We hear a lot about being present, but what does it actually mean, and how to do it?

It’s simple to understand, but very hard to do. It helps a lot if you do information purge and if you already have some kind of spiritual practice.

Being present means getting out of your head and into your body.

It means allowing you – the spirit – to embody this physical vehicle fully.

Most people are almost never in their bodies – their bodies run on autopilot, set by their upbringing, external circumstances, and beliefs. They are absent-minded and react to situations habitually. This creates an average unhappy life.

When you embody this incarnation vehicle, you become in charge of its destiny. It’s no longer external circumstances, genetics, and beliefs that steer your wheel of life, but you – the spirit.

You start embodying power – because spirit is power. So you can do more in less time, and your actions create an impact.

Because life is not easy, and many people are ignorant and cold, it is effortless to “check out”, to not want to be here (especially if you’re a starseed). This creates the situation where the spirit barely touches the body. This disempowers you.

But if you embody your vehicle even in the worst of places and circumstances, it becomes magnetic, it shines the light that attracts and inspires others. You then can transmit divine knowledge to those thirsty for it, and you understand that you are not dependent on anything of this world.

This mindfulness practice is excellent for very mental people. They would be so much happier and at peace if they did this. It’s the mind that makes us depressed because of its negative patterns. Getting out of it creates much more contentment, and you can easily see your present blessings.

How to be present at every moment of your life

At first, you’ll forget to be present and you’ll find yourself many a time to be on auto-pilot. But don’t worry – there are ways to remedy this.

First, put reminders to be present in places where you can easily see them. It could be on your desk, walls, as a mobile reminder, as a desktop wallpaper. Put this notice everywhere where you often direct your attention.

Second, have spiritual pictures in your home. When you see them, naturally you’ll become more present, especially if those pictures are of meditating yogis.

Third, don’t rush. The slower you are, the more awareness there will be in your actions. But if you rush, an auto-pilot mode will come on. At an advanced stage, you’ll be able to take fast action with awareness, but not when you’re only starting out in being present.

What helps you to be present

Daily yoga practice. If you have a daily yoga practice, especially in the morning, you’ll find that being present becomes more and more natural to you. That’s because yoga gets you in touch with your body. When you exercise your body, it feels much better, so it’s easier to embody your incarnation vehicle.

Daily meditation practice. Since meditation is an internal and not external practice, it makes your awareness stay within you, thus training you to keep it there.

Healthy eating. Again, whatever you do to make the body healthy will help you become more present. That’s because the spirit much easier inhabits a clean vehicle than a dirty one.

Spiritual circle. If you regularly meet with like-minded spiritual individuals (online or in person), their presence helps you become more present too – effortlessly. That’s why I created my Inner Circle – so that like-minded individuals can grow together.

Be present from today

Now is the perfect time to practice presence. Right here, where you’re sitting, feel your body.

Get familiar with how your vehicle feels like. The body loves your attention. It will vitalize and start glowing from your attention alone – even with no diet change or exercise.

So do it now – for a few minutes (or longer, if you can), just be in your body. If the mind pulls you up into your head, draw your awareness down. And just sit with yourself.

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