The native with the placement of the ruler of the first house being in the fourth house may acquire property, especially later in life. It could be lands or houses, very likely by inheritance especially from parents, but it also could be because of one’s work.

These people should be capable in business and have luck in real estate.

Greater focus and intensity, as well as activity, could take place in old age. The kind of focus or activity this will be all depends on the planet and sign combinations involved.

For example, the Sun, being the first house ruler, would fall into Scorpio in most cases in the fourth house, signifying the old age spent in the comforts of one’s own (probably inherited) home, and being involved in a solitary pursuit, such as the occult or some sort of research. It would indicate many life lessons learned resulting in much resourcefulness.

It very much depends on the planet and sign combinations involved, but some results of such combinations could be becoming better known in old age, your achievements finally bringing you what you desired, much activity in old age, feeling alive, becoming very wise, and so forth.

Any unafflicted planet in the fourth house, except for malefics, would also indicate a happy childhood.

This kind of placement of the first house ruler shows that you want stability and comfort in life. But what if Sagittarius, for example, is on the cusp of the fourth house, a sign that doesn’t value stability or comfort?

In that case, stability and comfort will be achieved in a Sagittarian way, such as by traveling all the time and a life full of events. (This sign on the fourth house cusp could also indicate the end of life dedicated to spirituality.) Some people feel stable in change, like Sagittarians, but most people are destabilized from too much change.

So for those who would have Sagittarius on the cusp of the fourth, if the combination is not afflicted, this would indicate that in old age they will be able to enjoy the comforts of traveling, freedom, and change.

However, in most cases, the natives with such a combination will seek stability in the ownership of property, in family, home comforts, and sometimes luxuries.

People with such a placement are often home and family-oriented. The parents of the native left a big impact that will be felt for the rest of one’s life. Whether the impact was good or bad depends on the planet in the fourth house, its sign placement, and aspects.

It is often that this kind of configuration signifies parents to be either known, wealthy or those who are impactful or impressive in some way, especially the mother.

Strong emotions are felt by the native towards the parents, especially pride and respect if the family has royal blood, is of some renown or is powerful (and all these options may be true in this case).

The native feels closely tied to and emotional not only towards the family but to the country of one’s birth. In most cases, such a placement produces patriots, people proud of where they were born. But on rare occasions, such a placement can indicate someone intensely hating one’s place of birth but being unable to get away from its influence.

In such a case, the native must make peace with one’s parents and country, so that they don’t serve as blocks in life.

So focus on the latest part of life, ownership of immovable assets, motivation to secure stability and comforts, home orientation, and focus on one’s origins including the country of birth are all indicated with such a combination.

In case there’s an afflicted malefic in the fourth house, the indication can be quite the opposite to what I’ve written. For example, afflicted Saturn there can indicate a lonely old age, where the native is shunned by others. It can show a life of poverty in old age or having to take care of an old person, or someone handicapped, and therefore life becomes burdensome. It can indicate old age of unpleasant responsibilities and limitations.

The person with the first house ruler being in the fourth house may be traditional, and if no other combinations oppose this, the native may be close-minded. Parental influence may result in rigid beliefs directing the native for the rest of one’s life, and that is not too bad if those beliefs are positive.

The natives with such a chart combination value security and stability so they are likely to be savers rather than spenders, and some can be hoarders. Some can store lots of stuff for a rainy day. However, since they tend to retain things, this kind of chart configuration can signify wealth in old age, where the native gets richer the more years pass by.

The native needs to have stability which is often achieved through homeownership or family. If such stability is non-existent, the native may perform poorly at work, and suffer from low moods. The native may be an excellent parent, having much love, emotional wisdom, and care to share with the family.

Life comes more together in old age, making the natives able to focus on their true desires. In case they are spiritually inclined, such a combination can signify enlightenment at the end of life.