Root Chakra – The First Step to Spiritual Progress

Some people struggle at the very beginning of their spiritual path and can’t seem to move even an inch from where they started. This is likely to happen if their root chakra is suppressed.

The root chakra gets suppressed mainly because of the early teachings about our sexual nature. In probably all countries sexual energy is suppressed by wrong dogmas. When this base energy is suppressed, it just sits at the root chakra without being able to be transformed to the higher energy.

Also if this energy is suppressed and it’s very strong, it can manifest in terrible ways, such as a person commuting an act of rape or some other act of violence. Such perversions are the consequences of negative and suppressive dogmas.

In India all the talks about sex are suppressed in school and even at homes. Girls, for example, have no idea why they start getting periods. For Westerners this is common sense, but in most parts of India even such natural things are taboos.

However in the West sexual energy is suppressed in other ways. We have a lot of tension created because there’s an abundance of sexual education but the coldness and distrust of the people make it very hard to express the sexual energy. People find it extremely difficult to form relationships these days, and unnatural beauty standards created by magazines and the media in general make it even harder to do so.

So when there’s such an imbalance in the root chakra, or when it’s completely closed, of course the energy cannot travel freely. Or even if some energy is able to travel, it cannot get completely transformed because the chakra is not entirely open. So only a trickle of this energy can travel forward, and so the full spiritual development cannot be achieved.

It’s interesting to note that very spiritual people are very open about sex and can talk about it in a natural way. That’s a sign that their root chakra is balanced and fully open. Such people are not possessive in relationships and they think that sex is a completely natural and beautiful act. These people attract many followers and many fall in love with such people, because their energy is so strong and balanced.

Only when the root chakra is unbalanced, sexual problems, such as sexual excess or embarrassment, can result. When the root chakra is completely balanced, you will have a natural sexual rhythm, and when this sexual energy is completely transformed into higher energies, you may not feel the need to have sex at all.

People who feel that sexual act is something dirty are the people who have suppressed energies in their base chakras. Also, as I mentioned earlier, people who are lustful, also have imbalances in this chakra. Only when the balance is achieved can the energy travel up and thus a person can spiritually develop.

You can instantly discover if your root chakra is balanced or not. Simply think about your current or ex partner and see him/her with another partner. Does that make you feel jealous? Does it trigger any negative emotion? If so, it means your root chakra is not balanced. You may feel it’s natural to feel the emotions of possessiveness about your partner, however people who are on high spiritual awareness don’t feel that. So possessiveness is common among spiritually unaware people, but non existent among truly spiritual people.

I think that non possessiveness is one of the hardest things to achieve in this world. Possessiveness always reveals selfish love, no matter how you may try to justify it. When you don’t feel possessive about your partner, it’s a good sign that your spiritual energies are free to travel upwards. If you see a sexual act as something divine, it’s also a sign that your energies can start transforming to become finer.

Sometimes you have to travel very deep into yourself to find the roots of your sexual suppression. They may start in the earliest years of your life, because children can pick up feelings from their parents and identify with them.

A friend of mine told me that when she would attend counseling sessions, her counselor told her that children till the age of three are extremely sensitive and aware. If their mothers don’t see them at this or earlier age for more than three days, children automatically think that their mothers died and they go through the feelings of grief and abandonment. So even from the very beginning of their lives, children are extremely sensitive to energies and environment they live in.

Try to find and cut the roots of your sexual suppression, no matter how deep they go. Pay attention to how your parents feel/felt about this subject, as well as what you were taught at school, church, etc. If you feel negative about something to do with sex, question this feeling, analyze it. Keep going deeper inside yourself to find all the roots that prevent your base chakra from opening.

When you manage to open the root chakra fully, you will not only feel like there’s much more energy in you, but you will also be much more uplifted. Moreover, if you struggled to attract the right partner, after this change the right person may appear out of nowhere in your life.

Some people, however, misuse the fully opened chakra because they are unable to control the strong sexual energy and thus they end up channeling it in lowest ways. That leaves them completely depleted and there’s no energy left for spiritual progress.

If this excess starts happening, it’s very important to divert this stream of energy to higher purposes, such as painting, dancing, singing or meditation. You can also pray to God to help you retain enough of this energy for your spiritual development.

It’s easy to waste this new powerful energy, especially when you attract amazing people and events in your life as a result of it. However wasting it will only leave you feeling depleted and unhappy. No matter how exciting your life gets, never lose yourself in the external world. Finding the way back into yourself might take a very long time.

Know that everything you do uses your energy, even a smallest thought or intention. You can, however, save a significant amount of your energy by not engaging in unnecessary talk or by not doing things that don’t matter.

When there’s a lot of your root chakra energy built up in you, and you don’t spend it in foolish ways, it will be easy for you to go deep into meditation and experience spiritual phenomena. You will also start naturally feeling how this energy starts travelling up your other chakras making your spiritual sight wider until you are able to gaze into your own soul.

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