I told at the beginning of my previous video that from planet combinations in your natal chart you can find out if success favors you. The same your natal chart can say about love: whether your love relationships will be smooth, lucky, unlucky, or even dangerous.

If you happen to always fall in love with dangerous people or those who clearly have the dark side manifesting, be sure that there are some unfavorable planet combinations or other unfavorable chart aspects.

Here’s what the study of astrology revealed to me about attracting wrong people.

If you only fall in love with the bad guys (or women), it means that the dark side in you is missing. Because you’re a plus, so to speak, you will always feel attracted to a minus.

People who have both light and dark sides of their personalities don’t feel that much attraction for someone who is a total saint or an absolute sinner; But someone who has no darkness in them will always feel great attraction to the manifestations of the energy of darkness in hidden forms (because there’s the unwillingness to acknowledge that to yourself).

Planets and stars influence our bodies, minds and our entire lives. If you were born under the archetype of a saint, that’s the energy signature which you will have for the rest of your life. It’s just who you are, your essence, and unless your natal chart indicates some extreme change, like emotional illness, or some huge loss leading to some addiction, it’s almost guaranteed that you will maintain that energy signature for the rest of your life.

So your energy signature is likely to remain the same for the rest of your life. And therefore what remains to be done is to rise above this influence, as it cannot be changed merely by willpower. Rising above the planet influence doesn’t destroy the fixed energy dynamics in your life; but it allows you to make choices about what to engage in and what not to engage in, and how to react to certain happenings.

The star and planet combinations responsible for you falling in love with the wrong type will always remain fixed. That energy combination was sealed at the moment of your birth. Yes, you can attempt forming a love relationship with saintly people, but this will make you unhappy. You will feel the relationship empty and purposeless. That’s because you’re trying to enact something that isn’t written in your stars.

That’s why it’s so empowering to understand star and planet influences at the time of your birth. It tells what your energy signature is. This allows you to see what’s happening in your life from an observer’s perspective and make more objective conclusions and better choices.

Since you have no dark side (not that you are a total saint but that pure darkness is definitely not there), its external manifestation will always attract you. Not that you are attracted to evil places or anything like this as you aren’t that kind of person. But you are attracted to people who visit such places.

Those people usually look like nice individuals as they usually don’t display their darkness openly. But their eyes tell who they are. You know the danger is there when your eyes meet, but something pushes you to be with that person and you cannot resist it. And such individuals will always fascinate you, because in this universe opposites always attract each other.

When you understand that you will always be attracted to that kind of people since this is your energy signature, you have some choices. You can refuse to unite with that external darkness and probably it will be painful to stay away at the beginning, but later it will get more and more easier, though you will always find mysterious or dangerous individuals attractive.

Or you can choose to go ahead and unite with that external darkness and end up emotionally or even psychically wounded, or even financially destroyed, depending on what your birth chart says about your situation.

You might say that it’s unfair that your love life is doomed. But then some people say it’s unfair that they keep getting serious physical injuries, that they keep experiencing financial troubles or feel stuck in life. There’s no person in this world who has an ideal life, because this existence cannot be where it not for such imbalances. Good and evil will always remain, if you are given more in one department of your life, something will be taken from another, to maintain balance. The healthiest way to approach this is to make peace with this fact.

Because love relationships is your personal doorway through which you can be hurt, it’s wise to shut it. But it’s your personal choice. Some women continue getting into abusive relationships for the rest of their lives. Some men continue dating women who only use them. The empowerment of knowing your energy signature allows you to make intelligent conclusions about what to do with such a situation.

I know that there are many psychology articles about how to transform your love life and end destructive relationships. But this can only be done if a person happens to once or twice fall for a wrong person. It doesn’t work on people whose energy signature attracts that kind of persons in their lives.

So I encourage you to look at your birth chart to see if indeed that unfortunate energy pattern is there and how bad the pattern is, and, depending on star and planet combinations, what to do about your particular situation.

I know that some of you don’t want to be left hanging with this information that I’ve just given. To find out more details about your energy signature, I suggest two things. If you want a basic analysis of your life including love, I suggest to calculate your natal chart online.

This you can do on many websites, like astro.com or astrotheme.com. Such websites provide computer-generated data that cannot connect all the dots to look at the whole picture, but it’s excellent for basic understanding of trends of your life.

If you want a more a personal assessment only of your love relationships and a confirmation or denial whether your energy signature indicates attraction to harmful people as well as advice about it, I can look at your natal chart for a donation.

Since I’ve just thought of this service to help you out, and it’s not something that I ever offered before, this service is limited, so if you no longer see the links to donate on this page, it means I have received enough requests to busy me for some time and you can send me an email to include you in the waitlist in case I offer this service again.

All the details about this service is on the page here.

Thank you for reading.

Take care,

Simona Rich