In this article I wanted to share with you some of the supernatural things that happened in my life. I mentioned some of them before, but I would like to have an article dedicated specifically for them. 

But first of all, I would like to explain why I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. As you may know, I started offering the Life Assessment service and it got very popular. So reading natal charts, numbers and palms of clients is taking a large part of my time.

Also, as I’ve already mentioned here, I started dating again, so my evenings are taken too. That’s why I don’t post as frequently now.

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So now about the supernatural events. Some of them I already mentioned, but, as I said, I would like to keep these events in one article.

A health warning dream

Firstly, I will describe a very recent event that happened a few days ago. I forgot to mention it in the video.

When I came to India I started drinking coffee again, because in this place (I’m currently staying in my favorite place in India) they have excellent coffee. So every day I would have a latte usually. But for a few days I started taking too much caffeine, and then I started feeling really bad, but I did not connect this with my increased coffee intake.

So I was thinking a lot about why I was feeling that way, and that night I got a dream showing an orderly room full of computers, and that coffee is spilt everywhere. I was upset about it in the dream, because the class-room style room looked so orderly, yet someone careless made a mess there, and it’s dangerous to have liquids near electricity. So I turned off the computers.

Also, there were two cleaners working to clean the mess, but I knew it would take some time for them to put everything back in order.

Then I woke up from that dream and I knew it was significant. So upon further pondering on it I realized that this was the answer to my question. It was showing that coffee intake negatively affects my nerves (computers in the dream; rooms usually represent something within the body in my dreams). So this encouraged me to stop consuming caffeine and I was very grateful for having received such a telling dream.

How I received guidance

Since I started with a recent event, I will also share yet another event that happened again only a few days ago.

I was at night walking on a cliff with my boyfriend, and we wanted to go down to the beach. So we found stairs leading down to the beach, but then the stairs finished and rocks started, and we did not know what way to take through the rocks to the beach.

We were puzzled about how to go down, and then we were about to take one questionable road, when suddenly a dog appeared (we did not see it anywhere before) and went down one way to the beach. So we took that road and successfully descended. So that dog appeared right at the time when we needed help.

A warning dream

Another very recent supernatural event that happened to me was again only around a week ago. Me and my boyfriend were planning a long motorcycle trip to one city that we both love here in India.

One day before our trip I received a call from my concerned mother. She told me that she received a frightening dream about me, and asked if  I was okay. I said I was fine, and asked to explain what exactly she saw in the dream.

She at  first didn’t want to tell, because it was really terrible. But I persisted, and she told that she saw my blood and internal organs spilled on the ground, and that I was dead.

Then I told my mom that the next day were were planning to take a long motorcycle trip to one city. So this was a warning dream against me taking that trip. I thanked my mother for having told her dream on time.

After speaking to her, I went back to my hotel room to do a tarot card reading (Egyptian tarot, not the usual one) for more clarification about the trip. I usually do such a reading before such endeavors, but this time I forgot. Thanks God the forces that protect me warned me through my mother.

So when I did the reading, what it showed was that it was fine for me to travel to the city by some other means of transport. Then I asked if it is at all possible to use some private transport, like a rickshaw, rather than only public transport. I drew the card of death at this question. So this confirmed my mother’s warning.

The tarot card reading showed, therefore, that it was fine to travel to that city, but that we could only use public transport (buses and trains) to travel there and around. Which is what we did, and our trip was successful and trouble-free.

Confirmation of a good trip

This particular event happened before leaving for India. You may know the story already, if you’re my regular reader.

I was in Lithuania, in my hut, and I found a good deal for the flight to India. I was hesitating whether I should buy the flight ticket or not, as it was on the hour of Saturn. But I went for the deal and purchased the ticket nevertheless, still doubting whether I had made the right choice.

Just a moment after I made the purchase, I received a message on my mobile from my mother. The message said that she had the best time of her life on the abroad trip that she had. So this was an excellent message from the Universe telling me not to worry as the decision was right, and that the trip would be great (which proved true).

Seeing the double

Now I would like to describe the event that you may already know because I wrote about it in other articles. So if you are my regular reader, you can skip this one.

It’s about the time when I was dating my ex-boyfriend who was a psychopath. One night he was sleeping with me, and I opened my eyes to see him arising out of bed and leaving the room. Then I turned my head to the place from which he had risen, and his body was still lying there.

So I saw his double arising and leaving the room, but the body was still in bed. Also, interestingly, the double wore the shirt he often used to wear, but in bed he wore no shirt.

A clear vision

There were so many other supernatural events connected with my ex. I received so many warning dreams and visions about him, yet I still foolishly continued the relationship.

For example, I saw his actual shape in a spiritual plane, and it was demonic. But in the physical the attraction was so strong that I ignored very obvious signs of danger. I’m only grateful that my foolishness did not stop the forces who protect me from continuing to warn me.

So here I would like to share with you one vision that I had about him. It was so clear, like in the physical. I saw him looking at me through the window and another woman stood right next to him. I knew this was his girlfriend in a vision. But at the time I was his girlfriend, so it was difficult for me to entertain a thought that he might be cheating on me.

But then, after some time, I met that woman in the physical, and she looked exactly how my vision showed her to be. So in the vision I even saw the woman he was with – the forces couldn’t get anymore clearer in trying to make me understand that I should not be with him.

Thankfully, now I listen to those forces much more, though sometimes they need to do something extraordinary for me to listen, about which I will tell next.

Fatal attraction

Before getting into my current relationship, I was really attracted to one guy. He was the one who initiated the conversation, and the atmosphere between us was other-worldly. I strongly sensed that he was a plutonian character (a person mainly ruled by the planet Pluto) and that there was something occult about him. So these kinds of people always attract me.

But when I did a tarot card reading about a possible relationship, the cards were terrible. It was shown that he would benefit from the relationship, but dating him would result in my fall, and would negatively affect my work too. So every time I did a reading about this or that question related to a possible relationship, I would receive the most terrible cards.

I was very disappointed about the reading. I really wanted to get to know that guy. So I still did not refuse his company, but when things got more serious, I noticed the strangest thing – that he was no longer able to approach me.

It was like some force was stopping him. Whenever he would get too close, he felt unable to do anything, like to talk to me, or to come closer. Even his friends noticed this (who knew about his feelings for me) and would try to make him go and talk to me, but he was simply unable to do so.

So I believe that the forces protected me from becoming involved with him, and their involvement was very direct. And I believe that now they are able to more directly protect me because of the fact that I work directly with planetary forces through my natal chart reading service.

I am very, very grateful for their protection, because my foolishness sometimes still overrides their wise advice. I know that what they show is right (because through experience I learnt this), but sometimes my desires are stronger than listening to the wisdom of those forces. Thanks God they forgive me for my silliness and stubbornness. Without their protection I would not even be in this world anymore.

Entering into my dream

Another supernatural event that happened connected with that plutonian character was this. Although he could no longer approach me, he was actually able to enter my dream. I knew him to have occult powers, and I think this runs in his family. I don’t believe he consciously developed them, though he was definitely aware what he was doing.

So one night he entered my dream – it wasn’t just a dream character, it was his essence. And he was very strong in the astral. I cannot tell the content of that dream but basically he gave me the message to wait for him as he wanted to be with me but something was obstructing him.

But since the forces warned me about him, I decided to listen to them, which was the right thing to do because I’m really happy with the boyfriend I now have, and it was those very forces that led me to him, about which I tell here.

Another warning dream

This supernatural event happened to me quite a few years ago. I was again in India, and I received a call from my best friend from the UK. He isn’t the person who believes in the supernatural, but he was really shaken by the dream he got about me.

He told that he saw me falling off a cliff, and strictly told me not to be anywhere near the cliff that day and the following one. I told him that I would not, and I thanked him for letting me know about his dream.

The following day I found myself near the cliff, and I completely forgot about his warning dream. Two men started fighting close to the cliff, and then I remembered my friend’s warning dream. So I quickly retreated away from the cliff, to avoid the danger. After a few moments, one man was pushed and fell off a cliff.

A shift in the assemblage point

The biggest number of supernatural experiences that I was the receiver of happened during my kundalini awakening experience. When kundalini left my crown chakra, the next day I found myself between this world and other realms. I had to live in such a dual state for some time, and this is the most trying time that anyone can go through.

In Carlos Castaneda’s books this experience is called “a shift in the assemblage point”, and he writes that this experience either results in insanity or those who successfully go through it become magicians or spiritual teachers. Nobody knows the duration of this experience – for some people it lasts a month, for others – a year, for yet others – many years. You cannot know when it would end, and all you can do is to patiently wait through it.

This is the most destabilizing experience a human being can go through. People don’t realize how much rooted they are in this world, and when you suddenly have to live in other realms too, this is so frightening that unless you have a very strong mind and are not afraid of spiritual experiences, you are more than likely to “lose it”.

Thankfully, my years of yogic training in India made me able to go through this experience, and I emerged out of it in tact. If I knew what this experience entailed, I would probably have never started being involved in yoga in the first place. Although I would not want to repeat this experience, I’m glad that this event happened – it took me apart, and then put me back together in the right way. I talk about this personality disintegration and re-integration in the first part of this video and article.

And, finally, I would like to tell about three supernatural events that happened in India.

Kanyakumari experience

Kanayakumari is located at the very tip of South India. It’s a very spiritual place – it’s a pilgrimage point to Hindus. I visited that place a few times. It has strong spiritual energies, but in terms of views, there’s nothing much to see.

I believe this event happened to me when I visited Kanyakumari for the first time. I checked into a hotel and started meditating. Then after some time, I decided to open my eyes, though I still wanted to continue my meditation. When I opened my eyes, I saw a swami sitting on my bed.

It wasn’t an apparition – it was an actual swami (spiritual Hindu person) sitting on my bed. I saw him like I would see any human being in front of me.

Unfortunately, my thoughts about him weren’t good. Out of the habit of being a single traveler, my first thought was about my security; so my first thought in connection with his manifestation was whether he wants to take some of my personal belongings.

It was such a silly thought! How could he want to take anything physical, if he’s able to materialize like that! But that was my thought, and after it the swami closed his eyes, got into a state of meditation, and dematerialized.



Then later I researched who that man was and thanks to the suggestion of my ex, I found out that he was the guardian of the city, the famous Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar, whose statue is located on the rocks in the sea near the shore of the city.

When I told about this event to one spiritual teacher in North India, he almost fell off his chair laughing.

He was able to see spirits in trees, and he told me that human birth is very precious, and that there are many spirits waiting for centuries for an opportunity to experience the birth in the physical as human beings.


Another experience connected with swamis happened in Rishikesh, North India. One swami approached me and told me that I had a large bright aura. This is how our conversation and friendship started.

He was living in a cave near the river Ganga. I even visited his cave once. He never slept, as meditation was enough for him. He ate almost nothing.

He once took me to a small temple and started meditating there, and his face shape-shifted to that of the god Shiva. I could not believe my eyes – it was something more from a science-fiction movie than reality.

He was a sun-gazer. He told me that he gazed at the Sun so long that he started seeing spiritual activity there. His guru told him that when sun-gazers start seeing spiritual activity in the Sun, it is the time to finish gazing at the Sun as its purpose is accomplished.

Ganga drowning experience

Finally, I would like to finish this long article with the experience that again happened in the holy city of Rishikesh.

At that time I was there with a friend, and we were joking about getting immersed in the river. He was a devout Hindu, so he obviously wanted to immerse himself in the river which is told to forgive all sins and give the second birth.

I told him laughing that I would never immerse myself into that water, because it’s really dirty. So by joking this way I insulted the Ganga river, who is considered a conscious river – a goddess.

That friend persuaded me to do river-rafting. Although once I nearly drowned and water sports do not attract me in any way as a result, his persuasion skills were great, so finally I yielded to his pleadings.

So when were were river-rafting, the current was too strong and the boat went upside-down, with me finding myself under the boat. I thought I would definitely die, but somehow the water current took me from underneath the boat. The trouble wasn’t over yet, since the current was strong, so the water would keep getting into my eyes, nose and mouth, making me unable to take even one normal breath of air.

Thankfully, the river-rafting guide managed to get himself on top of the upside-down boat and I was the first one whom he rescued. For five minutes I couldn’t move – I was totally lifeless, only breathing deeply. But when I recovered, I actually felt so light and happy – like indeed all my sins were forgiven and I was washed clean.

So this experience taught me not to mess with the great goddess Ganga – if you make jokes about her being dirty, she will make sure you will have to experience who she really is. After this full “baptism” I smelled incense when I would breathe, and my skin smelled of incense for a long time afterwards. So I was baptized against my wishes:)

So these are all the experiences that I wanted to share with you in this article. If you have some personal supernatural experiences to share, please do leave a comment.