Yet again I’m summarizing a chapter from an old occult astrological work. This chapter is going to deal with the symbolism of astrology.

The houses of the natal chart represent the physical body and the material circumstances of life. The zodiac signs, on the other hand, represent the personality. The planets are the representatives of the Sun which is the symbol of our individuality.

Our individuality is unchangeable whilst our personality is changeable. The higher the person rises in morality, the less she will be influenced by the houses and signs of her natal chart. Therefore astrological readings of a low morality person will be very different from those of a high morality one.

The sign + represents the ascendant and the body. Our soul is represented by the signs of the zodiac in our natal chart. Our feelings and the lower mind are represented by the Moon in the chart. The planets represent the spirit and the higher mind.

Chart explanation

All these form a human being or the cosmos, represented by the Part of Fortune sign – a circle with the cross in it. This sign also represents the earth. The circle represents the infinite, whilst the cross – the material. The sign represents that which is spiritual descended into matter.

The sign of the Sun – the circle with a dot in its middle – represents our individuality and our will. The Moon, on the other hand, represents our personality, the passions and feelings.

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Knowing these initial symbols it becomes easy to understand the symbols of all the planets.

  • ♂ (Mars) – That which is higher – Spirit (the circle) is ruled by that which is lower – matter (the cross). It’s also represented by the cross sitting on top of the circle, and the one with the arrow was also an old alchemical symbol of iron which Mars rules. It also represents impulse.
  • ♀️ (Venus) – Spirit (the circle) rules matter (the cross), because the circle is above the cross.
  • ♄ (Saturn) – Intellect (the Moon) is overshadowed by matter (the cross), thus egotism and materialism.
  • ♃ (Jupiter) – Moon isn’t overshadowed by the cross – thinking has risen above the limitations of matter – intuition. the sign of Saturn is upside-down Jupiter.
  • ☿️ (Mercury) – All the symbols are combined into this one. Mercury represents the messenger of gods, the symbol of wisdom. It represents love (Venus) overshadowed by the mind (the Moon). The mind can work freely, without the interference of matter.

The circle represents the unmanifested God. The manifested God is represented by the dot. These two combined produce the symbol of the Sun. This Sun sign represents unmanifested God which manifests as the Higher Self – the Spirit (the Christ).

At the end of his growth the person reaches perfection – when the limitations of the physical, mental and astral bodies no longer affect him. This perfection is symbolized by the circle within the circle with the dot in its middle – the bull’s eye symbol.

Here are some more astrological symbols explained:

♈ – The horns of the ram; fountain waters; the head; the outstretched arms of Christ.

♉ – the bull is represented by the circle with the Moon on it; the throat and neck.

♊ – Temple portal; the twins; lungs and arms.

♋ – Divine germ in a dense material vehicle beginning to unfold; the breasts.

♌ – The latent energy of the serpent awakens into activity; the heart.

♍ – The dark serpent (♏) is combined with the rod of Hermes (Hebrew letter Resh – ר), which is the active agent which rules and restricts the senses; the bowels.

♎ – The horizon with the Sun disc; the balance; the kidney region – the lower part of the back.

♏ – The dark serpent, symbolized by the sexual organs.

♐ – The shooting arrow; the change of consciousness from lower to higher; the thighs.

♑ – The dark serpent that is stilled and controlled by the rod of Hermes ( ר ); the knees, bones.

♒ – The white serpent that’s placed above the dark one; the movement of living waters; the transmutation of the lower into higher for the achievement of oneness; lower legs, blood circulation.

♓ – Two arches connecting the heaven with the earth; the feet, the tissues.

The next chapter is going to be about the natal chart itself, what zodiacal signs stand for in detail, their positive and negative manifestations, and more.