In this article I will share with you what I mean by “New Age”, since different people have different definitions of it.

Yes, I agree that we live in a new age. Of course, times change. People of the future will live in another age also. When Pluto moves into Aquarius (at around 2023) things will be very different as patriarchal dominance will gradually crumble.

So in that sense, yes, new age is valid. But I don’t support the teachings abundant among those in new-age communities, such as that you can do anything that you want, that you can be anything and that there is no evil in the world but everything is positive.

In this dimension evil is real; this reality cannot exist without it because this existence is only possible through duality. So to claim that negativity doesn’t exist is to make yourself blind to one half of this existence.

Ultimately, of course, everything is illusion and we can see that from the fact that the past is only real in our memory; but as long as we live, evil is part of this existence.

Also, teachings that you can do anything and be anything go against our path in life as everyone of us has a unique path to follow. This particular destination is shown in your natal chart. If you don’t follow this path you will not be happy, though you may make a lot of money or live in a nice country.

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So not all of us should be following a man-made generic dream of wealth and fame, and not all of us can achieve all that we want to. And that’s good, because some of such achievements would make us miserable or even would serve as our undoing – a child being given a box of matches can do great harm.

All of us are unique and have different paths to follow; our souls need those experiences to grow. Some souls need one experience, whilst others – another.

The masses bought into the generic dream of wealth and fame and cannot fathom that existence less than that could be fulfilling. Yet each soul needs a different set of experiences to grow, so some would indeed have to endure the life of hardship and lack.

Maybe that’s the only way the hard shell of selfishness can break open to reveal compassion, or maybe the lesson of poverty is there for people to learn to value what they have. There could be so many reasons why people have to experience such difficulties. Another reason could be to learn to rely on God only for one’s supply.

I know a lady who can’t seem to escape the grey city she despises, and her lesson is to stop viewing others as inferiors. It’s so important to find reasons why your life is hard, because life is not an enemy but teaches through such obstacles to become aware of and eradicate negative traits.

I really don’t want to come across as someone who has it all together because life is teaching me of my imperfections on a daily basis. My relationship is a great blessing because my boyfriend helped me to become aware of my many negative traits.

Also, I’m against the new-age teaching which says to live by your feelings and to do what you want. This is not going to result in any spiritual progress. The hippy generation degenerated and not advanced. Going by what feels good usually makes people lost in gross immorality.

There are still expats in India following this teaching, and their lives are a mess. They are old, addicted to different substances and lost. They are alone because rather than finding a soul mate they engaged in various love affairs until their deteriorating looks failed to attract anyone.

They are a good example of what new-age teachings do to people.

There’s another new-age teaching which encourages people to “create the new you”. This is such a dangerous one. You can’t create a new you. You need to heal the old. Because that aching wound will not disappear.

Also, you can’t simply skip unlearnt lessons you’re bringing into this life and just create a new persona. You need to address all the darkness you’re bringing in, all the hurts, and heal that core. Creating a new personality is definitely not healthy, neither spiritually nor mentally.

Spiritual progress is hard. You grow through overcoming difficulties and facing your dark side. You grow by being truthful to yourself rather than by doing what feels good.

There are laws in this world to follow and you can’t change them. So if people are guided by their emotions rather than spiritual laws, they’re going to end up confused and unhappy in the end.

Being guided by what feels good means trying to escape what feels painful, and we have a whole generation that’s medicated not to feel it. Does it result in happiness or depression? I think the answer is obvious.

You grow by being truthful to yourself and others. Lying creates a split personality that results in the lack of clarity and not knowing who one is.

By aligning your actions to your thoughts which are continuously monitored so that you adhere to that which is pure and good, you make continuous spiritual progress.

This self-integration causes you to be in tune with the Universe and then you are in the flow. You’re not in the flow by following your emotions or by self-indulgences. This is the recipe for being stuck in life and for slow deterioration.

Being in the flow doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles. There will always be obstacles and they will increase with more achievement. It’s not that it’s easier to breathe the higher altitude you reach – it gets more difficult. But you are strong now to be able to bear it.

You know that you’re in the flow when you feel at peace no matter what obstacles you face. You just know that you will be okay and you trust that inner peace. The lack of peace shows that you’re not in harmony with your path whether there are obstacles or not.

I like the words of Jesus “Take up your cross and follow me”. They teach to follow your path despite of how many obstacles you face. To remain true to yourself and aligned with who you are no matter what’s happening in this world. And tests of your moral integrity will surely come.

Spiritual progress is very difficult but difficulties don’t sell well. So new-age teachers package spiritual progress as something easy and fun. They get wealthy through such teachings but they rob themselves of happiness in the afterlife, because they play by the immoral rules of this world as they don’t want any struggle in this existence. They don’t think in the long-term but their thoughts are earth-based only.

That’s their choice, but the problem is that such people mislead the masses. The majority gravitates towards the teachings that feel good. Many people deceive themselves thinking they are highly spiritually advanced by following such teachings when their progress is zero and it’s only the ego that grows.

Many new-agers as a result of following popular spiritual teachings actually go backwards, becoming childish and without any spine, getting offended all the time and building their lives on the basis of the feeling of the moment rather than spiritual principles. There are such lost souls now who are beggars, because they became too weak even to earn their living by following such feel-good teachings.

Another new-age problem is that people channel entities of questionable morals and intentions. Just because an entity says that they are Jesus or Archangel Michael doesn’t make it so. Unfortunately, people tend to believe such claims.

Getting in touch with another dimension is like entering a new continent. And the people that approach you at first usually aren’t the ones with pure intentions. They can be thieves, they may want to abuse you in some way. Only when you establish yourself in a new land and stay there for a few years can you really understand the culture and what people are about.

So unfortunately many new-age channelers do not take time to get to know the new dimension but just allow their bodies to be used by entities claiming to be saints or buddhas.

Some of them have very appealing messages but what I find is that those messages simply feel good but don’t make much difference in people’s lives, especially spiritual difference. So people keep paying to hear those sweet-sounding channelings but their lives remain the same.

So yes, we do live in a new age and people of the future will live in a new age too. There should not be any doubt about it, as times do change. But when it comes to new-age teachings, they are very unregulated and anyone can claim anything they want.

So it’s important to stay grounded and measure everything by your own experience; or at least to keep something in your mind as a possibility but don’t instantly subscribe to it, but to continue gathering the data for and against it in order to make an informed decision or conviction.

Yes, surely we are much more spiritually awakened than what it was possible in the past. But with that comes a totally different set of dangers and I see people plunging into spiritual experiences as though they only contain bliss. As with any new experience, much learning and awareness is required so that you don’t make mistakes.

There are many people crippled for life because of kundalini awakening, and I felt myself in a big spiritual trouble when I opened myself to the new dimension without enough preparation.

My brutal honesty about it was not appreciated, but I acknowledge that I should have taken time to process all that happened before revealing all to the public, because some of my conclusions about the experience were indeed wrong. However, it took around a year to really process everything and I can’t remain quiet for that long:)

What really makes me disappointed with this world is seeing people who know that what they teach is incorrect, yet they do because it makes good money.

So I find the new-age field to be full of people who are dishonest and in it for the money because now teaching new age is trendy.

Much awareness and caution is required in this field, therefore. Teachers should be very responsible and honest with their students; they should not sell things that sound good but should truthfully guide souls who see less of that dimension so that they don’t get into any trouble.

It’s wonderful that we are awakening and indeed we are in a new age; but with this new awareness another set of dangers are open before us. It takes much learning, wisdom and awareness to safely spiritually progress.