In this article I will update you on what’s happening at the moment in my life because some readers inquired about it. Some people felt saddened that I received many negative comments and that angry Christians make videos against me.

I should assure you that it really doesn’t matter to me how these people react, because I know that it’s not coming from wisdom. Even if people think that I’m wrong, attack is not a wise thing to do. Since I know that people who attack are on a low level of awareness and have no wisdom, I don’t take any offence.

Difference between Christians and new-agers

Instead of taking an opportunity to assess their beliefs, these people automatically fight back whenever someone challenges their worldview. This keeps them stuck – they cannot grow. Also, by slandering others they only create bad karma for themselves (yes, the law of cause and effect is very real).

It was interesting to see how differently new-agers and Christians react. When I woke up from the new-age deception and told about it in public, new-agers got insulted but instead of slandering me, they simply unsubscribed.

Christians, on the other hand, reacted in a totally different way. They keep watching my videos and leave hateful comments as well as create videos “exposing” me. So this shows to me that new-agers are more developed than those considering themselves to be the disciples of Christ, who was the incarnation of love and forgiveness.

Christianity and black magic

I remember one Christian lady would often, in response to my videos, leave a comment saying “We love you there in Texas” or something along those lines. Then one time I posted an article which mentioned Satan with a capital “S”. In response to that article, she left a message something along the lines of “We never write satan with a capital “S”. But we love you there in Texas!”

And when I renounced Christianity (I did not renounce real Yeshua but state religion), she turned vicious.

This kind of control is black magic, whether people realize that or not. The tactic is to make people used to pleasantness and then start steering them towards your own understanding of things, hoping that that investment of pleasantness will make a person change their attitudes and follow your own.

It wasn’t the first time I experienced this kind of behavior from Christians. One guy tried to manipulate me this way by investing in me through donations. When he realized that he cannot change my mind, he stopped donating. Many Christians point their fingers at pagans when they themselves are black magicians.

Unfortunately this happens all too frequently. The people I just mentioned are perfect illustrations of typical Christians who failed to understand Christ love. Love doesn’t disappear the minute a person disagrees with you. It lasts whether a person disagrees with you or not.

Most people never felt true love. Their love is either lust or selfishness (meaning that you love a person as long as he agrees with your beliefs).

Christian awareness level is low

So comparing new-agers with Christians, I must say that some new-agers reached Christ love but very few Christians did. Those who did, silently pray for me, and that is nice, but once you know the truth you won’t be re-converted no matter how many prayers there will be.

Again, I’m not saying I’m throwing away Yeshua’s teachings because I don’t. I live by them. Very few Christians do. Those who hate me do not live by his commandments, because hate is a murderous intent that Yeshua was against.

How horrible a person must feel inside if they can hate other beings in such a way. This is a real hell. Many Christians are already burning in hell, through the entertainment of demonic thoughts, dark character traits, murderous intents and actions.

My take on new-age and Christianity

I subscribe neither to new-age nor to Christianity, and I already wrote articles explaining my reasons for rejecting both of these religions. All I can add is that monotheistic religions worship stars; Judaism is the cult of Saturn whilst Christianity is the cult of sun. The risen savior of the world is the sun; without it we would all be dead. I don’t think the sun should be worshiped, but the symbol itself is not evil as some Christians think (though it’s misused by the dark side to make them appear working for light).

I’m free from all religion, but that doesn’t mean I’m lawless. I live by the teachings of Yeshua, and those teachings are nearly identical to the teachings of other great luminaries of our world. Yeshua’s message was hijacked and incorporated into the sun cult. He’s depicted on the cross because cross is the sun sign. Some researchers claim that Romans never crucified anyone, because the cross was a sacred symbol to them.

Truth is not in the mainstream

If something in this world is very popular, you will not find truth there. There are millions of new-agers and millions of Christians. These official cults have lies and truth mixed together, and the worship energy of their followers is directed to planets, stars and God knows what else. But if you dig deep enough, you may get in touch with esoteric teachings that contain much more truth than the surface faiths.

Most people would never dig deep enough to discover those teachings, however. They want to believe that they already figured everything out and know all the truth. Yes, it’s a comforting belief, but is it the right belief?

Disappearance of original Christianity

Original Christianity disappeared very quickly. Original Christians were killed and their books burnt by the Church. Romans could not allow them to spread the real message of Yeshua because it threatened the integrity of their modified sun cult. So early Christian sects were labelled “heretical” and their members were murdered.

Thankfully some of their books escaped from the hands of evil Roman Catholic priests. Nag Hammadi library is one of the examples of such writings. Ebionites were one of the earliest followers of Yeshua whose trace still remains as well. If you want to be a real follower of Yeshua, look into those movements, as the truth won’t be found in Roman Catholicism.

The daughter of Catholicism

Protestantism is from the same evil root of Catholicism, so its fruits cannot be good. This offshoot of Roman Catholicism – its daughter – produced much ignorance, quarrels and division. Look at various denonimations, as well as pastors, to be convinced of this. The word “pastor” is almost a joke these days and it’s becoming associated with ignorance and bigotry.

Christians think themselves far superior to pagans, but they worship a figure on the cross. That’s not Jesus but the sun of God. It becomes so very obvious that this is the case by observing Catholic sun worship rituals.

This makes Christians the worshipers of the sun, and therefore they shouldn’t think themselves so different from pagans.

God doesn’t share His glory with anyone

In the Old Testament we find it said that God doesn’t share His glory with anyone else (Isaiah 48:9). This means He wouldn’t share His glory with Yeshua either. Yeshua was the teacher of righteousness, but his teachings were hijacked and he was made into another god, which he never claimed to be.

I’m very happy that I’ve figured this out and no longer belong to the sun cult. I love sun (my logo has it too as it symbolizes light and knowledge), but I will not worship a heavenly object. It’s very hard to break out from this cult and it’s nearly impossible to do so for people who don’t research the origins of Christianity.

Ruled by fear

This cult is fear-based and fear is a very strong negative force. Fear keeps people submissive and unable to reason. When you break out of that cult, you know it was a mental prison kept in place by ignorance and fear; but those who refuse to follow Yeshua’s commandment to search for the truth are very unlikely to ever see through this oppressive and false religion.

In fact, one of the reasons the cult of Christianity is so strong is because fear-based thoughts created a Christian hell in the astral realm. Many people see it and believe it to be the reality, because they are not educated about things spiritual, like about different realms. So they assume that every vision they receive must be true. But about this in another article.

Christians worship Egyptian trinity

Trinity exists, but it’s not what Christians think it is. It’s an Egyptian trinity, and those three gods are very powerful. So because of these two reasons – the mass-collective creation of astral hell, as well as three strong ancient deities’ influence – people get sucked into Christianity when they wake up to the demonic nature of new-(c)age or other mainstream religions.

Just think about it – why would you need to personally accept a savior rather than him redeeming the whole world as a result of Adam’s transgression? This alone should show that something isn’t right. If Christ’s death had redeemed humanity, individuals would not need to agree to be saved from a sin they did not commit.

But they must consciously give their soul to the sun of God, and only then it becomes their savior. Thus the Roman sun-cult continues.

Also, Hebrews were given a choice of whether to serve YHWH or not. Only when they agreed for him to be their god, did this become the case. Would the Ultimate Creator need you to accept Him as your God? Do you need to accept your mother as your mother? Isn’t that an already obvious fact?

You already belong to Him because you came from Him. You cannot claim you are not from your Creator as He is your very cause.

Synchronicities aren’t Christian-only phenomena

Another thing I would like to touch upon are Christian synchronicities. They claim that through different coincidences they get a confirmation that their faith is true. But it’s important to understand that new-agers and people of other faiths get the very same confirmations about their faiths!

In fact, when I renounced Christianity, synchronicities almost tripled! It seemed to me that the Universe itself is rewarding me. I got a person paying for my purchase in store (I didn’t even know him), I got a gift from a small Nepali boy, and I found money on the street equivalent to a meal. All this, and more, happened straight after I was done with Christianity.

This leads to a conclusion that either some deceiving spirits are at work, or that our individual realities are very subjective. So each person experiences what aligns with his or her beliefs. Though when I experienced the Universe giving me stuff, it took me totally by surprise as I expected nothing of this sort after renouncing Christianity. To be honest, I expected resistance and not rewards!


That’s all I wanted to share with you in this article. I would again like to thank those whose hearts are not hardened and who care and are concerned about my well-being. I’m happy to have broken out of this cult, so I feel very well. I hope others will break out as well.

I know it’s almost pointless to attempt to change the minds of those Christians who are hardened in their beliefs, but I must again say that this is not the way of Christ. We must not strive to protect our beliefs and attack those who don’t share the same views, but we should be loyal to the truth only.

And this would mean that sometimes, however uncomfortable it is, we would have to acknowledge to ourselves and the world that we were wrong. This seems to be a difficult thing to do because it is, but the rewards are worth it, because by breaking your ego in such a way you allow yourself to grow.

Growth is never easy. But it’s a much better option than staying stuck in false beliefs and therefore never experiencing that amazing expansion of perception and a more realistic view of the world.

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