On December 21st the Great Conjunction will take place. Jupiter and Saturn will be in zero degrees Aquarius, ushering in a New Age.

This is one of the most significant conjunctions there are in astrology. Though I’m a natal and not a world events astrologer, I must talk about this, therefore.

Since astrology deals with symbols, it’s possible to understand the general themes of the future by looking at the combinations of various symbols. So when we see Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, naturally there are some trends seen.

The Great Conjunction marks end of the old system

These two planets moved from the sign of Capricorn into Aquarius. This shows that the old ways of doing things are going to be replaced by the new ones. We have moved into the digital age.

If businesses are not online, they are not likely to thrive. The emphasis now lies in communication, new technologies, the internet, group work. There is also an emphasis on professional relationships (or those not involving emotions and bonds).

The old mindset introduced to things new

People who are stuck in old beliefs, rigid systems, and old ways of living will be exposed to the opportunity to change their minds. They will be encouraged to expand their views, and upgrade their lifestyles. I advise people not to resist this energy of freshness, but to embrace it.

However, stubbornness (Uranus in Taurus squaring the conjunction), disagreement, and violence (Mars in Aries squaring the conjunction) will still be felt. That’s because not everyone will want to embrace that which is coming.

Expansion of goals symbolized by the Great Conjunction

This conjunction signifies the expansion of goals and their structured achievement. You may, therefore, find yourself naturally forming big goals to achieve. There may be the assurance that you will achieve them because you see them realistically.

There also could be ease with the fact that the achievement of those goals can take a long time.

I personally found myself forming large goals too, which is very unlike myself. Goals such as settling in Lithuania, establishing myself in my own land, and learning to drive. So you too may find yourself committing to achieve some significant goals.

Of course, it also matters a great deal where this particular conjunction falls in your chart. And since this conjunction will affect us for many years, it’s important to really study this placement in your own chart.

Feeling more optimism in the Aquarian Age

This conjunction is not only about level-headedness, practicality, and structure, but also about optimism. Optimism is combined with practicality, which can result in taking just the right action (based on reality) to achieve that which you want.

I personally feel this energy already, I’ve been feeling it for a while now. The way that I perceive it is as the energy of freshness, inspiring trends, broad-mindedness, a new way of living, and opportunity.

I love the way this conjunction feels, but, of course, the way that you feel it may be different. It all depends on where this conjunction is in your transit chart.

Acceptance in the Aquarian Age

This conjunction is about accepting that which is new and making peace with it. If you don’t accept new developments in the world, you are not going to move with the world. This is a personal choice.

Some developments will be very positive, like people being able to express who they are. Some can be negative, such as the monitoring of groups, and less closeness between people.

This is where the world is going, and we cannot stop it. Stars show this. However, the good news is that you can choose to tune into the best version of reality by maintaining good personal energy.

Neptune in Pisces also helps to soften us so that we accept people who are very different from us. These two influences can transform the psyche to make it much more compassionate, flexible, and open-minded.

Crowd control as a sign of the Great Conjunction

There is going to be a focus on the control and monitoring of the crowds. Surveillance may accomplish this or employing the newest technology, or this being done online. There will be benefits to that for the crowds, though they will lose some of their freedoms.

Despite this, if people unify and work in an organized manner, they will be able to achieve even the greatest goals. So use the power of Jupiter in Aquarius to your advantage – connect with people, collaborate, work towards common positive goals. You are likely to achieve them.

Structure for achieving goals

This conjunction signifies a structured way of going about realizing your goals. So use this beautiful energy to achieve your greatest desires. Make a plan of taking action and stick to it. The strength of this planetary energy will give you the power to achieve that which you want.

Hope symbolized by the Great Conjunction

Jupiter in Aquarius represents hope, and Saturn can give an unbending will to stick to it.

Jupiter was in its fall in Capricorn. Just several days ago, it freed itself from that terrible place and now is enjoying the sign of Aquarius. Can you feel more lightness and hope in the air?

Saturn is still stronger in Aquarius, as it is the old ruler of the sign. Yet Jupiter’s energy is definitely stronger now, so look where this conjunction falls in your chart. Then, start making structured positive changes in that area, with a firm hope that they will be successful.

Self-expression and inventions

People who are not yet accepted by society at large are going to feel much more confident revealing their true identities. This is their age. You will find increasingly more people revealing who they really are, and not feeling ashamed to be different.

New developments may be made in the sphere of communication and the internet. The Great Conjunction may show the upgrades to the airplanes or inventions of devices operating by airwaves or in the air.

The Aquarian age could bring a purposeful group activity or organizing people into groups. That reminds me of my dream which looked prophetic. It was about me traveling as part of the group, and that was the only way to visit some natural places in the world. So this conjunction may signify such or similar changes in the way that we travel.

Digital travel is already trending, and it’s likely to get even stronger. Group travel may become more popular in general, or travel with the employment or help of some new technology.

It all depends on the level of consciousness

Finally, I must emphasize the importance of your level of consciousness. How this conjunction will affect you will depend on your level of consciousness. For example, the ray of Venus can make one person deeply love the whole of humanity, and another – to have desires to sexually abuse someone.

So it all depends on the quality of your mind. If you cultivate peace, acceptance, love, and joy in your life, surely this conjunction will make you manifest even the greatest of your goals. You will transform your personality for the better, and maybe even your appearance will start reflecting the best of this age. Social life will be always within your reach.

But if the consciousness level is low, this conjunction may make people either feel very limited which will be felt community-wide, or it can make the person take on the role of the oppressor, who wants to monitor and control society at large.

We create our personal heavens and hells. By maintaining a pure and loving energy field, only the best potentials of planetary energy will manifest in our lives.