One of the reasons I post irregularly is because I pay attention to dates – some of them are lucky for me, and some aren’t. I’ve noticed that posting on right dates increased my income, though as of yet I see only a slight rise in the subscriber number.

Some days are excellent for business, some – for writing, some – for love, and so forth.

One of the ways you can use numbers to your success is when you are meeting someone you want to leave an impression on, or to persuade. You should know his birth date and calculate his birth number (I’ve explained how to calculate the birth number in this article).

But here I can simply say that if there is a double digit in the birth number, just add the two together to get the birth number. The description of birth number personality can be found in the just linked article.

You should also check what’s his compound birthday number meaning, in case there are two digits in your day of birth. You can check that in the books written by Cheiro on numbers, as well as in the book Browse Your Future Through Numerology by D. Jagannatha Rao.

You should find out his personality through his number to know how to talk to him. You should also arrange a meeting on a date favorable to you (about that later), and you have more chances of persuading him this way, because you both will know how to approach him as you’ll understand his personality, and the day will be favorable to you.

I recently injured my knee. It was on the twelfth day of this month. The twelfth day is inauspicious as it stands for suffering. Actually, the number twelve is worse than thirteen, because at least out of the number thirteen something good may come out, it representing chaos and the new order of things. It’s feared mainly because of Christian prejudice.

Also, my natal chart shows that my injuries (harmful rays of Mars) will be abroad (far from home, ninth house) and mainly to the area of knees. How can I doubt the accuracy of numerology and astrology after such a proof? (I mentioned other things that confirmed the accuracy of astrology and numerology in some previous articles.)

So now I will show you how to know which dates are favorable to you and which unfavorable.

Keep in mind that if your birthday number is four or eight, you are better off focusing on your name number instead, as these numbers usually bring misfortune.

If your name number also makes up four or eight, I advise to modify your name to have a better vibration (since the day of your birth cannot be modified, of course). Good numbers are 1, 3, 5, 6, maybe even 7 (a spiritual number ruled by the planet Neptune, but often this planet blinds and creates illusions).

But avoid the number 9 as it’s highly discordant with four and eight, and I would avoid 2 as well, because it’s a weak number (you can choose it if you wish, of course, it’s ruled by the Moon). It’s the number of emotions and is in the same series as 4 or 8 but not as unfortunate as those two.

Once you know/select your number, you need to increase its power (its vibration in your life). You should wear its colors and take important action on dates that have your number, like if your number is five, then wear some shiny accessory, like shiny earrings or a shiny ring. Take action on dates that make up five, like 14, 23 or 32. I’ve explained all that increases the vibration of particular numbers in this article.

If your number used to be four or eight and now you use another number, never increase the vibration of these previous numbers. So you should not wear their colors or take important action or lots of action on those dates.

Also, know that the more zeroes you have in your birth date, the more obstacles you will have in your life. I have a friend whose number is 1, that of Sun and success (which is repeated twice in his birth date), but he has a zero in his birth date. Zeroes make people experience setbacks in terms of health and career.

He always experiences obstacles of all sorts; like when he falls he breaks his leg, or he suddenly loses his job; or he goes abroad and is cheated in some way there. But the number one promises that if he perseveres, eventually he will succeed, because that is a strong number ruled by the Sun.

So the idea is to keep increasing the power of your positive numbers though using its colors, gems and taking action on their days; and to keep decreasing the power of negative numbers by being less active/not taking important actions on those days and not wearing their colors.

Within around six months of applying this advice you will notice definite changes in your success. The change, of course, cannot be instant, because it will take time to deactivate harmful vibrations of negative numbers and to increase the vibrations of positive numbers.

Finally, I highly recommend to read Cheiro’s several books on numbers as well as the book Browse Your Future Through Numerology by D. Jagannatha Rao, if you can get your hands on it. These are some of the few books that focus only on the original numerology rather than the one invented by Pythagoras.