Astrological Life Assessments


After the order, send to the indicated email address

your city and date of birthas well as your exact time of birth.


Your assessment will be ready within 7 working days. As it’s a festive 

seazon, I receive yearly forecast orders from my 

existing clients, therefore the wait time

can be up to two weeks. 


You can read the client feedback here. 

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Basic Assessment

Price: $39

In two pages, I will explain the most important points in your chart - what stands out, what you should be aware of, and what you need to focus on to succeed.

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In-Depth Assessment

Price: $125

In seven pages, I will focus on all the subjects discussed in the previous service,  and I will also review the major areas of your life: work, love, relationships, family, health and your talents.

In addition to this, I will explain the influence of fixed stars in your life, how certain constellations affect you, and what opportunities and dangers are currently in your life that you should be aware of.

For this assessment, I will also need to know your current location (city and country).

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Advanced Assessment

Price: $245

In fifteen pages, I will focus on all the subjects discussed in the previous two assessments, and I will also explain how the numbers of your birth and name affect you, together with the analysis of your palms.

In addition to this, I will explain what your chart says about the best way to generate wealth these couple of weeks, a year from now, as well as what your chart says about money-making in general.

I will also discuss what your chart says about your past life issues, whether they were solved or not, what you brought forth from your previous lives, and what you need to focus on in this life.

For this assessment, I will need to know your current location (city and country) and you will need to send high-resolution images of your both palms (let me know if you are left-handed) to the email provided after the order. 

I also need to know what name you were born with (and surname, preferably) and what name you are known by, unless you want to keep this private.  

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(If you don't know your time of birth, the assessment will be less specific, though still a lot of information will be provided.)


Express service: if you want me to deal with your assessment ahead of the queue, add $30 extra during the checkout. You can expect your order to be dealt with in three days. Please add EXPRESS in the email title so that I see it.


Alternative ways to pay: Now you can purchase all my books and services with Bitcoin. Contact me to tell which products you have ordered. My Bitcoin wallet address is 1E5KzvWzGpHAC5ajTR3i771LuK2M9zym3A and the QR code is:

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  If you have any special requests about my services, contact me  and I will see what I can do. 

After ordering my services, please send me your information/request within two weeks. After this time period, the order will no longer be valid though you will be able to get half of your payment back within the month of the order, and after that there will be no refunds.

Refunds: Since a lot of work is involved in these assessments, should you be not happy with the report, I'm able to offer
50% money back within 30 days of the received assessment.

Other information: Innacurate assessments are caused by the wrong birth time. Therefore if you don't know your exact birth time,
or you're not sure, tell me that. If you want me to find your birth time, increase your order amount by $70 during the checkout (it's a lot of work).

If you want me to use astrological terms, tell me about this before I start the assessment (in an email with your personal information).