If you studied Hinduism in depth as a female, you probably came to find that there are almost no explanations of how a woman transforms her essence into the Christ seed – only the male perspective is given.

The same applies to other Eastern cultures. For example, in China we find female spiritual transformation information suppressed too, though it is believed this wasn’t always the case, and that only gradually women started being treated as second-class citizens, leading to the suppression of female-empowering spiritual information.

It’s as though there is a conspiracy to keep women not only mentally, but spiritually backwards also. This is still manifesting in the countries mentioned, but the situation in India is getting better, and I know in China some women fight very hard against the prejudice directed against their sex.

Female spiritual transformation in Taoism

However, it is from the sacred texts of China and not India that some information has resurfaced about female spiritual transformation. In India, one can get oral teachings of some female adepts living in mountains, but I have never found any genuine written record of female spiritual transformation.

I wanted to believe, for a long time, that it’s because such a transformation is identical for both sexes. But deep within there was a feeling of this being not the case.

Now I have it confirmed. I just recently discovered what I consider to be the missing link, the information not only about female spiritual transformation, but also about the connection between kundalini awakening and Christ seed. And this happened by connecting the spiritual teachings of China and India, which totally complement each other and supply each other’s blind spots.

All this information was uncovered as a result of me pondering on the topic of sun gazing. I wrote about my sun-gazing experience and results in the Sun Behind the Sun book extensively.

I was thinking that if people sun gaze, maybe some moon gaze too. I found almost nothing about this topic online. When I was wondering about this whilst sitting on a balcony at night, as soon as I posed the question to myself of whether I should research this topic further, a white owl appeared out of nowhere, and alighted on the straw roof a meter away from my balcony, directly in front of me.

It didn’t see me, and when it realized I was there, it almost lost its balance and quickly took to the air and then landed on a roof a little away from me, still watching me from the distance.

Since it’s a lunar bird, and it’s of a color of the Moon, I interpreted that as a definite nudge from the Universe for me to research lunar gazing more. And when I did, I realized that there was almost no reliable information on it, with the exception of two books, one of which I got on Google Play Books, called Daoist Nei Gong for Women (provided is an Amazon link to it).

That’s the book that got me into further researching Taoist spirituality, the trend which you may have already noticed by the kind of updates I currently post on social networks.

So this particular book was truly a missing link, giving knowledge on how women spiritually transform in the context of Hinduism as well as Taoism, though its intention is to give only a taoist insight. It’s difficult to come across this information even in Taoism, and a book as such can be considered a true rarity.

This book provides missing information on female transformation of their essence, from gross to fine, and to the birth of spiritual embryo. My further research into Taoism provides a link between saving the Christ seed and kundalini as well. I explain it all below.

Women lose much of their essence in a different way to men

The mentioned book explains that men lose most of their essence through orgasm, whilst women don’t. I read many other Chinese texts to seek confirmation about it, and they all agree on this issue, so this is not just one author’s view on it.

For example, in Tao Te Ching we find it told that a woman is like a valley that doesn’t dry up. The book is basically directed at men, and implies that men can gain power from women, which reflects an old ancient belief of China that sex with women can prolong men’s lives, if they know how to do it:

The Valley Spirit never dies.
It is named the Mysterious Female.
And the doorway of the Mysterious Female
Is the root from which Heaven and Earth sprang.
It exists always; You can use it always [literally “without any care”].

(Literal translation using Wengu.)

In ancient China some men would gain essence from women through the act of sex to extend their lives. Virgins were especially valued for the abundance of essence. Men in the know would steal essence from women to prolong their lives, and women in the know would steal essence from men to prolong theirs.

Women lose little to no power through the act of sex (unless, I guess, they have sex with someone who knows how to steal it). Men don’t lose power through sex if they don’t ejaculate and know how to circulate their qi.

In fact, both can gain from the act of sex without vampirising on one another which is a stupid thing to do anyway, because God is not blind. The union of male and female essences increases power if both try to give to one another through the act of sex without allowing their vital essences to flow out but raising them upwards.

Men lose power if they experience orgasm. Women lose power not because of sex but because of their emotions. They operate from a higher qi source in the body than men. So if women balance their emotions when leading active sexual lives, they will save the seed.

But this is hard to do because when a woman is sexually involved, she is usually emotionally involved too; so whilst a man loses essence during sex, a woman loses her qi some hours or a day after, as her emotions are then not stable, and any somewhat annoying thing will cause her to react in a more dramatic way. Were she not to lead an active sexual life, such small annoyances would not disturb her that much.

So it makes sense for women who want to save their qi to abstain from sex too, although it is possible, by balancing emotions, not to be depleted even when sexually active; because it’s not the sexual activity itself that causes her qi loss.

Men operate from the lower qi source which is located in the abdomen, and that’s why it’s very difficult for them to transcend base desires. Women do not need to focus that much on transcending them because they already operate from the heart centre, so they should focus on balancing their emotions instead.

We know that women operate from the heart centre because they only have sex after emotional, heart, bonding. Of course, now, due to the perverted Western culture, some women also have sex without any feelings, but this doesn’t show the rule but an aberration.

We know that men can much more easily have sex without any bonding, because they operate from a lower level that doesn’t involve higher emotions. Women, on the other hand, cannot give their bodies to someone who just looks good or sexy; they need emotional bonding to occur in order for them to engage in the act of sex.

Let me depart from the topic a little, to include some important information. Keeping the above in mind,  a woman should never engage in sex without heart bonding taking place with a man. Sometimes women give their hearts but men do not. So it’s important to make sure that both have their heart centers merged.

If a man did not merge his heart centre with a woman, it will be easy for him to cheat on her or split up with her. If his heart center is engaged, however, he is likely to stay loyal.

You know that your heart centres are connected if there are synchronicities happening between you two. If they are missing, the hearts are not connected. So look for you both saying the same words at the same time, taking the same actions or reading each other’s thoughts. You will avoid many heartbreaks if you keep this rule in mind.

Back to the topic. We can see the truth that men operate from a lower level in any meditation centre where celibacy is encouraged. We see that it’s men who struggle with base desires – this is obvious from their tense faces and weird reactions towards females when they try to be celibate. Approach any celibate monk, if you’re a female, and you will know what I mean.

I was around many monks, and there are two types of them. Those who want to maintain celibacy and therefore are very unnatural towards women, which shows their inability to get above base desires; and those who pretend to be celibate but they haven’t even tried to control their base desires, and so they look at women in a sexual way. There are, of course, monks who transcended their base desires, but they are very rare. Women usually don’t experience such imbalances because their focus was never on the act of sex in the first place.

Women lose their power through uncontrolled emotions, because their qi storage is in the heart centre and not abdomen. So naturally if they are very emotional, they will feel very depleted, sometimes almost lifeless. That’s because by becoming emotional they cause the fine essence to become gross and flow downwards, and to be eliminated when menstruation comes. The more emotionally unbalanced women are, the more they will bleed during their period, and the more painful it will be.

Which also means that if they lead active sexual lives, they can still save Christ seed IF they are able to be emotionally centered. After my kundalini left the crown chakra, and then descended after some days back into it (which I interpreted as the descent of the Holy Spirit, being then into Christianity), I naturally became very centered. (Chinese spiritual texts talk about this descent after the opening of the crown, thanks to which I was able to understand my own experience better).

This allows me to be emotionally cool even though I’m in a relationship now. It’s difficult for a woman to be emotionally cool when she is sexually involved, because sexual involvement, as I already explained, usually only takes place when the heart ties to the partner. But kundalini piercing the crown chakra and descending back into it stabilizes the person, and enables him or her to remain cool in intimate relationships too. I’m not saying I’m never emotional, but compared to most women, I’m doing very well:)

I’m saying this because even though I’m sexually active now, I still experienced the overflow of the essence into my brain twice (I’ve been with my dear one since December last year), which means that I saved quite a lot of qi whilst being sexually active. Which proves what the Chinese texts say of women not wasting much qi in the act of sex.

As long as your qi remains undisturbed, you will save it. How to know if it’s undisturbed? If you get all emotional, it’s disturbed and wasted. If sex makes you lose coordination or makes you act in any other unbalanced way, it means you have disturbed the qi. Disturbed qi changes from finer to gross and is lost. So we should never allow it to be disturbed. When it remains undisturbed, it expands and it can then be directed upwards towards the brain.

Also, it’s important to understand the following bit of information. Women who allow their emotions to control them, cause their qi to be lost before reaching the brow center. This is where qi is converted into intelligence. Therefore, such women cannot mentally grow.

Intelligence is the outcome of a refined qi reaching the brow center. Men cannot be truly loving, neither can they gain intelligence, if they waste their essence through frequent orgasms. Women, though loving, cannot be intelligent if they are slaves to their emotions.

Here is why women can spiritually evolve faster

It’s told in Chinese texts that a drop of menstrual blood has much less qi than a drop of semen, which means that women in general waste much less of their essence than men do, making it much easier for them to achieve spiritual heights.

In addition to this, their energy moves towards their core (centripetal force movement) whilst men’s – to the outside (centrifugal movement), which means that women are naturally inwards-oriented, which results in less power wastage, which can be used for spiritual work.

What’s more, after the menopause, they start their “second spring” period, as it’s called in Chinese. Their force is no longer directed towards foetus production and therefore all the force can be used for spiritual advancement.

So although, because of the lack of knowledge, female adherents of Hinduism and Taoism focus on the control of sex, they instead need to focus on balancing their emotions. If they learn to center themselves and “guard the Tao” by not allowing emotions to control and deplete them, they will find their periods lighter and they will save much of their essence.

Also, another thing that helps women to save their essence is Moon gazing, and that’s what the mentioned book provides much information about. It is told that men gain through sungazing, and women – through moongazing; that the source of female power, Yin, is in the Moon, and not the Sun. Women will become more feminine by gazing at the Moon, whilst Sun-gazing encourages male qualities – activity, ambition, leadership, strength. So if you lack those, you can sungaze, of course, but if you want feminine qualities, moongazing is encouraged.

If women moongaze, they will find their periods aligning with the Moon, and they will bleed on the new Moon, and will be most fertile on the full Moon. Their bodies, through moongazing, will regain their harmony, aligning with nature completely. This will cause them to experience much lighter periods without any pain eventually, as promised  by the book.

Kundalini and Christ seed connection

Upon further deep research into these subjects, I came across quite a few Chinese texts connecting saving seed with kundalini, and providing more information on how the vital essence overflows for the prolonging of life.

The Chinese spiritual texts translations of professor Livia Kohn were especially useful in my research. The following is her article excerpt from Jstor.org:

Inner body alchemy - Livia Kohn

(My note – stopping menstruation is very dangerous unless you know what you are doing. It’s much safer to simply reduce the flow through balancing your emotions and aligning the period with Moon phases.)

The excerpt continues:

Inner Alchemy Livia Kohn

These excerpts provide a connecting link between kundalini and Christ seed, and I find this information invaluable.

How to collect life force

Upon further research into Taoist alchemical texts, I found some treasures about the process of collecting the life force and making it rise.

For example, consider this text, again found in the work of Livia Kohn:

To guide the qi, allow it to enter deeply and collect it. As it collects, it will expand. Once expanded, it will sink down. When it sinks down, it comes to rest. After it has come to rest, it becomes stable.

When the qi is stable, it begins to sprout. From sprouting, it begins to grow. As it grows, it can be pulled back upwards. When it is pulled upwards, it reaches the crown of the head.

It then touches above th at the crown of the head and below at the base of the spine. Who practices like this iwll attain long life. Who goes against this will die.

Here we find it explained that firstly we need to acquire qi. We naturally have that essence, but  it’s also obtained through air, food, and sex, if you know what you are doing. Deep breathing allows it to deeply penetrate the cells of the body, and breathing correctly, into the abdomen rather than breathing stopping at lungs, allows qi to enter its proper collecting place.

When it’s left undisturbed (meaning not dissipated through sex in men and emotions in women), it expands, stabilizes and then transforms into becoming the essence that is then able to be manipulated. It now can be drawn upwards, along the spine, to finally reach the crown. But that’s only possible when there’s enough of qi, as it has to overflow the spinal opening in order for it to be spilled into the crown.

How to attain oneness with God (Universe, Spirit, Tao, the Way)

Consider this text:

When the One does not leave the body, one naturally attains Dao.

Then the Three Ones come to be permanently present in the three palaces (elixir fields) of the human body.

Concentrate on them and never let them go; then the gods will naturally descend. Once the gods have descended, the Dao of perfection is complete.

(Xisheng Jing by Li Rong)

This text explains the reason why in meditation one is told to never lose one’s awareness, whether it be focused on breath, sensation, present moment, or anything else. That’s because awareness is Spirit. If you are mindless, your Spirit is not in your body. Eventually the Spirit tires of the emotional discords and other unnatural ways of living, and it evacuates the body permanently, resulting in death.

However, if you live harmoniously, don’t torture your Spirit by unnatural thinking and living, and do not allow it to leave by always being “here”, then it will stay with the body always, and you will experience at-onement with the Universe, God, Tao.

The text then (I believe based on other Taoist texts that I read) further indirectly explains that then you will give birth to the Christ consciousness, a spiritual embryo present in three places in the human body, where crystals are present. These are: the abdomen, the solar plexus and the third eye. Concentration on these areas does not allow the embryo to be lost, and then body deities will re-inhabit their places and the body will not die or at least it will not age, according to Taoism.

The body deities are also mentioned in Hindu texts. Some adepts meditate on them. When body deities governing certain body areas leave due to internal discord, the body ages and finally dies. So again, we want those spiritual forces to remain in the body, and we do so, according to this text, by focusing on the inner embryo in the three palaces of the body.


We can see a similar mechanism at work in both men and women. Men cause their essence to become gross and flow out through sexual pleasure. Women cause their essence to become gross and flow out through the release of emotion. Focusing on the appropriate areas of concern will help both sexes to save their essence.

If you did not understand some information in this article, it’s well worth re-reading and meditating on those bits. I know that to those who have already achieved certain spiritual heights, the information here will prove invaluable.

I hope that this information will reach many women who are kept now in darkness due to the female power suppression that still, unfortunately, manifests today. At the moment most yogi women and other female spiritual aspirants are focused on transcending sexual desires when the majority of their power is lost through uncontrolled emotions. This makes their spiritual progress very slow.

If they can be educated about the importance of balancing emotions, they will be able to save most of their spiritual power and will be able to give birth to the immortal embryo of Taoism, or the Christ seed of Gnosticism, much faster. Please share this information with women desiring spiritual process, if you care.

Finally, I apologize if I sounded repetitive in some passages; that’s because I really wanted to get this message across:)