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In order to regain your lost energy and free your soul so that you understand yourself better and have more awareness, it’s important to cut cords and recapitulate.

The first technique of cord-cutting is quite well known to most, whilst the second is less known.

We make connections with all the people we are in touch with. These connections (cords) drain our energies. What’s worse, we receive energy exchange and therefore it’s more difficult to know yourself when you have many foreign energies in you.

In order to prevent further energy drain, gain your energy back and remove foreign energies from yourself, read about these two techniques and apply them in your life.


There are many ways to cut soul-ties and in this article I will describe my favorite one. You should imagine all the people and entities who suck your energy (have cords with you) to be placed in a circle that’s away from you.

Then you should see the cords extending from them and attached to you, and you should see yourself standing alone in a separate circle.

Then you should see giant white or silver scissors or knife cutting all those cords and see those cut cords withering away after they are cut. Then breathe in to take back the energy that was stolen from you, and breathe out again in the direction of those people and entities standing in a circle to give back the energy that is theirs.

Some people will not want to cut certain cords and it’s their choice. Personally I’ve chosen to cut them all. If you cut cords with close people it doesn’t mean you will no longer be their friends or anything like it. It just means the emotional attachment will disappear. I think that’s a good thing, though I know some people will disagree.

Of course, cord cutting won’t work instantly. It takes sometimes months to continue cutting them until all the cords are indeed severed. The more people you’ve had to deal with in your life, the longer it will take to cut all cords.

During cord-cutting some incredible things may happen. For example, when I remembered my first love (when I was a child) and cut the cord I had with him, I saw an image of that guy in my mind’s eye with a look of shock and betrayal. Like he never expected I could cut the cord that was between us. Yet, we both moved on and he is married now, so this continuous connection is definitely not a good one.

When you successfully cut cords, you will feel happier, more confident and you will better understand who you are. Of course, you will feel a surge of energy as well, as you’ve regained a lot of it.


The recapitulation exercise is a less-known one. I’ve first come across it because of reading Carlo’s Castaneda’s books. Among shamans this exercise is very well known, and after completing it they are told to be born-again.

Don Juan was a teacher of Carlos Castaneda whose teachings Carlos immortalized in his books. He told that the exercise of recapitulation will not only make you regain your lost energy, but it will also cause you to retain your consciousness when you die.

He told that if you do this exercise properly, you will avoid the experience where you see a series of images from your life when you are about to die (I saw this twice – both times when I nearly drowned). This experience is called “life-review”.

Carlos’ teacher told him that this “life-review” robs you not only of your life experiences but your consciousness as well. And if you do this exercise right, the experiences after death will be stolen from you nevertheless, but your consciousness will remain uninterrupted.

Whether it’s true or not we can only find out after death, but since I did this exercise, I can attest to its effectiveness in giving you a lot of energy. In fact, the first day I started doing it, I was unable to sleep because I had so much excess energy.

The recapitulation exercise is done this way. You need to stay in some closed space, like a tent, a wardrobe, a box or somewhere where the atmosphere is compact. You will need to do this exercise for several days, and it might extend to several weeks or months – it all depends on how many emotional experiences you’ve had in your life.

Like the previous exercise, this one also can be done in quite a few ways, and in Carlos Castaneda’s books it’s recommended to do it in two different ways. I’ve personally done it only in one way – at least yet.

The first way it can be done is this. You should start from the latest emotional experience and work your way to the earliest emotional experience that you remember. When you mentally relive the experience, you need to turn your head (semi-slowly) to your left in order to breathe out the foreign energy from that experience, and then you need to turn your head right whilst breathing in your trapped energy.

So this allows you to detangle mixed energies – you get rid of foreign energies, and you regain your trapped energies.

You need to continue turning left and right until you feel that you’ve freed all the energy. Then you need to move on to the next experience.

As you can imagine, this work can take a long time. You should spend twenty minutes to even hours a day for this exercise – it all depends on how much free time you have each day.

Another way to do it (and this is how I did it), is to allow your mind itself to select which experiences it wants to resolve. The mind will jump from one experience to the next, but you will notice that although not chronologically-wise, it works in another way and discovers emotional experiences with equal effectiveness to the first method.

It will jump by associations. For example, it might focus on the experiences that you had with a particular person, and then jump to one aspect of the last experience that you worked through, like its theme, for example, and then it will remember an event relating to that last theme.

Allow the mind to continue discovering in its own peculiar way all the emotional experiences that you need to work out.

In Carlos Castaneda’s books it’s recommended to go through all life experiences. This will take months, and it is told that it is this exercise that cheats death’s grip on swallowing up your personal experiences and consciousness during life-review. I’ve not yet attempted such grand work, but who knows, maybe some time!


Both of these exercises complement each other. Cord-cutting serves as a preventative measure for energy drain, and recapitulation regains the energy that was lost as a result of soul-ties and past experiences.

I highly recommend you do both of them, and to do them both properly. This may take weeks or even months, but I promise you that the results will be worth your spent time.

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