In the video on walking in the ancient pilgrimage town of Gokarna I told that this would be my last city to visit before the end of my ten-year exploration of India.

However, after staying there for a couple of weeks I decided to end my journey in Goa – the state that I haven’t visited for a long time.

You’ve seen my Goa beach hut in the video on the occult power source of the Catholic Church. I arrived there at the right time as the tourist season was finishing, so there was no noise at night due to the lack of beach parties. I enjoyed sleeping in my hut as I stayed just a minute away from the beach, so I heard the sound of the roaring sea every night.

Here’s a picture of my beach hut:

My Indian beach hut

Thus, with Palolem beach in Goa ended my exploration of India.  I’ve written about my adventures whilst leaving India here.

Why the sudden change?

I know that many people don’t understand how I can so suddenly change my life; this happened when I woke up from the New Age deception, when I deconverted from Christianity due to uncovering its lies, and now by leaving a country I held dear for ten years.

I know that it’s hard to understand such sudden changes and there are people making videos about me, giving the strangest reasons for the shifts. From their limited perspective they deceive themselves into thinking that they know where I’m coming from.

None of those self-appointed judges understand, because none of them know – all they can do is guess. I received several emails from people who went through the same shift, and they are the only ones that understand it.

When kundalini went through my crown chakra, my soul connected with my Higher Self. I did not understand what happened because I lacked theoretical knowledge – I only had the experience of going through something remarkable which changed my life for ever, and in  more ways than I am yet even capable of understanding.

But as I’m studying esoteric writings, now I’m arriving at a better understanding about what I went through. The experience I went through is the most sought-after experience of mystics – the unity of the soul with the Higher Self.

I mistook this Higher Self for God as I knew it to be the law-giver; I still cannot connect all the dots after more than a year of this profound experience, because it was so unexpected and different to anything else I went through before. But this is what I understood about it so far from reading esoteric writings.

Without kundalini piercing the crown chakra the Higher Self is unable to connect with the soul. According to esoteric teachings, this means that the person failed to achieve immortality and is unregenerate – not born-again. I told already in previous articles that Christians stole the born-again phrase, which was first used by Indians and Egyptians. Though the Bible also has the same teaching of how to get regenerated – yet hidden if one doesn’t take its stories as symbols.

When this union takes place, your ego can no longer rule you. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be times where it will attempt to take over, but it won’t be long before the Higher Self reasserts itself. This union, therefore, makes you into a very different person. Individuals who never experienced this union will not be able to understand my actions and will end up judging wrongly as they cannot help but look at my changes from their level of spiritual development.

When this union takes place, it’s no longer egoic preferences that rule you but the Higher Self (who’s in tune with universal laws). You get yourself in the flow and structure your life according to that flow, despite of the ego preferences. If you go against the flow, disastrous consequences will result, like I told in the video on spirit spouses, though I interpreted that experience through a Christian perspective as I was Christian at that time.

This means that you cannot help but be in the flow and therefore also in tune with times and seasons. Sometimes seasons shift so quickly that your beliefs crumble in a day. Unregenerate people are then quick to say that the person has gone crazy or is unreasonable; they again interpret this change from a very limited perspective, because they are blind to the change of season.

It’s the ego that convinces such persons that they know exactly where someone is coming from; they don’t care to understand whether a person is on a higher level of spiritual development than they or not; they just assume that they understand him or her.

Also, such irresponsible judgment prevents people from learning from someone who attained a higher level of development. Such self-appointed judges allow their judgement to interpret everything about the person, and therefore they remain blind to the fact that the person may teach them something they don’t yet know. So such self-appointed judges remain stuck, unable to learn from others.

If, instead of appointing themselves as all-knowing judges, they would spend as much time for self-development, they might achieve the at-onement with their Higher Selves and then their judgment would become much more accurate. But as long as they spend time looking at what others are doing and ignoring their own spiritual development, they will remain blind and foolish (though thinking themselves wise).

I distinctly felt a shift in season that brought a close to my Christian days. I was helpless to change anything; yes, in truth I could go against it, but at what cost? That would be like trying to swim against the stream.

I cannot say no to that flow because staying in union with it is what keeps me safe and makes me grow. This is what keeps me on that straight and narrow path that only a few find. You have to give up all your attachments and just follow that universal call.

I believe it was destined for me to become a Christian for a year – maybe for the same reason I was into New Age, which is, I believe, to uncover its lies and expose it to others so that some are taken out of the trap.

Since I dedicated my life for the Universe to use me a long time ago, would that be so surprising if it indeed uses me in such a way to help others? I don’t mind if such sudden changes raise a few eyebrows– as long as my personal journey helps someone and makes me progress in the right direction, that’s all that’s important.

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