In this post I would like to answer some questions that I got from my readers about my new relationship.

One reader asked if starting my relationship means that I would lose the Christ seed. The answer is no. Once you save the seed, it’s with you forever. Also, it’s not that there is only one Christ seed that you can save; you can save the seed each month if you don’t engage in any sexual thoughts or activities.

Of course, that means that since I’m in an intimate relationship, I would be unable to save the Christ seed, unless I stay away from him for a month or so and not think any thoughts related to sex.

Another related update I’d like to make is about the healing of relationship wounds. I did not even realize that my relationship wounds from my psychopathic ex were not healed. I was celibate for so long, and I thought I have completely healed from that damaging relationship.

But the reason those wounds did not come up was because I was not in a union. As soon as I got in the union, I realized that those wounds were completely raw. So being in this loving relationship helps me to heal them; because when something comes up, such as trust issues, he heals those wounds with his love.

Another question I was asked was whether my boyfriend is from India. He is, and I find the Indian approach to love more acceptable for me. In the West the union is no longer sacred but profaned by most; in India, the union takes place on all three levels: spiritual, mental, and physical.

In the West relationships are usually empty. I just do not resonate with the Western approach to relationships. Of course, India has its own problems, but I feel that the ancient understanding of the spiritual basis of male and female union are very much alive there.

Also, I strongly believe that in my past life I lived in India. So relationships of any sort with Indian people seem very natural to me. Also, usually Indian people accept me as one of their own, after the initial white skin barrier is overcome.

My boyfriend is very grounded, which is very helpful to me because I do mental and spiritual work each day. So when we are together, we feel that we balance each other. We feel the same way – in each other’s company we completely relax.

He also feels that I have some hidden power, but he doesn’t understand what it is. It’s the awakened kundalini, of course. He is intuitive, since his moon is in the twelfth house. His natal chart also shows him to be a natural healer, which is why he is able to heal the mentioned past relationship wounds in me, for which I am very grateful.

I tend to choose partners who are very grounded. And in India that balance is still not lost. I feel that in the West many people lost that balance. They are either totally mental or spiritual, sometimes physical. Usually the mental type is found. The spiritual type is the awakening one, such as yoga people meditating everywhere and seeking solitude.

And when these three aspects are not balanced, extremities and perversions can result, especially this is obvious in the west about the mental type. For example, a totally mental type will start having all sorts of phobias, weird behaviors and routines; the spiritual one will become unrealistic and ungrounded; and the material will become overly sensual.

So since my boyfriend is very grounded whilst I do spiritual and mental work, we complete each other in that sense. I also mentioned here that our union is complete, and we feel like one force when we are together. Also, he only can function well in his daily life if I’m happy in a relationship and the same applies to me too. This shows to me that we genuinely united with each other; that we are no longer two separate people.

We have very similar free time interests, like night motorcycle rides; but our characters are quite different though we are both very positive people and love joking all the time when we are together. Some people find it difficult to understand my sense of humor, but his is the same type.

He is ruled by Mercury and Uranus. I’m am very largely influenced by Uranus and I made Mercury my ruling planet, trying to escape the influence of Saturn. So no wonder we feel like we understand each other.

So this time of my life is extremely positive. Daytime we both work and from the evening till the morning we spend time together. People in this place are shocked to see me with a guy, since they know me as a woman who doesn’t talk to almost anyone:)

Daytime I am busy working (usually on the beach in some restaurant). I analyze natal charts, write articles, read old works on palmistry, astrology and numerology. When the evening comes, we meet and eat some dessert together and then go for a ride or for a walk. We both relax in each other’s company from the hard work of the day, and the next morning we are refreshed and ready to do our best in our jobs. I could live like this forever:)

So from the days full of challenges and solitude in the hut in Lithuania, now I’m enjoying a well-earned (I would like to believe so) rest in the company of a loved one. Whether this rest will last or not, I will be forever grateful for having experienced such a wonderful time.

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