect the physical and preferred the spiritual. Now I know my mistake and will this time try to walk a more balanced road, as focusing only on the spirit may result in a scary awakening.

Third-eye activation

When a person becomes totally balanced, when both brain hemispheres work in synchronicity and there’s no inner division, then the frontal lobe of the brain lights up, connecting the two brain hemispheres. The third eye is activated, spiritual vision becomes alive, and the person is no longer blindly searching for the truth, but great help is now at hand.

This is what the powers of darkness fear and want to prevent from happening in any way they can. Those who are trying to break out of religion (right-brain imbalance) are threatened with fear (hell (Christianity), murder (Islam), cutting of family ties (Judaism)); those who want to break out of atheism (left-brain imbalance) are subjected to ridicule.

It’s only possible to become one when a person breaks out of all the religious cages and systems of thought. For some people cages are all they know, and being free is too frightening. Thus, they stay entrapped till their deaths.

Inner kingdom

However, those who discard all the cages and become balanced, are born again and inherit the kingdom. Then you can indeed say that…

When you make the two one [no longer divided], and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner [you are the same in public as in private] and the above as the below [equal interest in spirit and matter], and when you make the male and the female into a single one [male/female brain hemispheres/aspects of yourself are united], so that the male will not be male and the female not be female, when you make eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in the place of a hand, and a foot in the place of a foot, and an image in the place of an image [you see what is and not what your thoughts about the thing are] then shall you enter the Kingdom.

All this happens when you are born again. It’s not that this is an instant change – it comes gradually. But you’re becoming more and more genuine as the days go by, and you cannot really stop this process when it starts. It’s slowly but surely leading you to ultimate wholesomeness and freedom.

Seeing things as they are is yet another problem people face. They don’t see things as they are but they just have their opinions reflected at them. This is a trap in itself that keeps them in a cage.

It’s very hard to see things without prejudices. As long as one doesn’t see things as they are, they cannot experience the Kingdom of Heaven within. Again, we were conditioned to see the world in this way and most people cannot break out of this man-made cage.

The change of background feeling

When you are at one with yourself, you experience the Kingdom of Heaven. When I became born again, I did not at first understand what happened to me. Only later I discovered that whenever I am centered, there is that bliss, happiness, innocence and pure goodness within. It’s the most incredible thing to experience.

It’s always there, but you can be taken out of it when you pay too much attention to what’s outside of you. But then it only takes a shift of attention within to get back to that place of peace and bliss inside.

When you are born again, the background feeling of fear or some gloom approaching is replaced by the background of goodness, love, security, courage and happiness. So you are taken out of hell and you experience heaven. This is brought about by the anointing – the unification of both brain hemispheres which activate the frontal brain, the third eye, when kundalini reaches the crown chakra.

Stronger guidance after second birth

When this birth happens, you indeed become like a child. Now you are totally dependent on your Divine Parent who starts guiding you much more than it could before (when you were in all sorts of divisions and cages).

When people are sometimes led by the Divine and sometimes by their own ambitions, that again causes division and this kind of oscillating back and forth leads nowhere. Divine guidance (through consciousness) becomes much stronger after second birth. In fact, it becomes so strong that you cannot go against it (you can still force your will – but the results will be so disastrous that you will never want to do it again – I talk about it in my Spirit Spouse article).

The split mind

In order to become one, another integration is necessary. We should destroy the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious minds. Most people have no idea what’s in the subconscious – it’s totally divorced from them.

People experience so much trauma and assaults on who they are, that they separate that child-like part of their minds in order to protect it. That’s not healthy as severing something from yourself and pretending it’s not there cannot solve anything.

Thus one is required to heal the split of the mind as well. Don’t be afraid of the contents of the subconscious. When frightening images come up during meditation or being present, don’t suppress them back into the subconscious but face them as your own creations. This will help them to dissolve and the energy will be released to be used for something beneficial, like healing your body.

So don’t suppress any negative thoughts or emotions but deal with them consciously. People are addicted to painkillers and they run away from their problems by distracting themselves in any way they can. This doesn’t solve anything.

All those undealt-with emotions and problems go to the subconscious, and the psychic refuse keeps growing there until it manifests as obstacles, negative people and terrible events in our life. It’s better to deal with the small problem right at the moment it arises, rather than ignore it until it grows out of proportion.

Inner demons

Christians think that any scary image that pops in their heads must be from an external source. Usually, however, it’s your own mental creation. For example, when I say the word “chair”, you have probably just pictured it in your mind. All negative thoughts are also saved in our brains in the form of images.

Thus, our own negative thoughts can be seen as demonic figures. We should not be afraid of them, nor pretend that they are not there. We should face them and accept that they are in us, and this will release that negative energy and it will no longer haunt us.

To be whole, you have to think, feel and act in the same way. There shouldn’t be any contradiction between these three. When the contradictions in you are gone, you will experience that amazing peace and bliss within – the real Kingdom of Heaven.

Inability to harm

When you are born again, you will no longer be able to lie to yourself. You will no longer be able to harm not only other living beings but yourself also. I’m not saying this will happen instantly but you will gradually become more and more harmless.

This means that you will not only refrain from hurting people even with words or thoughts, but you won’t be able to hurt yourself in any way either, which could mean that you will no longer be able to slave in the job that you know is bad for you. So be warned – sooner or later this will happen when you are born again!

Also, you will no longer be able to spend time with people who are toxic. You will probably tell them in their face that they are toxic and that you can no longer spend time with them. You will tell to them to truth, or you will simply choose to avoid them without any explanation.


Indeed the Kingdom of Heaven will not come externally, by looking here or there. The Kingdom of Heaven can only be found within – when we become the same that we were prior to the evil conditioning of this world.

Being born again is probably the only way out of our horrible existence. If this transformation happens at large, our world will become the Garden of Eden. People who are born again won’t be able to harm each other, themselves or the environment.

I strongly believe that this is the only solution to our ills. Without changing mankind’s nature, no change will follow because people will continue being disensitized and therefore will continue hurting themselves, others and the environment. The second birth is the only experience that transforms the person fully.

The change of mankind starts with each individual. It should be the first priority of those wanting to make a change in this world to change themselves first. Thus, diligently work in uniting all aspects of yourself so that it results in your second birth.