Now I understand why so many people were against Blavatsky, especially Christians. That’s because she understood what the Catholic Church was (and is) about. Since Protestantism is from the same root as Catholicism, the dark forces governing this faith prevent both Protestants and Catholics from objectively assessing this woman.

Instead of reading her works and forming an objective opinion, Christians have unreasonable hatred towards her. That’s because of the influence of the dark forces over their minds.

When I deconverted, I felt as though a heavy burden was lifted – as though all this time I was in a cage and didn’t even know it.

It’s not only me that felt this way – when I watched deconversion videos of other people to find out why they left the religion, this experience of feeling burden-free (sometimes for the first time in one’s life if one was a Christian since birth) was reported by other people as well.

This guy, for example, experienced the same thing. He only regretted having spent four years and $60,000 to find out that Christianity is a lie:

So when Christians are imprisoned in such a way, they don’t realize that they are captives of dark forces. And those dark forces, of course, do not want them to find out the true origins of the religion that keeps them imprisoned. Thus, they influence the minds of the adherents to unreasonably hate and reject without any research those who know the truth about Christianity.

I challenge you, if you are Christian, instead of contributing to the spreading of false rumors about Blavatsky, to study her work to find out whether those rumors are true.

Christians are afraid to study occult works because they think that they will go to hell for it. But “occult” simply means “hidden” knowledge of how the universe and the human mind works. Would your god really send you to hell for trying to understand such matters? Do you really think a good Creator wants people to remain in ignorance? Is that why Jesus told his apostles to be as wise as serpents?

The powers of darkness do not want Christians to read Blavatsky. In her Isis Unveiled Vol. 2 she uncovers all the secrets that the Catholic Church doesn’t want you to know. The most enlightening information about the secrets of the Catholic Church that you can read online and find in YouTube videos actually came from her book, or at least most of what’s out there. And for the readers of her books even more knowledge is revealed.

I believe her best contribution to exposing the Catholic Church was the discovery of the real reason of witch burning. As I told in my previous article, witch burning did not take place for the excuses that the Catholic popes gave to the masses. It wasn’t that those people made deals with the devil – maybe a few did, who knows, but the rest of them were forced through torture to confess such a thing.

Blavatsky claims that the real reason the Catholic Church burned people is so that they wipe out all higher spiritual knowledge among the masses and get a monopoly over it. Such knowledge surely included knowing the names of spirits and how to employ elementals, how to work in harmony with universal laws.

It is obvious that they obtained this information because it is with this Church that supernatural phenomena of crying and walking statues are associated. It’s not associated with Protestantism, because, since they have branched off from the Catholic faith, the pastors no longer have access to it.

Although we no longer live in dark ages, and despite of the fact that millions of people know the lies of Catholicism, the Catholic Church still holds tremendous power over the masses. This is because they hold secret spiritual knowledge that enables them to influence millions. This knowledge is stored in Vatican and they received it through witch burning.

They burnt the people who possessed important spiritual knowledge using a convenient pretext of them dealing with the devil, and stole their occult books so that they don’t get passed to any other people. Thus, their knowledge was never passed in a way that it’s supposed to be, and it was the greedy Catholic Church that illegally obtained it. They, like the Pharisees in the days of Jesus, now hold the key to the Kingdom, but neither themselves enter, nor allow others to pass.

The Catholic Church saw the people in possession of magic power as a great threat. They knew that as long as higher knowledge exists among people, there is light in the world. And when they burnt all such individuals and stole their works, the dark ages ensued.

They achieved their purpose – they destroyed spiritual knowledge among the masses, and they became the sole possessors of the keys to heaven. They ruled over the ignorant masses for many hundreds of years, till Protestantism arose which was a huge step forward, yet eventually it sank into disagreements and thousands of splits, as humans would rather identify with and argue about different spiritual leaders than keep digging to find the truth.

There is always an official story and a real story. Thus, the official story is that wicked witches were burnt because they made deals with that omnipresent devil of Christians. The true story is that the Catholic Church was thirsty for monopoly over secret knowledge, and thus the possessors of esoteric doctrines had to be sacrificed. Since it was the Catholic Church that won this battle, it, being the winner, wrote his-story. The winners, not the losers, write history.

The Greek civilization is the proof that its spiritual philosophy uplifted humanity. Abrahamic religions destroyed what “pagans” built, and caused dark ages. Paganism was destroyed completely, and even the writings that survived destruction and theft were changed by the “holy” fathers of the Church. Beautiful works of art were vandalized by fanatical Christians and Muslims to wipe out polytheism.

These fanatics think they are doing people a favor, when in reality they are controlled by dark forces to be the tools of extermination of competing faiths! Abrahamic religions were never about the true faith – but about power, money and politics.

It’s easy for us to see only seemingly positive aspects of these religions and forget that these three faiths were established through human slaughter, rape, robbery, vandalism and abuse. People were forced to either become Christians or to choose death. My country Lithuania were one of the last strongholds of paganism, but eventually, due to Christian violence, it had to convert.

Later Islam followed a similar, but more cruel, strategy.

It’s easy to forget these things and look at these faiths through rose-tinted glasses, when violence and bloodshed happened hundreds of years ago or is happening far from us. But I urge you not to turn a blind eye on this fact, as it is capable of freeing you from these cruel man-made religions.

It’s not that Catholicism is cruel and yet Protestantism is a totally different thing. Protestantism came from the same evil tree of Catholicism, and that spirit of murder is as alive in the hearts of Protestants as it is in the hearts of Catholics. Dare to disagree with their theology and your good name will be put to death by their slanderous tongues; yes, Christians no longer burn people because times have changed. But their hearts are still full of cruelty and bigotry.

If any honest Christian is reading this, I must warn you that your unexplainable hate for certain people might point to the fact that they hold some truth which might free you. Thus, instead of demonizing the people such as Blavatsky whose work you probably never read, and certainly not in full, take time to thoroughly read her books and then you will be able to form an objective opinion of who she was and why she spent so much time educating people about the dangers of the Catholic Church.

Instead of attacking people who have opposing views, it’s much better to try to understand their point of view by placing yourself in their shoes. This is the only way to learn and grow. If you keep your heart hardened, there’s nothing more I can do to help. Jesus told us to love the truth – he would be the last person to defend the dead bones of tradition and the official story.

If you want to listen to Blavatsky’s audiobook which exposes the Catholic Church for what it is, I’ve recorded the first part of it here. It’s over seven-hours long:

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